Monday, November 2

Need Sugar

Okay, so apparently I'm still being blog-lazy. I promise you, I will eventually post old Halloween pictures. Just not today. I'm tired. And rather grouchy.

I want to write. Really badly. Problem is, I'm sleepy. I made dinner, ate dinner, and washed the dishes. And now I'm tired, LOL!

I'd try to boost my energy levels up with coffee, but I don't drink it. I'd try tea, but it puts me to sleep-- always. I suppose I'm left with one option...

Sprite and leftover candy.

Here's hopin' it works.


  1. I had three frosted sugar cookies, one after the other, and the sugar immediately put me to sleep. (I've been having really funky reactions to too much sugar.) Sugar in high quantities seems to be a bad thing.

    Have you tried zip-fizz? I like the lemonade zip fizz. It's the right amount of caffeine to vitamin mix. (I only use half a tube per water bottle.)

  2. I hear you. The stupid time change here has my sleep all messed up. (Up at 5... again.)

    Ever tried drinking OJ when you're tired? I used to work for a DJ service and when I'd have to be up until 2am, OJ usually kept me alert without making me hyper. Just a thought.


  3. I know how you feel. Once everyone goes to bed and the house is quiet I think I'll be able to write, but then I'm so tired! (The time change is making it worse.) Hope you are feeling more energetic today!

  4. Wendy- =O Sugar is never a bad thing, LOL! No actually, I haven't tried that before. I do however, have Crystal Lite's that I use sometimes. Is that like the same thing?

    B.E.- Ugh, yeah, me too. You'd think the extra hour would help, but noooo. 5?! =| I am not a morning person. If left to my own devices, I'd get up at around 10.

    No, I've never tried that. In previous years I made smoothies with fruit and vanilla yogurt, but it takes time to make (and I'm sleepy, lol) and I didn't have enough fresh fruit to make that. I will have to try the OJ though. I'll make sure to get some at the store. Thanks!! -hugs-

    Angie- Yep! I think that's how most writers try to write, but it doesn't quite work out the way we plan =\ Thank you! I was, sort of. However, I did take a 3 hour nap after all of my classes, LOL! So I'm not sure if I really was...


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