Wednesday, November 25

Arrived Safely

Hello everyone, just a quick note to let you know that I am here in Virginia, safe and sound.

My flights were pretty good. The wait over in the airport, however, was not okay. There were some changes made at the Calgary airport, so there was a lot of waiting around. But it was okay, I entertained myself with magazines and a yummy Tim Horton's sandwich. However, when I got to Chicago, I ended up waiting for 5 hours! The plane we were supposed to take was delayed in Omaha, and then the stormy weather in Chicago prevented the plane from landing in a timely manner. It really sucked. So I got to Roanoke at about 12:20am. Didn't get home until 1am -ish and then I needed to make dinner (aka, a sandwich).

Anyway, on to a quick WIP Wednesday post.

Since the last post (which was a few weeks ago), I tidied up the Ballroom scene and am now happy with it. I wish I could have done more, but I have been too busy with school essays. On the side of the screen it tells you how much I've done recently. I can't see it right now, but I believe it's 10 000 something.

So how are your work-in-progresses coming along? If you're doing NaNo, how's that going for you??


  1. I just crossed 24,000 words in my WIP:)

    I'm glad you arrived safely. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I just hit 47k on my NaNo story. The finish line is in site!

    Have a great holiday.

  3. Hi! I found my way over from Stephanie's Hatshepsut site. Good work @ NaNo! I write picture books and early chapters so that word count staggers me! ;-)

  4. Yay! You're there safely. Have a wonderful holiday with your boyfriend.

    I just finished my NaNo project yesterday. Now, the rewrite must commence.

  5. That sucks about the delay, but I'm glad you made it there safely. =o) I hope your vacation is going great.

    I rolled over 60K yesterday, but I'm only at 38K for the month. I don't expect I'm going to make the 50K by Monday. :shrug: When I started the month, I wasn't sure I had 50K left to write on this story, and since I wrote the climax a couple days ago, I'm pretty sure I was right. Oh well.

  6. Melane- Yay! Good job =] Thank you!

    Jade- Wow, great job!!

    Shannon- Hello, glad to have you. NaNo? I'm not doing NaNo, lol.

    Wendy- Thank youuu! WOW, that's amazing! I hope it goes well.

    B.E.- Yeah, the delay sucked. I felt so slimy and gross when I finally got here.

    Yay! Good job with your story so far =] Oh well, as long as your happy with yourself =]

  7. I hope you're having a wonderful time :) :)


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