Sunday, May 31

Beautiful Day

So I got distracted by the weather and didn't write as much as I really should have. And then when I did finally settle down to write I was just so bummed out about my story. For the record I am liking it, but sometimes I get really blah. It's the first story I've gotten this far on, so I am feeling a little insecure about it at times. I've heard from a lot of writers that they didn't even like writing their first story, nor did they really like it. So I think I'm doing pretty good if I like mine! And to be fair, I am getting positive feedback from people reading it so far.

Mostly my issue with it (at the moment) is that I feel Nick and Ellie aren't in enough scenes together, which sounds weird, but yeah. The story starts off with them in their childhood (10/13 for ages), then jumps to their teenage years (sort of, it's 17/20) and then (if you've read the synopsis, you know he abandons her!) So present day is 24/27. I haven't written the 17/20 yet, because I only just decided it would work better if I did the ages in order. Previously I was going to have it be a memory or some such thing, but I found I didn't like my readers not knowing what was going on with the main characters. I was writing the 24/27 as if you already knew the characters and what they'd been through. And I also thought it could be relatively confusing. I will probably throw a few memory bits in there, but it will clearly be a flashback and the age will be very clear and it will be short and to the point.

So once I got that all figured out I started the 17/20 a bit, and also worked on 24/27 and got quite a bit done. Man that's confusing for me. I hope in the actual story it won't be confusing =\ We'll see I suppose.

At least I am aware of the fact that I'll probably change a lot of it when I go back to do revisions in Sept- hopefully! -crosses fingers- I'd like to be done by summer's end, so that when I start my 3rd year of college I can work on that and work on an agent? Maybe? I hope so. We'll see on that too I guess!

Anyway, I shall write more tomorrow - I promise! Though, I do believe we are going into the city to celebrate reaching 50 000 words! YAY! Most novels are about 100 000 for the type I'm writing, so that is half way! However, knowing me, and knowing how I am writing, I will probably write 10-20 000 over and then when I am revising I'll get rid of a lot.

Ah well, till tomorrow!

Saturday, May 30

Back Cover Blurb

Alright, so here it is guys. You've been wanting a back cover blurb about my story and here it is! I've procrastinated enough! I would love feedback from you guys, and constructive criticism is always welcome!! The title right now is Forever. I plan on writing a three book series so... (please don't steal my titles LOL).
1. Forever
2. For Always
3. And Evermore


All she ever wanted was a home of her own...
.....Abandoned as a child by her mother, young Elizabeth Murray tried to make the best of her lot in life. As a young Irish girl living in England with a grandfather she did not know existed, Elizabeth spent her childhood struggling to find her place in the world.

And someone to love her...

.....Scarred by her childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth seems destined to be doomed in love. That is, until one summer day when she is plunged back into a world of uncertainty when the boy who abandoned her all those years ago, returns as a man...

He fears attachment...

.....Having bared witness to the everlasting pain love can cause by watching his father grieve for his late wife, Nicholas Langley the fifth Viscount of Wakefield, ran from anything and everything that could cause him heartache—including his one childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth.

But is drawn to her...

.....Running from scandal, Nicholas turns to the only place he has ever felt safe; Wakefield Park. It is here at his childhood home that he is reunited with the one woman he could never forget. Sweet and shy in nature, Elizabeth has always contradicted everything he thought he knew about females—especially redheads. And even after seven years apart and dozens of women later, Nicholas still finds himself inexplicably captivated by his old flame.

.....With her questionable past and his fear of love, will these two let their youthful lies and betrayals determine the outcome of their future? Or will they take a leap of faith and find their
in each other’s arms?

Thursday, May 28

My Muse

Yep, that's right, my handsome boyfriend Christopher is my muse. I know that's a cliche (sort of) but it really is true. For those of you who do not know, we will have been dating for 3 years in August. And in those 3 years, he has been nothing but a good -wonderful- boyfriend to me. I could go on and on about him, but I shall simply say, that I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Now, one of the best things about Chris is that he is very supportive of everything I do. School, writing etc... And although he does not read romance novels (I mean really, I don't know any guys that do) he is always very supportive of me writing -and reading- them. He is always urging me on and complimenting me on meeting a deadline or figuring my way through something. He's always there to make me feel better when I am having a really blah writing day... Or just a blah day in general.

