Saturday, December 19


Hello everyone!

Sorry I disappeared-- again! However, I think you are all used to that by now. And if you aren't... well you really should be. I mean, you are sooo not in the know if you're surprised by my disappearances. LOL!

Alright, so before I begin with my rambling I just have to say thank you so much for your lovely comments in my last post. Each made me smile (some even made me cry, heaven forbid), so thank you ♥

Now, on to a bit of an update for you guys! Thursday I wrote my Anthropology final, which I got 85% on. I finished the class with 90% ( an "A"). YAY! And I just found out that I got A+ on my huge presentation in my Advanced Writing class. I also got an A+ on my Mimic Assignment and an A on my journal. In total, I got A+ in the class (Advanced Writing). WOOHOO! I didn't even know you could get A+ as a final grade. I've only had A's.

Okay, now for a bit of iffy news. So my mum's friend (Genny and her husband Jon) got home yesterday afternoon. However they were (and still are) so exhausted and stressed out and in pain (she had 2 seizures and a c-section, and Jon has Crohn's Disease), that they called my mum and we went over last night to help out with Baby (bay-baeh). It was quite stressful and draining on everyone. However, Genny is doing better now, and Jon is... well he'll be okay once he gets his Crohn's to calm down. We went over there again tonight to help out, and Genny and Baby are doing much better.

But enough sad stuff. I'd rather rant about Baby's utter and complete cuteness. You know how some babies are just plain funny looking? Not Cristian. He's sooo cute (absolutely no biases here). He has dimples, a cleft in his chin, the darkest eyes you'll ever see, and a full head of black hair. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures when we were there-- I was too busy fighting mum for my turn to hold him (It was about half and half. I got him for a good hour or more). We're going over again tomorrow though, so I promise to take pictures for you guys.

So what have I been missing recently? How are your stories coming along? Need to rant about something?

*Tomorrow I will hopefully be giving away a ton of Awards, since I've been slacking off with this recently... Oops.*


  1. Newborn babies are so cute. I love cuddling them:)

    I've hit a roadblock with my WIP. Now I've got to figure out where I need to go back in and fix things before I can move on.

  2. You sound more like your perky self - yay! I'm thrilled to hear mommy and baby are doing better. It sounds like they've been through the wringer, and hopefully daddy will feel better soon, too.

    Congrats on all your excellent grades! It's good to hear from you. :)

  3. I'm glad they are doing better !

  4. Melissa- YES! They are so cute. Sighs. I have to wait a few more years at least before I get to have my own, LOL! Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. It always sucks when you get stuck. I hope the fix is easy for you!

    Shannon- Yep, I'm feeling much better now. I'm always trying to keep a positive outlook on things. It just gets a little hard sometimes. Yeah, they are troopers. I think they just really need to catch up on sleep--both for stress reasons and for healing purposes. Thank you!!! I was hopping around the house when I found out about the A+.

    Vicky- Yeah, its a relief =]

  5. I'm disappearing too, Christmas is hectic!

    Don't worry if things are too busy, but I left you an award on my blog :)

  6. Diana- No kidding! I'll still probably pop in and write some posts, but they will probably be mostly picture posts since I'll be in Virginia.

    Thanks sweetie =]

  7. Way to go on the grades! You go girl.

    Christmas time is here, which means I've pretty much been slacking off on everything - including blog commenting. The only thing I haven't been slacking on is my crocheting, and that's because I can do it while slacking on everything else. On the upside, though, I did get back to work on my story. Two chapters rewritten so far and the third is sitting next to the keyboard here making me feel guilty for blogging instead of working. ;o)

  8. Glad things are better in your neck of the woods. Congrats on your A's. You rock!

    I have the week off work for Christmas...YAY! I plan to relax, read, write, and hang out with family and friends.

    Have a wonderful time in Virginia!

  9. B.E.- Thanks =D Yay for the writing!!! And it's okay to be lazy during the holiday season ;)

    Jen- Me too =] And thank you!! YAY for break!! I hope you have a ton of fun!


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