Wednesday, November 11

WIP Wednesday

Oh. My. Gosh. Look at this, I'm posting and it's not even dark outside! What ever shall we do? Quick, fetch the thermometer, I must be ill! Or perhaps I have been taken over by an ALIEN! Oh my!

Ahh, sadly, my story is not as exciting as all that. I don't have school today because it's Remembrance Day here in Canada-- Veteran's Day in the US. Therefore, I have a bit more time to do homework and uh... do more "homework" ie, blog. I will also be home tomorrow to do more of the former and less of the latter. Because of this middle-of-the-week day off, two of my three classes tomorrow are cancelled. Excellent. Extra long weekend for me! Sadly, it will be taken up with writing my History term paper on Rousseau and his views of education and my Anthropology paper on the Japanese Macaques. Sighs.

Anyway, on to the work-in-progress talk! I FINISHED the ballroom scene! YES, GASPS ALL AROUND! Unfortunately, it didn't go quite as planned. I did as everyone suggested and just wrote without editing and... it didn't turn out so well, LOL! I mean, the writing is quite good. Reading back, it's enjoyable and error-free. However, I messed up on some important points. So... whenever I get the chance to write my story (I'm hoping tonight! We'll just have to wait and see though...) I will be trying to fix these errors, because they are big enough that it will keep me up at night. For example, three characters just disappear in the scene... and then suddenly they reappear. Not good. Anyway, I'm really hoping they will be relatively easy to fix.

I'm not sure if any of you have been following, but on the side I've been updating my word counts. It's a slow crawl, but it's still progress. I've gone up a few thousand or so. And I've also put up my word count so far this week for essays. This will be going up drastically tomorrow and Friday when I write those two papers-- UGH!

Okay, now before I go, I stumbled onto this from someones blog-- I can't remember who! If you know, could you let me know? Anyway, it's a really neat thing that shows you your most used words. To make your own, click here.

Here's mine for my work-in-progress:

Hmm... Can any of you spot some of my character's names? I spotted 10. Of course, the picture isn't as blurry on Paint. If you can tell me the name of my hero and heroine, I will give you a giant hug and the right to brag to everyone. Awesome prize, eh?
*Some of the names up here are for the same character: first name, last name, and title.*

How are you doing? If you're doing NaNo, how's it going?

*Hmm, the brown of that picture doesn't quite go with my blog. Ah, well, what can you do?*


  1. My guess is Kitty Rochester and William Wakefield. I'm a sucker for hugs. ;)

  2. Hi :) Congratulations on finishing the ballroom scene. I am, sadly, doing dismally in the word count department, but I'm happy that at least I'm back to writing :)

    Enjoy your longish weekend!

  3. I love word clouds! They're awesome!

    Congrats on finishing the ballroom scene. And don't worry about the issues- first drafts are supposed to be messy! Sometimes that's part of the fun!

  4. I'm going to guess your heroine is Elizabeth wakefield, but she goes by Kitty. And the hero is William Rochester, but most people call him by his last name.

    Way to go on getting that scene out. I knew you could do it. I'm still behind because of those two days on the couch, but I'm not going to sweat it. I've been farther behind and made it up before. (Usually with a massive writing session on 11/30. LOL)

  5. I find it hard to keep track of everyone when you have a scene with lots of people.

  6. Kudos for finishing the ballroom scene! I hope you get a chance to edit over the weekend.

    My guess is William Rochester and Elizabeth Wakefield.

    This week I've managed to meet my word count goals for both WIPs, and enter the Hook, Line & Sinker contest. Next week I plan to enter another contest.

    The online writing workshop I'm taking on "How to Write Power Sentences" ends soon. I'm pleased with my recent edits thanks in part to all I've learned in the class.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  7. Congrats on finishing that scene! My guess is what they previous posters said :)

    My NaNo is going well. I'm at 17,816 right now and I love the story. It's my first foray into YA and so far, I think this is it for me.

    Have a fun long weekend :)

  8. Kitty and William! I love those word balloons. I just payed with mine and loved the results. :)We want to read the ballroom scene!

  9. Thanks for all of your guesses guys! I will announce the answer in tomorrow's post!!

    Anissa- LOL! I love hugs too.

    Diana- Thank you hun!! Aww, that's okay. It's not about word count, it's about the words themselves.

    Stephanie- Me too! I wasted a good amount of time playing with them, LOL! Thank you!! Yeah, I know. I drive my boyfriend insane because I fret over everything. But luckily I fixed it.

    B.E.- Thank you hun!!Aww, well, you were injured. I think that counts as a good reason!! I know you can catch up =]

    Patti- YES! I thought I had it under control, and then I got caught up in my hero and heroine and let everyone else do whatever. Unfortunately, without supervision they got into punch ;)

    Jen- Thanks =] Ahh congrats! That's awesome!!! Oh! I hope you do super well!! I'm cheering for you!! Wow, you're just full of positives this week arent you!? That's wonderful! I hope it keeps up hun!

    Erica- Thanks!! Yay! I'm cheering for you!!!

    Karen- Haha yes, I was a late bloomer apparently, because I'd never seen them before! LOL! Maybe I'll post a snippet. We shall see.


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