Sunday, January 31

Award Time!

Alright, so this post is going to be ridiculously long. You see.... I've been slacking when it comes to awards. I've let them pile up and have not given them away (or even put them on my blog). Which, if I was being honest, is nothing new.

Now, before I start I'm just going to let you know that I do not have time to notify everyone of their award. Sorry!

Here goes.

I got the Creative Writer Award from Chasing Empty Pavements. Thank you so much hun!
I'm giving this award to five blogs that I think are creative:
  1. Jen
  2. Mariah Irvin
  3. Victoria
  4. Rhonda
  5. Amber

Courtney Reese gave me the Happy 101 Award. Thank you!!!! For this award, I have to list 10 things that make me happy and then give it to 10 people.
  1. My family
  2. My pets
  3. Writing
  4. Reading
  5. Music
  6. Fluffy blankets
  7. Candles
  8. Christmas trees
  9. Rain
  10. Rolling green hills
Okay, now for 10 people who make me extremely happy:
  1. B.E.
  2. Jennifer at A Slice of Life
  3. Jonathon Arntson
  4. Julie
  5. Diana
  6. Wendy
  7. Jade
  8. Stephanie Thornton
  9. Roni
  10. Hilary

Julie at Silver Lining gave me the Over the Top award! Thank you so much hun!!!!
To accept this award I have to answer the following questions:
Your cell phone: Indispensable.
Your hair: Silky and thin.
Your mother: Loving
Your father: Laid back
Your favorite food: Dad's burgers
Your dream last night: About my story
Your favorite drink: Sprite
Your dream goal: Author.
What room are you in: Bedroom.
Your hobby: Writing.
Your fear: Failure
Where do you see yourself in six years: Married
Where were you last night: At home
Something you aren't: Impulsive
Muffins: Chocolate.
Wish list item: Blackberry
Where did you grow up: Alberta
Last thing you did: Slept
What are you wearing: Clothing?
Your TV: Is small
Your pets: Adorable.
Friends: Meh.
Your life: Stressful right now
Your mood: Tired
Missing someone: Yes
Vehicle: Nope
Something you aren't wearing: Socks.
Your favorite store: Chapters
Your favorite color: Green
When was last time your laughed: Today.
Last time you cried?: Yesterday
Your best friend: My mom
One place you go to over and over: Home... and Virginia
Facebook: Annoying
Favorite place to eat: Earl's
Okay, now five people:
  1. Lynnette
  2. Melissa
  3. Karen
  4. Kristin Rae
  5. Angie
Phew. I'm getting tired. Are you?

Hilary Wagner made this adorable little award, One Good Rat, based off of her book coming out Fall 2010. Thank you so much hun! Love it! Rather than give this award away now, I think I'm going to hang on to it for a special occasion.

And lastly, Jon gifted me with the Silver Lining Award! Thanks darling!!! Since I already have this award and have already given it away, I'm not going to give it away again. However, if you don't have this award and are a regular commenter here, please feel free to nab this for yourself!


  1. Congrats to all the winners and you you for winning them originally!!!! You deserve it!

  2. Thanks for the award and congrats on receiving so many yourself!

  3. Congrats on all your awards, and to all the winners! Great answers too. :)

  4. Aww, thanks Nat. You make me happy, too. Congrats to everyone who won an award - including you. =o)

  5. Thank you for the award Natalie! And congrats on getting so many yourself - you really deserve them!

    Oh, I am a total award slacker. I have some from November and December that I need to pass on. I think I'll tackle those tomorrow:)

  6. Wow Nat, I took my award away from you because you were being mean and this whole time you had a mighty stash.

    I feel as though we are long lost siblings separated at birth.

    Congrats on the awards and thanks for mine.

  7. Awww... I'm glad I make you happy! What a great pile of awards- aren't they all fun?

  8. Congrats, miss popular! :)

    Thanks for the creative writer award. I can't wait to share it!

  9. Natalie Congratulations!!!! Also Thank You for the creative writer award!!! You are too sweet :)

  10. That's quite a collection of new bling for your blog, Natalie. Congrats on all of it! :-)

  11. Great list! Thanks for passing it on to me. :)

  12. WOW...that's a lot of hardware! Congrats to you, and your recipients.

  13. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed your awards ;)

    Jonathon- You took my award away?! CAN YOU EVEN DO THAT?!

  14. Aww, thanks so much. I love my award. Congrats to you on receiving so many.

  15. Congrats to you on all of your awards, hun! And thank you for passing the Happy award to me :) :)

  16. Thanks Nat! I lurve my shiny, new award! YOu are the sweetest!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  17. Thank you so much! :) You rock! On congrats on getting all of those in the first place!! WOW!

  18. Thank you!!! And congrats for all your sure are popular!

    Also, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this but the blog is looking very cute!

  19. You're welcome everyone! I'm glad you enjoy your awards =)

    Jade- Thanks!!


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