As you know, I've been having a lot of issues writing recently. Even though I had a break through yesterday, I only broke through that one part only to end up at another dead end (yay me). So tonight I called Chris and we had a huge long brainstorming session. I explained my story thus far and told him about my characters and what I wanted to end up happening. So he, being the wonderful guy that he is, helped me come up with ways around some of the issues I was facing. He used his guy knowledge (in other words, episodes of the TV show The Office) to help me. I know at times he isn't sure that he can be much help, but tonight proves that he can. I have tried to brainstorm with others but... 1. I am too nervous that I am boring them to death that I don't bother finishing; and 2. They honestly just can't seem to help.

But Chris and I spent a good 2 hours talking about everything and I think I've solved a lot of the problems that were plaguing me. I know the route my story is taking and he helped me solidify my characters a lot more.

So because of his wonderful help (both tonight and all the previous times he has helped) he truly is my muse; though, not in the conventional sense of the word. I don't look at him and have writing spurts of pure genius (my lord how I wish)! But he does help me work through things. And he inspires me.


- In picture is Christopher with one of his family's new kittens, Brewster. Taken Christmas 2008

Wednesday, May 27

Break Through!

YES! I have been having troubles for a few days now over my novel. But today, I stayed up late (as is apparently by the time stamp) and I wrote almost 2500 words in about two hours. And the best part of it is- I like it. I had to go back and look at the one scene that had been bugging me (yes it's the scene I talked about in earlier blogs). It was messing up the flow and it just wasn't how my one character would act. So I changed that and then completely rewrote the two smaller scenes right after it. Although I am not completely caught up yet I made a good dent so far. I should be able to meet quota this week after all, as long as I keep working hard and pushing myself (even when I'm so tired I want to go to bed at 8pm). It's so frustrating when you're stuck for a few days.

I just thought I'd share a little Family Guy voice clip with you guys. My dad quotes this all the time- except now when he does it I can actually tell him!

Sunday, May 24

Movie Night

So we went to go see Angels & Demons but when we got there, there were only 7 seats left so we didn't go in because we probably wouldn't have gotten a seat together. So we drove all the way into the city to turn right around and go right back! LMAO! Instead we went and rented movies. Get Smart and Burn After Reading. I've already seen Get Smart with Christopher when it first came out- I love it! It's so funny. We haven't watched Burn After Reading yet though. It's just too late to watch it today. Tomorrow maybe?

Anyway, I hope tomorrow we can book my trip to Virginia. I really want everything cemented- and soon!

Well, it's late so I'm going to go. I might write a little bit more tonight on my story but I'm not sure. Like I said- it is late.

Saturday, May 23

Washington Here I Come!

So, I just got back from AMA booking my trip to the RWA conference in July! First, I just have to say that our travel agent Trealla was very good to work with. But anyway, I am so excited now! Though we (mum and I) aren't staying in the Marriott where the conference is taking place (way too expensive for us!) it's still a nice hotel only a little way down the road.

Just thought I'd let everyone know! Now I'm going to write- gosh I love sitting outside writing. It's so relaxing.

Friday, May 22

Sleepy Day


Today I have been so sleepy. I know it's mostly to do with my low iron levels, but it still sucks. I feel like sleeping all the time- I feel so lazy! But anyway, in writing news...

So today I am working on a synopsis for my story. Hopefully I will finish that tonight / tomorrow. I will be going to the synopsis workshop for RWA in July, but I figure I can always change the synopsis later after I've learned a few things.

I am also going to be finishing this scene tonight / tomorrow. That's what I keep telling myself anyway! I like the scene, but it's been taking me so long I'm starting to dread writing it. I just want to finish it! Luckily my feet dragging that hasn't been translating into my writing (I hope!)

So Saturday my mum and I are going to AMA to book our trip! I'm getting excited... =] But I will keep you posted on that later!

Anywho, I should stop procrastinating and get back to it! I will probably give you another update before I finally go to sleep.

Thursday, May 21

What Do You Think?


So I have been contemplating recently, whether or not I should set up my own website. It would be a more professional looking site, with information about me and my manuscripts. A lot of aspiring writer's have them for publishers, editors and agents to look at.
What do you all think?

I've also been considering whether or not to enter into some writing competitions. A lot of them only require the first few pages or chapters of your story. I've read that a lot of published novelists suggest you do this to get your name out there and to have some awards under your belt. For those of you who have read parts of my manuscript and for those who haven't, what do you think?

I'm finally writing today, and hopefully I can catch up. However this one scene is still pestering me. It's working, but it's just taking a very long time to finish it. I am hoping once I am done it that I can just move on and look back at it in a few days (with a fresh outlook) to see if it still works.

I also think I am also going to come up with a "back cover blurb" to post on here, or to give to people when they ask!

