Saturday, November 14


I FINISHED!! Woohoo! I wrote 4 term papers this week and they are all just spiffy! I actually finished my Anthropology paper last night at about 8:30pm, but I was too tired (and sore) to write a post. I did however, read all of your blog posts! Such funny, wonderful writers you all are! I'm happy to see that most of you guys are just bookin along on your NaNo stories! Keep up the good work ladies!

Okay, so for the word cloud I posted a few days ago... Although I didn't specifically require that you guess their last names, many of you did! Unfortunately, my Heroine's last name wasn't visible in the picture. It's visible on my Paint version, but when I transferred it on here it got blurry and small. So that's not really fair, is it? But since it wasn't a requirement, I won't count it. However, if you did get my Hero's first and last name right, you ROCK!

So, here it is, what you've all been waiting for... I'd like to formally introduce you to the Hero and Heroine of my current story, The Sound of Snow...

William Huntley, the sixth earl of Rochester & Miss Katherine (Kitty) Beckett!

Good job everyone who figured it out! If you said William Rochester, that counts (since it is his title). If you didn't get it right, don't feel bad. It was really hard because "Katherine" and "Beckett" weren't visible on there, just her nickname, Kitty.

As well, this is the first time I'm telling you the working title for my story. Yes, it is very similar to my blog title-- it really suits, so for now it's staying.

Other characters names...

Nicholas Langley, the fourth Viscount Wakefield & Elizabeth Langley, Viscountess Wakefield. These two characters are actually the Hero and Heroine of my other story, Forever.

Yay! Thanks for playing along guys! For that, everyone gets a hug! The bragging rights, however, go to Anissa, B.E. and Karen since you all guessed the first names correctly!

I'll be back later today with an important question post for you guys! So make sure you check back.

*Update: I'll be asking the big question tomorrow instead of today*


  1. Yay for being done with term papers! Now the fun writing can commence!

    And I love the names too. Can you tell us what time period this is? Sounds very Regency oriented, which I love.

  2. Haha, well, I'm done term papers for this week. Next week I have 2 midterms, 1 term paper and 2 group presentations. UGH!

    Aww thanks =] Yep, it's Regency! 1817 is when the story takes place.

  3. Aww I love Regencies!! I had a feeling it was too, especially since I'd noticed your taste in books leans that way... mine does too :)

    Congratulations on the term papers! I'm sending you my virtual hand and arm massage... ooh, ahh, feel the goodness...

  4. I love the names. Congratulations on finishing your papers. Even as a writer, I never enjoyed writing for school.

  5. I also love the name Kitty as a nickname for Katherine. It has so much personality.

  6. Diana- Yay! I love Regencies! Actually, basically anything historical, but yes, Regencies hold a special place in my heart. Thank you!!! Ahh yes. My arms are just killing me. They feel swollen and abused.

    Candic- Aww thanks! I spent a lot of time working on them. The titles were especially hard, since they had to be authentic (to a degree) but they also had to work with the other names and BLAH! LOL! Thank you!!! Yeah, me neither.

    Diana (again =P)- Aww thanks!! I was worried that some people would just be like "blech, its been so used." But thats what my character insisted on being called.

  7. Congrats on the term papers! Those are cool names!

    Nice title too :)

  8. Woohoo! Way to go on getting those papers done! =o)


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