Tuesday, January 19

Sorry Guys!

Okay, so I had this big post planned out for today, however, I have a huge migraine now so I won't be writing an actual post. Hopefully, I will be doing a work-in-progress post tomorrow though.

Sorry for not posting, darlings!


  1. Ouch. :( Hope you're feeling better...

  2. Ugh! Migraines are horrible. Feel better,and like Jonathon said, stop apologizing. Very few (if any) of us are able to post EVERY day without fail.

  3. Hope that migraine leaves soon.

  4. Take ten aspirin and blog me in the morning. :)

  5. Ouch! Sorry about the migraine. Hope you feel better.

  6. Anissa- A little bit. I think my body is fighting off something right now. Ugh!

    Jon- lol thanks and I'm sorry for apologizing so much, it's a condition ;)

    Wendy- Thanks hun! -hugs-

    B.E.- Thanks hun =]

    Shannon- They are! I loathe them! Heh, I know. I just feel bad, that's all.

    Vicky- Thanks! It did go away, but now I think my body is fighting off some illness.

    DL- Unfortunately, aspirin doesnt tend to work on me anymore.

    Jen- Thanks sweetie!

    Angie- Thanks! Me too!


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