Wednesday, November 4

WIP Wednesday & Other Life-Related Updates

Hello darlings!

Have you noticed that the blog-o-sphere has been extremely quiet recently?! I know NaNo is the reason, so I won't make anyone sit in the corner. Not that I'd make you do that anyway...! Just keep up the good work gals! I'm cheering for you!

Okay, so I just got back from class where there was a grand total of 6 students out of 25. Yep, 6. And my other classes are no better. The campus is dead. They are changing final exam policies, professors are making tests take-home, and as of today, they are considering closing the school for a few weeks-- possibly even for the rest of the semester. They are treating every illness as H1N1, therefore banning sick students from campus until 1 week after their last symptoms. According to my Anthropology professor, 30% of the student population is sick. That's not counting teachers and janitorial staff and administration. On top of that, there are the few students who are skipping just cause, and there are a few who don't want to get sick, so are avoiding school. At the moment, I'm praying I don't fall victim to the flu! I honestly can't afford to miss that much class-- unless they close the school down, of course. Anyway, I wish everyone who is sick a speedy recovery! *Mum sent me the piggy picture. Isn't he adorable?*
But that's enough of the doom and gloom! On to my work-in-progress! Definitely not as depressing, wouldn't you say? Okay, so I know I haven't discussed it on here before, but I'm not participating in NaNo. Firstly, because I have no time. I also don't think forcing myself to rush words would work very well. My inner editor would get that evil glint in her eye and start concocting cruel things to whisper at me while I write.... And I'd rather keep her as silent as possible! However, that does not mean that I'm not going to try and write as much as I humanely can. This means that I will be including essay word counts in my grand monthly total. Yes, this is just a ploy to make myself feel better. Just go with it! I will post totals of things on the side (essays and stories) so you guys can follow along with my progress.
Anywho... I'm still writing the scene that I have dubbed the "Ballroom Scene." Although I'm still working on it (insert HUGE sigh), it's actually going pretty well. I'm happy with everything I have down. It's just rather slow going...It's the first time the Hero and Heroine interact, so my inner editor won't let me put any words down unless they are utterly perfect. Ugh. It doesn't help that I took the weekend off from everything. However, I have gone up 1500 words from last week. And I'm hoping to write at least that much tonight!

Is everyone sick where you are? How's your work-in-progress coming along?


  1. Holy cow! That's a lot of sick people. (The piggy picture is adorable.) We went through a round of sickness about three weeks ago at the schools and they're going through another batch this week.

    I've lost over five lbs from various stomach flus. This is the winter of our stomachs' discontent.

    Good job on the WIP.


  2. Love the pig! We were a hotbed for swine flu last month, but it seems to have trickled down.

    And I'm not playing with NaNo either. I prefer a steady pace of about three pages a day- I can't sustain NaNo's breakneck speed.

    Good luck with the Ballroom Scene!

  3. Those pesky inner editors always get in the way don't they? NaNo is a different experience for me too- I always edit everything! Journalism major in me :)

    I work in a mall office- and we have some paranoid people as well. I've been washing my hands a lot more often and I'm definitely watching what I touch. I'm not too afraid, if I get it I get it. Nothing I can do...

    I'm ready for Spring!

  4. I heard about some people being sick around here a couple weeks ago. One kindergarten teacher started the day with a full class and by the end of the day, she had five kids. We had something nasty back in March, and I'm crossing my fingers we don't get it again.

    Your piggy is a hoot. Tell your mom I said Thanks for the giggle. =o)

    The WIP is moving along. I'm not doing NaNo - at least not like other people - but I did promise myself to get 50K on paper this month. So far, so good. Keep up the good words. =o)

  5. Wendy- Yeah, it is! Uck! Well I hope no one gets sick on your end!!
    And thank you =]

    Stephanie- Hello! Yay, I'm glad. I think he's adorable. Yeah, I could write that much over the summer, but not during term paper month! I'd have to stop sleeping, LOL!
    Thank you!!

    Erica- Hello! Oh yes, they are evil...Ahh, yes. I know they say you shouldn't edit as you go... but I think some basic editing is always in order. And I'm not sure you can do that while doing NaNo.
    I agree. I've been washing my hands more and watching what I touch, but other than that... Shrugs. AHHH ME TOO! Too bad I have 6ish more months of winter. Sighs.

    B.E.- Oh wow! Poor kidlets! LOL! I'm glad you like him. He made me snicker. Yay, I'm glad it's moving along for you! And thank you =]

  6. Ooh a ballroom scene sounds fun and fancy. :)
    I'm sick but on day 4 of my antibiotics so I can sympathize with all the sickies out there.

  7. Yes! It's so much fun!! I love it so far!

    Awww! I'm sorry! I hope you get better soon! -hugs-


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