Tuesday, November 17

Crazy crazy!

Okay, so this week is just as crazy as last week (work load isn't as much, but alas, I must attend class this week, LOL!) Therefore, my load seems just as hefty. Unfortunately, because of this I don't have much time to blog until Friday-ish.

I will post a WIP post tomorrow, but I don't know how detailed it will be.
Thank you for understanding! You guys rock!

Thank goodness I have such wonderful commenters ♥


  1. Hehehe... Love the comic! Have a good week and try not to do too much work!

  2. Oh... that poor goat pig thing. I would read his blog if I knew where it was. Sniff. Sniff.

  3. I feel that since I went back to school all of my writing moments are focused on assignments ... while I hate that you're feeling the same way, there IS some comfort in knowing I'm not alone :


  4. That is so funny! Been there! It goes in waves sometimes, right? We're all busy writing and not blogging, then get lonely and start blogging and everyone else is busy writing. Hey, did I just bond with the goat/pig?

  5. What do you mean understanding? I want a post and I want it now! (Ahem. Must've been channeling Veruca Salt there - the girl from Willie Wonka, not the band.)

    Seriously, though, post when you can. I'll comment when I can. It's all good. ;o)

  6. Good luck with your classes. Isn't this blogging world funny.

  7. HAHA! What a cute comic! :) Good luck with all of your work and classes!

  8. Notes on the refrigerator in my house reach less than no one because even I forgot them! Funny comic.

  9. Thanks for the comic. Made me smile today. :)

  10. Loved the comic! I have loads to do to, so I totally understand you. Think it this way: we're getting nearer to our next holidays. =)

  11. Hahaha! I love the comic - maybe because it hits close to home! :) Thanks for sharing and good luck this week. :)

  12. I love that comic strip. There are so many good writing-related ones in it. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Stephanie- I'm glad you like the comic. And thank you, I tried, but alas, work has to get done.

    Wendy- LOL! "goat pig thing." Ahh, you crack me up.

    Tess- Yeah, I feel the same way. What are you taking in school?

    JD- Heh, yep. We're an odd bunch.

    B.E.- LOL! You're funny.

    Patti- Yes, this blogging world is something all right. LOL!

    Julie- Thank you =]

    Candice- LOL!

    Angie- I'm glad =]

    Makita- Haha, you're more right than you know. I'm missing a week of school (not as bad as it sounds) to fly down to Virginia to be with my boyfriend and his family for the American Thanksgiving. Therefore, I've had to write all of my term papers super early.

    Shannon- Hello! I'm glad you liked it. And thank you!

    Stephanie- Yep. I've got loads saved!


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