Thursday, December 10

Things That Made Me Laugh

*12 Days Till I Feel My Toes Again*

So... I'm feeling rather lazy today. I should be studying for my GNED final tomorrow, but instead I decided to read all of your fabulous posts. And now I'm furthering my procrastination by writing a post rather than studying. Yes, the end of the semester has hit me hard. I no longer seem to care about my grades-- I just want this DONE! It's also a lot harder to care about your grades when you know you can't fail the class... MUAH HAH HAH! That's right my darlings, I could get a "0" on the final tomorrow and still end up with a C+. Excellent.

Anyway, I decided that today I would share with you some of the funny things I've stumbled across this week. I haven't done a post like this before-- mainly because it's a lot of effort and I do believe we've already established that I'm lazy. However, I'll give this a shot.

Stephanie Thornton has posted another hilarious, spew-your-drink-out-funny post in her Student Analogies & Metaphors series. I strongly recommend you put the drink down before you read this.

Like animals? You should definitely read Kristen Painter's letter to her pets. It is so good--and so very true-- that I still giggle over it.

Ever think that maybe the screaming baby you always see sitting on Santa's lap has the right of it? That Santa really is... Evil? If so, click. This will be good fodder for your conspiracy theory. If you don't think he's evil, still click, you may just change your mind.

This one just made me snicker because the "mob-boss" looks so much like my own puppy Daisy:

And lastly, my dad sent me these two cartoons. They really resonated with me, and I'm sure you can understand why. I'm also positive many of you will understand how frustrating this can be...

So, what made you laugh this week?


  1. I love cartoons! My beautiful cat is always doing the funniest things. He is something else.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I get a kick out of the goofy metaphors and I'm glad you are too!

    And I loved the comics! Reminds me of a few professors I had in college. And they're giving me some ideas now that I'm tenured too. ;)

  3. Haha, I love that cartoon. :) I read it every week.

    I think what's made me laugh hardest this week was this morning in English. The Kirby (my teacher) was wearing a gold and maroon striped hat and somebody said he looked like somebody out of Harry Potter. Every single member of the class burst into "The Mysterious Ticking Noise," with a part for everybody. The Kirby couldn't even regain order because every single one of us was going at it. In rounds. :D

  4. The most laughing I did this week was at a story I heard on the radio about weird made-up Christmas songs. A little boy somewhere wanted to sing Feliz Navidad, so he proudly belted out, "Police shot my dog, Police shot my dog..."

    Oops! Here I go - I'm laughing again. Imagine it to the tune, and you'll be rolling alongside me! ;-)

  5. I know everybody is sick of hearing about the Tiger Woods mess, but a morning radio show put together a song using his famous call to one of his girlfriends. And I know I shouldn't laugh, but it was hilarious.

  6. LOL. I love the comics. They're awesome. :)

  7. Those were great! I went on a blind date this week. I laughed a lot during that (in a god way). :)
    Happy Friday!
    Click to read Karen’s Blog

  8. Your dog is SO cute!! Those comic are terrific, thanks for the laugh :)

  9. Thanks for the great post and idea - I gave you a shout-out at my blog today. You rock! ;-)

  10. Vicky- Me too! My dad sends me the best =] Ahh yes. I swear animals are here merely to love us unconditionally and to make us laugh. They really are the absolute best friends.

    Stephanie- You're welcome =] Yeah, I love those posts of yours! I read them out to my mum. LOL! Go wild now that you're tenured... just dont let your students know that I'm responsible for any ideas...

    Jenna- Haha that sounds like a lot of fun! I sort of miss that sort of behaviour in high school. Since I grew up in a small town with all of those people since 3rd grade we got along really well.

    Shannon- LOL! Ahh I love kids. Kids and animals are the best for entertainment.

    Melissa- =O You changed your name! LOL! Just kidding. Haha that does sound funny. I love it when radio stations do that.

    Wendy- Thanks =]

    Karen- Yay!!! I'm glad to hear you had fun!!! =D

    Julie- Haha thanks =] She's my baby.

    Shannon (again =P)- Oh thanks =] I'll make sure to pop by sometime this weekend-- I have to catch up on all the blogs, LOL!


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