Saturday, December 12

Bad Day

Okay, this post is not going to be a cheerful post. In fact, this is going to be a very unhappy post. There will be tons of cute pictures though. I hope in the end you all understand (I know you will, because you're all such caring people and I ♥ you for it).

First, I had my GNED final. That in itself is awful. But it's done. Yay.

Then when I got home my baby girl (Daisy) gave us a terrible scare. My parents let her outside for her usual guard duty/ perimeter check while they worked on dinner. A few minutes later they let her back in and that's when they noticed she was acting funny. In a way, it looked like she had gone blind. She couldn't walk straight and her head was twitching uncontrollably-- like she was trying to see. However, we quickly figured out that she could see us, just couldn't do much else. She couldn't walk properly, she was shaking and twitching, and her eyes were shifting nonstop.
Mum forced her to take some corn syrup in case it was her blood sugar-- we had a cat who was diabetic, or had pancreatic cancer and that's what they told us to do. Once we got her to take that, I sat with her on the chaise and held her. I slowly, gently stroked her while trying to keep her head from twitching. Eventually the worst of the shaking stopped, but her eyes were still going crazy. Then she started to lick my hand-- it helps her to calm down. Thankfully, her eyes stopped shifting and she rested for a while. About half an hour after that she wanted to get up and walk around. She stumbled a lot and fell down a few times, but now shes doing pretty good. She ate all of her dinner and seems to be doing much better-- she's currently sleeping. We're going to watch her very carefully now and we don't plan on leaving her alone for the next few weeks.

My birthday so many years ago....

Being cute...

Good action shot if I do say so myself...

Playing with her rope!

Fuzzy puppy! Here she's actually still a pup.
You can also see our old cat Ninja there.

Fantastic Jumping Dog!
And look at that awesome Barbie house in the background!
My parents made it for me one Christmas.

Obviously I'm very upset about this. I cried the whole time I was trying to calm her down-- and still am. She's my baby and I've had her for 14 1/2 years. I know she's going to die eventually, but I'm just not ready for her to go yet. If she was in pain or showed any signs of pain, I know what I'd have to do. But while she's not in pain, I can't let her go.
I just can't.


  1. Ah! That's horrible! It must have been so stressful. I hope she's okay.

  2. thinking of you this morning. i would be a mess if anything happened to my doggy!

  3. :HUG: OMG, I'm so sorry you and Daisy had to go through that. It sounds to me like she was having a seizure. My nephew had a Lab who would have them regularly. I don't know what causes them or how to make them stop, but it sounds like you did the right thing while it was happening. :HUG:

  4. Oh, Nattie. Losing a pet or even knowing that you'll lose a pet sometime is THE hardest thing. I hope she gets better and you guys get many more wonderful years with her. I'm actually kind of going through this with one of my cats. I've had her since I was four so she's about 15 years old. It's so hard to know they're getting older and there's nothing you can do to change that. I'm here for you, Nattie! Love you!

  5. Oh, Natalie, I'm so sorry to hear about Daisy. She is so lucky to have you. Just keep loving her and cherish every moment.

    Sending good thoughts your way.

  6. I lost my first dog a year ago. He was sweet and beautiful. I hope she is okay.

    I'll say a prayer.

  7. I'm so sorry. This must have been just nerve-wrackingly awful. My friend's wiener dogs are currently going through so many issues and they're around the same age. They absolutely hate me (for some reason--all little dogs do. I have no idea why.) This week, one of them growled at me, and the other actually wandered around my feet. I was sad that they're not up to their usual snarling "I want to rip you to shreds" hostility. My friend is trying to be philosophical about it, but it's ripping her heart out.

    I'm sorry.

  8. I think we all understand how hard it is when a beloved pet is not doing well. Our hearts are with you (and many prayers, I'm sure). I'm so happy to hear she is doing better!

  9. Oh hun, I'm so very sorry to hear this. I am relieved that she is better, and I know the fears and bitter sadness in your heart as you see the future coming. I know you're cherishing Daisy every moment you're with her now, and that is all you can do. Hugs, honey. I like to think of our little Dokey, happy and young again, running across fields with other dogs. I know we'll see him again. Jennifer is right, Daisy is so lucky to have you to make her life so wonderful.

  10. Jade- Yeah, it was. She's doing better, but we're not sure for how much longer.

    Amber- Thank you. Yeah, I'm going to be a wreck when she does go.

    B.E.- -hugs- thank you hun. I agree, we came to that same conclusion.

    Court- Yeah, it really is. Aww I'm sorry to hear that hun. Love you too.

    Jen- Aww thank you hun.

    Vicky- I'm sorry to hear that. And thank you.

    Wendy- Yes, losing a pet and watching them get older is awful. They're our babies and we love them.

    Shannon- Thank you.

    Diana- Thank you so much hun. It's been a very tough few days -hugs-

  11. So sorry to hear about your puppy. :( I hope she's okay. Hang in there!

    I have a little something for you over on my blog. :D


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