Your input would be extremely helpful! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, May 20


Alright, so I have now read a book, surfed the internet and overall avoided writing! I am going to go for a shower (I've been lazy today I know) and then I will sit down with a nice warm cup of coffee (or hot chocolate... haven't decided yet) and write, since I really should get back to that! I was so sick last night that I got very little done. I need to make up for the past two days! Unfortunately, I still feel a bit sick, so I do not think I am going to meet quota this week.

In other news, I think I have figured out a scene in Chapter 1o that has been stumping me for a little while-and is possibly the reason I havent written much recently (besides being sick). I knew everything that led UP to that scene, and then nothing. My mind went blank when it came to ideas. I know what I want my heroine to say, but the hero... I just knew he'd be angry. I could not think of what I wanted him to say at all! But voila I have solved the problem. I guess sleeping all evening and night helped after all!

Tuesday, May 19

Shoulda Knocked On Wood

Well, as my title explains, I really should have knocked on wood, even though I'm not normally very superstitious. I grew up with a lovable, potato chip-eating-black cat, Ninja; I think breaking a mirror is bad luck but only because I'm clumsy and I'd have to clean up the shards; and though I do avoid stepping on cracks on occasion, it's more of a game to me. And no, I do not believe it rains whenever you kill a spider- if it did, Alberta would be a much rainier place! However, I do occasionally find myself knocking on wood.

Yesterday I claimed it to be bright and sunny and spring-like. Today, the fates seemed to enjoy making me look like a fool. It was grey and blustery all day, and eventually I saw little flakes guessed it, snow. How disappointing. Sunday I was outside all day basking in the warmth of the sun. And today? I went from one warm spot to another like a cat following the path of the sunbeam through the window.

Although I had plenty of time to write, what with trying to not move to much for fear that I'll create a draft up my cocoon of blankets, I didn't really have much success. I only wrote around 300 words because I just was not feeling it today and my wrists hurt. Of course, that means I'll have to write more daily for the rest of the week, but I can handle it - I hope!

Anyway, I'm off.
Ps. The cat in the picture is our family cat Karamel.

Sunday, May 17

Spring Is Here - Finally!

Yes, spring has arrived!

Now, some of you may find my comment confusing since spring probably blessed you with its presence eons ago. However, up here in the north it has decided to make its appearance now. Yes, we have had some nice days before, but for the past few weeks its been consistently nice, so I feel safe in claiming spring has finally arrived.

I've been done classes for a while now, which has been nice. I did really well with all five of my courses (especially since they were all essay classes). My GPA was a 3.40, which although good, went down from last semesters (3.65). Regardless, I am happy with my grades. Overall my year went quite well and I am so happy to be half way done university!

Now, onto more exciting news! I am writing my first novel! Yay! I have always been a writer and have always wanted to be a published novelist. For as long as I can remember I've had stories floating around in my head, tempting me to share them with others. Now, honestly I haven't always kept up my writing. I used to get bored, mainly because I didn't write every day and my mood would change from two or three months ago, when I first started a project. However, since I finished my last exam on April 23, I decided to finally stop procrastinating and to just sit down and write a story. In school I worked with schedules and lists, so I figured if I used those techniques towards my writing that I would get something done. And I have! I am currently at just over 40 000 words and counting!

I write everyday, even on the days where I do not want to. My goal set for each week is 9000 words (roughly 30 pages). So far I have kept it up and I hope I can continue to! I will continue to update everyone as I go, though I suspect I am one of those writers that will write 100 pages more than I need to and then go back and cut what does not need to be in the story. Which is alright, I've got all summer to write!

And more news (I am just full of news today!) This week my mum and I will likely be going to AMA to book our trip to Washington DC in July. I am so excited to go; though, I am trying to not get too excited until everything is booked. For those of you who don't know, we are going to the Romance Writers of America national conference. I have never been to a conference or convention before, but I hope it is a lot of fun. I also hope it will be helpful, both to my physical writing as well as opening up the possibility of being published. I figure, as do my parents, that the sooner I start writing novels and trying to get published, the more likely I will have success at some point in my life.

Well, that is all for now! I hope everyone has a lovely May long!
By the way, the doggie in the picture is my Daisy girl.


Friday, May 15

First Blog


I decided that having a blog would be much more convienant for me then writing down my thoughts on paper- although I will still do that. I am generally on the computer, doing something or other, so it just makes more sense. Well I believe that is all for now, I want to continue exploring my new blog!

I hope everyone has a good week!
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