Saturday, January 2

Proud of Meself

I have opened up The Sound of Snow and have already written a sentence!
You may not think this is an accomplishment, but it is. Since I've had no writing time-- or energy-- even opening the document has become a trial. However, I promised myself this year I was going to do what I could when I could. And so, the document is open, and it has already changed from last time. I'm hoping to get a significant amount of words out tonight, whatever that may be.

Wish me luck! I'll come back tomorrow and tell you all how it went!

Oh, and by the way, I've already started to comment more on peoples blogs. Yay! It helps that today is the almost-kissing theme day. I've loved everyone's entries so far!


  1. Congrats on Sound of the Snow, and thanks for checking out my almost-kiss today. I edited my post to explain why I never finished the book, but I'll tell you here cause we're buddies :) Basically, Cast Away was going to be my second novel (the one AFTER the 120K monstrosity which was a medieval romance btw). Then I started getting ideas for a YA. About 100 pages into Cast Away I decided to go ahead and start the YA, which turned out to be my second finished novel (Sinister, the one I'm almost getting ready to give up on). Then I wrote Wishmaker, which was my "Kissing Day" excerpt, and now I'm writing Fated, which is the one that feels like "the One." So I suppose I might go back and finish Cast Away someday... maybe after I finish Fated :)

  2. Congrats on the sound of snow!

  3. Good luck! Yay for you for opening up that document!

  4. That's the idea. Do what you can when you can. =o) Congratulations!

  5. It's the coldest its been down here in Florida all year. Perfect time for you to start THE SOUND OF SNOW. Good luck with the writing. Hope it all flows magically. :)
    My blog

  6. Diana- Thank you!! Haha awww, thanks =] Okay, sounds good! I really liked it, so when you do write it, I'd love to read it-- hopefully I'll have to buy it in the stores ;)!

    Vicky- Thank you!

    Angie- Haha thank you!!

    B.E.- Thanks hun =]

    Karen- Aww thanks! And you're right, it is the perfect time to write this story =]

    Mum- Thank you mum ♥ Love you!

  7. It's better to write anything than nothing. That's my motto this year. Congrats on starting your new project.

  8. Good luck! And even if you get nothing else done today, at least you opened the document and tried just like you said you would! : )

  9. Yay! How did it go?

    I'm excited to be getting back into blogs and to see yours is up and running. Woo woo!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Patti- That's a good motto and one I'm sticking with too! Thank you!

    Kimberly- Thank you! And yep, that's right. I just have to look at this as a step in the right direction, even if it's just a tiny baby step.

    Wendy- Heh, alright I suppose. Since I haven't written in so long my muse did the "deer in the headlights" act and took off after about 30 minutes of me staring it down. However, after some very positive feedback from my Mum (I emailed it to her in a fit of desperation for an opinion) I'm ready to try again today! I hope your holiday was great =]

  11. Just popping in to say hello! :)

  12. Hello hun!! Thanks for popping in =] How was your day??


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