Wednesday, January 27

Work-In-Progress Wednesday

So this week I’ve been pretty busy when it comes to my story.
This is what I’ve done:

  • I’m a good ways into the “Meeting” scene. I was having a really hard time writing this because one of the characters in it is a douche. Unfortunately, when I was writing him, he kept coming out sounding more sarcastic than anything else. It was a pain. However, I think I got the hang of being mean—at least when it comes to this character ;)
Okay, well this week I also sent out the first fifty pages of my story to four wonderful ladies: B. E. from The Writing Spectacle, Jen from A Slice of Life, Wendy from Where Ladybugs Roar, and Diana from Writing Roller Coasters. This was extremely difficult for me to do, since it was my very first time getting critiqued (eek!). But, lo and behold, I survived! Yay! I’m still waiting for one critique back, but so far I think I’ve done just fine. I’ve learned I use “sigh” and “smile” too much, but I was looking through my manuscript, and those are easy fixes. I also tend to use adverbs (who doesn’t?), but I’ve already killed most of them (choppy choppy). There were a few other things, but nothing much, in my opinion. They are pretty quick, easy fixes. My only problem now is, like critiques are bound to do, they contradicted each other in several areas: one saying this paragraph is too passive, another saying they loved the paragraph the way it is. This means that I now have to sit down and decide who to listen to. Sighs.
Overall, it was a pretty fun experience. Nerve racking beyond belief—and I only gave them the first fifty pages! I can’t imagine what it’s like to give someone your whole story! AHH!
So, what's new with you and your story?


  1. Yay! for you. When you get it back, it will all be worth it. :-)

    I'm finishing revisions on my chapter back. Nearly there.

  2. Awesome! At least you took the plunge had them critiqued and now you are ready to make some changes... go with your heart!

    I am currently revising my character, she is a little to passive for what I want!

  3. I love me some adverbs! lol. About contradicting critiques... I seem to get those, too. Maybe try it both ways - test it out the changed way, and if it doesn't work for YOU, keep it. Go with your gut. Good luck!

  4. OMG, good luck on your critique. I cannot wait to hear about your feedback.

  5. You took a big step, be proud. In all the feedback you received, I hope you discovered that you're a great writer. Don't have any doubt about that - ever! - because you have a fabulous story in the works, and a very strong voice.

    Thanks for letting me read part of your WIP. I hope my comments helped.

    These last few months I've been adding new scenes to the opening of my WIP to provide some much needed back story. About 2 weeks ago, I got stuck and starting doubting when my h/h should first meet. It's such a pivotal moment in a romance, after all. :) I'm happy to report I finally figured it all out and got a lot of writing done yesterday and today.

    P.S. Feel free to send me more pages to critique anytime.

  6. My betas and I usually exchange 50-100 pages at a time. It's easier on everyone involved to tackle it in sections. So don't stress about giving anyone your whole story yet.

    Sounds like you're on the road to making your story stronger and better. Congrats!

  7. Shannon- Yep! I just have one more to get back =)Yay, keep chugging along!

    Jen- I agree. No one had any bad comments about it so I'm happy! Ahh, at least that's not a hard fix?

    Kristin- Heh, yes, me too. Thanks for the suggestion!!

    Jonathon- Thank you! The others were good, so I'm crossing my fingers for this one!

    Jennifer- Aww thank you!!! They did really boost my confidence, so that's great. YAY! I hope the writing goes smoothly from now on. Ahh yay! Thank you! I'm glad you want to read more =)

    Karen- Ahh okay. Well that's good to know. Thank you! I had a lot of fun getting it done-- once it was over. Waiting, however, is no fun, LOL!

  8. Yay! Progress is always great. And critiques can be so scary. Good for you and your awesomeness!

  9. I'm such a slacker. In my defense, I was out of town yesterday.

    Congratulations on taking the leap to have people read your pages. It's a hard step, but usually worthwhile. What I usually do with contradictory suggestions is figure out which one I agree with more and work with that one. (Of course, on occasion it's the one I agree with less that's the really helpful suggestion, but I have to step way back before I see it.)

    I'll try to get your crits to you sometime in the next couple days. I just hope I don't add the confusion. ;o)

  10. Stephanie- Thanks!!!

    B.E.- Heh, no it's okay. We all have busy weeks. Besides, I'd rather you read it when you're all relaxed, LOL! Yeah, I've talked to both Mum and Chris about it, and they've helped a lot with helping me decide. Haha, yes, I hope you don't either! Even if you do -shrugs- I'll live.


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