Tuesday, January 26

Writerly Pet Peeves of Mine

Things that annoy me...

  1. One of my biggest peeves is when the point of view just suddenly switches in the middle of a scene. This drives me absolutely bonkers. Not only is it sometimes difficult to discern who is actually having those thoughts, but in my opinion it just makes the scene sloppy. I know it’s done to try and provide multiple points of view within a scene, however, it jars me out of the story and makes me want to put the book down and find something else. Not good.

  2. Obvious spelling mistakes also make me grind my teeth together. I’m not talking about accidentally using the wrong word like then instead of than, but I’m talking about the types of spelling errors that Word catches. For example: “He carired her over to the chair.” Seriously? I know mistakes happen, but the red line isn’t there just to make the document look pretty. I swear.

  3. Now, this one may only apply to romances, but I just have to put it in. After years of reading romance novels, I am sick and tired of reading this:
    It was unusual. Normally he preferred short curvaceous brunettes, not tall, slim blondes. And yet, here he was practically drooling over her small form.

    Okay, really? I know not all romances do this; however, I am so tired of reading this exact sort of passage (which is mine by the way, just typed it up for this). Why can’t he be going after the short curvaceous brunette? Oh right, because that’s not what society deems is acceptable. GAH! This wouldn’t bug me so much if it was used equally between short and curvy and tall and slim. However, this does not happen. Hence the mini rant.

Alright, I'm all done ranting and raving.

Do you have anything to add??


  1. Good list! I'd like to add:

    Info dumping: If you dump twenty characters and twenty years worth of backstory in the first twenty pages? It's just too much to take in and keep straight. It ends up confusing me and makes me want to hurl your book against the wall.

  2. Regarding pet-peeve #1: are there times that you find this less-annoying? like at a chapter change. Have you read Shiver, did that make you crazy?

  3. How funny! I love your ranting, that is great! And I understand the women the world has considered the most popular, and going after a brunette is considered different! Maybe I should switch it up... try and make a learning curve change... start a new path!

  4. That puppy picture is too cute for words! I just want to pull him right off the screen and touch the fur. :-)

    Pet Peeve: too much detail that never seems to end.

  5. Love the list Natalie! My pet peeve is when an author uses the exact same phrase throughout the book to describe a person or a trait. Please, think of something different!

  6. Rhonda- Thanks! I agree. Info dumping like that is just annoying.

    Jonathon- Uhhm. Hm. I can't think of a book that did this where it didnt bug me. However, I'm not saying it cant be done well, I just havent seen it. And no, I haven't read Shiver.

    Jen- Heh, thanks. Yeah, I don't mind the tall and blonde thing, I just wished more books used normal looks.

    Shannon- Heh, I thought so too. Yes, detail that drags on is annoying.

    Melissa- Thanks! Yes! Me too! I understand if it's to get something across, or to make a point, but seriously. Use something else.

  7. One of my peeves is when an author uses a "rare" word too often... like in a book I recently read, in which the author used the phrase "a corona of light" about four times.


  8. That dog is hilarious!

    Okay. You know how the writerly world tells you not to do a bunch of things when you write, but that most things are okay if they work in the story? Well, I get peeved when I buy a book, find all sorts of writerly faux pas, and they don't work. I mean, they don't work at all, but the book is in publication. That really burns me up.

  9. Okay, well, read Shiver, but before you do that, head on over to my blog today, there's something there for you.

  10. Amber- Yeah, that's really annoying. They should spread the love to the other words. They feel left out.

    B.E.- Heh, I thought so. He made me snicker. Oh me too! It does give me some hope for my own publication one day though: "If that can get published, I can definitely do it."

    Jonathon- lol. Oh yay, another book to add to my ever growing pile. And thank you =)

  11. Cute puppy!

    Great list. I totally agree.

    I'm going to steal my friend's pet peeve because it's one that bugs me too: virgin heroines feeling no pain the first time they have sex. It's not all blinding pleasure and shooting stars your first time. It's painful. Period.

    BTW...although my heroine is blond, she's short and very curvaceous.

  12. Jennifer- OH! I agree! That one drives me insane. I always complain about that when I come across it in a book!

    Heh, I don't mind blonde heroines, even if they're thin =P I just dont like reading it all the time.


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