Monday, December 21

My Birthday

Guess what?

Today is my birthday =D

That is all. You may now continue on with whatever you were doing.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I love birthdays, believe it or not. Another year of life, another chance at doing it right or correcting mistakes, another twelve months to accomplish something. Have a great birthday, Natalie, and a great year ahead. =o)

  2. Happy B-day! My son's is tomorrow. Almost a Christmas baby. Great reasons for another celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday....again! MINE IS TOMORROWWWWWWWW. Dude. If only ours were on the same day. That'd be EPIC. Instead you HADDDD to be older than me. Whatevs. I guess I still like you. :)

  4. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know, I still think of you as 15 years old. I don't know why I do. But I do.

    :) Hope it's an awesome birthday Nattie!

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!
    Your birthday is my writing anniversary day, so I'm baking cookies in honor of our special days. :)
    Karen’s Blog

  6. Happy birthday, Natalie! Have a wonderful day:)

  7. A winter solstice birthday! Happy birthday darlin'!! Hugs and I I'll have this cookie in your honor :) :)

  8. B.E.- Thanks =] I agree. I like birthdays too.

    JD- Thanks! Happy belated to your son!!

    Angie- Thanks

    Vicky- Thanks
    Court- Thanks!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTY! I know it's late, but I didn't have internet at all yesterday (travelling). I hope it was good!! LOL! Didn't you just turn 19? I turned 20 =P

    Chloe- THANKS! lol. Haha yeah. I still think of myself that way sometimes.

    Karen- Aww thanks =] I like cookies. What type did you make?

    Melissa- Thanks

    Diana- Yep! Shortest day of the year. Yay me! LOL! Haha okay. What type?

    Erica- Thanks

  9. Oh. Well. Yeah. Soooo you see you HAD to be older than one year...hahahaha. Thank you! Is you with your boyyyfriend now? :)

  10. Court- LOL! Yeah. Yep, I is. I'm happy.


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