Wednesday, January 6

Play that FUNKy music...



Okay, that's the best I could come up with as a title for this post. But anywho, moving on.

As most of you know, I've been in a funk recently when it comes to my writing. First, school got in the way, sucking up all of my spare time and energy. After that, the stress from school prevented me from having the will to write. Then it had been so long since I'd written anything, that the words wouldn't come easily, which would only stress me out and cause me to toss in the towel and march away in a huff.

In my opinion, all of the reasons for my lack of writing are understandable and most importantly, valid. However, that does not mean that I am okay with this state of limbo that I'm currently in. Writing is my stress reliever-- most of the time anyway. It exercises my brain and my creativity. All in all, it's what I do. I am a writer; therefore, my lack of actual writing is quite distressing to me. Because of this, I've been searching for a way to shake off this funk and get back into writing mode. However, up until yesterday, I'd been extremely unsuccessful in this endeavour. Everything I tried just stressed me out more, and more often than not, I deleted words rather than wrote them. Obviously, this wasn't working out quite as I'd expected. Not to be too dramatic, but I was ready to "give up" writing until the summer months when I'd have more time. But when venting to my mum a few nights ago on the phone, she suggested I email my story to her, in all it's rough splendour, to see what she thought of it. Now, she'd already read most of it; however, she hadn't read any of the newer stuff, which admittedly, wasn't that much.

Well, yesterday afternoon, my mum emailed me back with her edits and suggestions. Thankfully, she managed to pinpoint exactly what was bugging me. And let me tell you, it was truly a very small thing that was irritating me and I feel quite foolish for letting it get to me for so long. All of her other comments were extremely helpful as well, and none of them signalled a need to trash the whole story (which had been a worry of mine). In fact, she loved it! Yay!

After reading all of her comments and suggestions I was filled with a sense of urgency. I needed to write, immediately! So what did I do yesterday evening while the living room was packed full of noisy boys and a large, distracting TV? I wrote 1147 words! I haven't written that much in months! I hope to write that much, or more, again today! I just need to read some more of a book for school before I can start.

So my question for you guys is.... When you're in a writing funk, what do you do to shake it off??


  1. This happens. I try not to stress it and allow my mind to rest. If I am not writing it is because I am not inspired. Try picking up a good read, allow your mind to wonder into other worlds. This helps.

  2. Oh, good for you! That's always such a nice feeling. I usually just have to keep writing and writing until I break out of the funk, and I try not to be discouraged if it doesn't come easily. Sometimes that's just the way it is. Daydreaming usually helps too.

  3. I'm thrilled for you! Coming out of the funk is always a glorious feeling.

    I blog, blog, blog. It always makes me feel better and gives me an urge to write more. :-)

  4. Lucky to have a mom who knows what to look for and can give helpful comments. I'm not sure what to do when I'm in a funk because I'm in one right now.

  5. Vicky- Yeah, reading always helps, except when you're too busy to read, then it just makes life more stressful. Sighs. Oh well.

    Angie- Thank you!!! Yeah, daydreaming always helps me =]

    Shannon- Thank you!! Yes, it really is. Aww that's a nice way to get out of the funk. I'll have to try that the next time I get stuck.

    Patti- I know! She's awesome, she really is =] Aww I'm sorry! Well Vicky suggested reading, Angie said just keep writing to break through the funk, and Shannon said she uses blogging to help her! I had my mum read it and edit it to help me. So maybe you can try those and see what they do for you??

  6. I wish my mom CONSTRUCTIVELY helped edit my papers! I really dont know what I do to get out of the funk. Eat lots of junk food and watch something inspiring?

    Also, I just gave you the Honest Scrap Award over at my blog!

  7. Ack. I hate when that happens... the funk part, not the writing... ummm...

    Anyway, when I've hit a slump or the squirms or a funk - and after I've spent some time wallowing in it - I try to forge ahead with my WIP. If that doesn't work, I try writing something else. If that still doesn't work, I try writing longhand for a while - just to shake things up a bit. (Can you tell I'm no stranger to the funk?) I don't have one set way to overcome the squirms.

    Hurray for your words! And here's hoping they keep flowing. :hugs:

  8. Chasing empty pavements- I'm sorry, I need to ask, what's your name?! Yeah, my mum is wonderful =] Haha yes, that tends to be what I end up doing. I own lots of romance movies and adventure movies ;) Oh thanks!! I'll make sure to stop by later!

    B.E.- Yeah, I hate it too. LOL! Noooo, I couldnt tell at all =P Thank you!!! -hugs-

  9. That's great! I love when I make a break through the funk :) Nothing exactly works for me every time, but a good critique partner is a huge help. Your lucky to have such a supportive mom.

  10. Diana- Me too!!! I was getting quite worried there for a while. Yeah, I think having someone read my stuff really helps me out, even if they point out issues. Yes, I am really lucky to have my mum. She's a very good editor and she doesnt hold back.


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