Sunday, December 6

A Letter to Nature

Dear Nature,

I regret to inform you that although you are my constant companion, I no longer consider you my friend. I do hope this does not come as a shock to you, since I'd hate to displease you further than I already seem to have done. My issue with you, stems, not necessarily from your breeding or countenance, but rather from your utter disregard for others feelings and wishes, and your frightening display of temper. Why, just three days past you spewed forth such an unholy snowstorm that my family and I have been trapped within our drafty old house with very little to do. The wind, even now, batters against the walls and screams through the cracks in the front door—quite disturbing that. It makes napping, reading and movie-watching very difficult to do. Very difficult, indeed. And this tantrum of yours, only a week after your last storm, in which a dear friend of mine ended up in a car crash, the treacherous roads being the cause of his misfortune. Thankfully he is well enough, though he was in the hospital for quite some time. I do hope you are charitable enough to feel remorse for your actions; though, something tells me you find nothing but glee in ruling over other people’s lives.

In lieu of this, I believe everything becomes quite clear. In truth, I find your company quite exhilarating in southern climes, and even in the short period of summer here. Your behaviour during these times is vastly improved from normal. However, I cannot, in good conscience be your friend any longer. Your complete lack of respect for people makes me ill to my stomach. I only hope that you and your dastardly Weathermen are pleased with yourselves.


Natalie Murphy
P.S. As you may have already noticed, I have attached several photographs to this letter. You will find that each of them provides undeniable proof of your guilt. Good day.

The view out of our living room window on Friday.
It has since worsened considerably.
It is important to note that there wasn't a flake of snow in sight Thursday morning.

The garage door earlier today:
My apologies over the poor quality of this photograph.
It was taken with a numb hand and frost covered face.
My father by the snow drift.


  1. :HUGS:

    It's been a while since I've seen snow like that, but I feel your pain. Nature can be a snotty witch sometimes.

  2. I'm sending you warm thoughts from Florida. I grew up in Maryland and I don't miss those snow storms.

    Karen’s Blog

  3. I have never experienced snow like that! I'm marveling at it's beauty and you're probably saying, "dumb Floridian!"

    :) I have a thing for the snow, growing up in Miami we don't get much.

  4. Holy wow! I live in southern Mississippi and am from centeral Florida, so I've NEVER seen that much snow. Ever. It snowed at our place night before last, but that was a fluke and we only got about two inches. Man.

  5. Honestly. If your house, dad, cars, and trees weren't so short, the snow wouldn't seem so deep. =D

    Seriously though,
    We got a huge snow storm goin on here right now, and I do believe YOU are to blame. =\ thanks >_<

  6. Wow, that's a heck of a lot of snow. Stay warm!

  7. Ugh I feel your pain. I had to shovel snow from my driveway that was higher than my knees About the height by your garage)...and that wasnt even drifted snow >_<

    I lurve snow but it would be nice if it didnt fall on sidewalks and driveways :p

  8. B.E.- THANK YOU! Hugs= warmth, and that is definitely needed here, LOL! Yes, well, we're to get more snow as the week progresses. It's also supposed to get to -30 this week. Yay! -sobs-

    Karen- Thanks!!! I am so envious of you right now, it's unbelievable.

    Vicky- LOL! I wish I had never experienced snow like this. Alas, I have 19, almost 20 years under my belt of snowstorms. Haha, no, snow can be quite pretty-- when you're inside and it's outside and you dont have to deal with it. Ever.

    Jenna- Sighs. Yes, I wish. I saw that it snowed there. I looked at the pictures =]

    Chloe- LMAO! Hah, yeah. Sighs. Ahem, I don't think it was us, since we're still getting all the shitty weather. So neh!

    Jen- LOL! Yes, yes it is. And thank you! I'm tryin'!

    Bailey- Yeah, it's crazy here. The wind is awful, especially in my old house. It wont stop howling and shaking everything. Its spiffy.
    LOL! Nope, I'm over snow. Done with it. Foreverrrr.

  9. My empathy is yours. I live in Montana, so I've been there, done that, likely to do it again soon! I feel your pain! :)

  10. I live in Illinois and am very familiar with nature's furious temper. I'm afraid the mother nature is nothing more than a fickle friend who is prone to extreme bouts of PMS with accompanying mood swings. I also suspect she may be going through the "change" of life since she's become extremely unpredictable with hot flashes in between her cold spells!

  11. I can totally relate as I lived through the same snow storm. Everything was cancelled and we sat at home not knowing what to do.

  12. Nat,

    I woke up today and the snow is too deep to walk through. My poor beagle can't go potty. Gotta clear her a spot.

    And all day all I can think is.... Natalie did this. Her and her CANADIAN friends. You all were suffering with the snow and put a VOODOO curse on Nevada just so that we would suffer too.

    Yeah. I know the Canadian tricks. VooDoo. Canadian voodoo. Voonadian.

    *Disclaimer, I absolutely love Natalie and Canadians anf their Voonadian ways.*

  13. Rhonda- LOL! Yes, well, mother nature has always had those bouts. Unfortunately, they are coming more frequently nowadays.

    Patti- Yeah, it was bad. I mean, we had things to do, but it still gets annoying.

    Chloe- lol. Uh, if anyone knows voodoo, it would be Americans. Not Canadians.

  14. Snow! We got about 2 inches yesterday, another inch overnight, 2-4 predicted for today and 3-5 for tonight. Maybe Clover's onto something there. What did you do to me, Natalie??? LOL

    Heh, my mother always blames me for the snow headed her way (jokingly, of course), so I thought I'd pass the blame along. ;o)

  15. By the way Nattie,

    I can never catch ya on MSN so I'll put it here.

    I'm done being stupid. Thanks for, in essence, slapping it out of me. I needed it. :)

  16. Oh my gosh, that snow is coming here tomorrow. Last year we had the ice storm and are still fearing that rain/snow thing that knocked such a big hole in our holidays we only put up a tiny fake tree with one strand of lights.

  17. B.E- MUAH HAH HAH HAH HAH! Ahem. I mean. Oh no, that's so sad... -snickers in glee- LOL! Thanks. I always get blamed for the snow among my American friends. I'm not quite sure why...

    Chloe- You're welcome hun. Anytime =P

    JD- AHH! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! Wow. Sorry about that. I'm a little on the sleep deprived side of things. Aww! I can't imagine not having a big tree!


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