Tuesday, February 23

13 Things I Learned Over the Weekend

First, hello to all my new followers *waves* I hope you have fun here. Feel free to comment or ask me questions =)
  1. I like writing Medieval romance so much more than Regency. It suits me-- I have more leeway to be a bit more lyrical in my writing style. Since my story takes place mostly in the Holy Land, this works out great.

  2. Apparently I love researching. Who knew the history minor in me would like this? (Yes, that was complete sarcasm).

  3. I already know WAY too much history. I felt quite geeky-- still do, in fact. It's handy though. I can look at certain websites and find the inaccuracies.

  4. I own too many history books. Seriously. About 5 books for every 100 years in history, starting at around 1 AD. I have 10 pre-Christ history texts. You do the math.

  5. I own too many literature books. Same as history except worse. I have more books.

  6. I learned that I LOVE Persian poetry from the 13th century. Adore it, can't get enough of it, will actually be buying a book on it Thursday.

  7. Apparently I love battle scenes in movies, and therefore, the battle scenes in books. Sighs. I have blood lust, though not in a vampire sense.

  8. Along the same lines, I tend to love plot lines where there is more drama. Regency romance doesn't tend to have much of this.

  9. I should have paid more attention to what soundtracks and movies are my favourites. This probably would have solved the genre issue a long time ago. (My favourites include: King Arthur, Kingdom of Heaven, Robin hood Prince of Thieves, Tristan and Isolde etc...).

  10. I learned that the word "hallway" wasn't used until 1875 and is American.

  11. Ditto for about another bazillion words. Although I'm not using Old English in this book (talk about a headache), I am trying to steer clear of words that will knock the reader out of the time period. However, things like "surprise" and "dammit" weren't around back in the early 13th century. In fact, "dammit" which appears in almost every Regency book, wasn't used until 1905. Interesting, huh? (Yes, I'm a nerd. I know.)
  12. I'm good at writing dialogue and description-- YES! -does a little dance in my chair-
  13. And most importantly... I learned I still love my country (I'm kidding, I always loved my country) and our men's hockey team even after the humiliating defeat on Sunday.*

My token "emo" picture =)
So there you have it. 13 things I learned about myself (and my writing) over the weekend. Several people have already read my prologue and chapter 1 (my parents, my boyfriend, two of my friends, and B.E.) So far, I've got the seal of approval. I am currently waiting back on one more beta reading, and then I will send it out to a few more people (Wendy, Di and maybe one or two more people). I know it's early to be getting people to read it, however I would like to catch any issues before I get too far. You know? Again, if you think you might want to try it out, let me know.
Have you learned anything interesting about yourself or your writing recently? Have you ever had to do extensive research for a book??
*This is a warning to any and all who feel like gloating. Trust me, I will remove your comment and you will be put on my bad list. Just because I can accept the loss does not mean I accept rude behaviour. Since Twitter has been full of rude behaviour over this, I feel the warning is needed. If we had won, I would never have rubbed it in your face. However, if the USA wins in the gold match (against whoever), I will accept gloating, lol.*


  1. You are so cute! :) I loved reading this list and laughed out loud a few times. I sooo envy you for being a history buff. I love reading historical romance and I've tried writing it, but it's hard for me because I have to research everything and even then, I make major mistakes. Now I know who to go to when I have a history question!

  2. Hi Natalie! I loved learning more about you by hearing what you learned about you over the weekend! Great list, and we have a lot in common!!

    Listen, I follow Anne over at http://piedmontwriter.blogspot.com/ and she's a Regency/Historical Romance writer. I know I'm always looking for writers in my genre to hob-nob with (LOL). If you don't know her yet, you should check her out! I'm buzzing over there now to introduce your site to her :))

    Have a fab week!
    ((hugs)) Nicole

  3. Instead of "hallway" I use "corridor". Was that used back then? I love your list!

  4. Julie- *blushes* thanks. Heh, I was hoping people would like the list. Ahhh yes, it can be very hard to write historical romance (or historical fiction in general). Yep! I'd be glad to help out whenever you need it =)

    Nicole- Hello hun =) Thanks! And yay! Aww thansk! I will go check her blog out right now. *hugs*

    Aubrie- What do you write?? And I did use corridor instead of "hallway" in my manuscript-- which fits so much better. However, it's not technically in use until the late 16th century. I don't think anyone will care though. Like one of my betas said, as long as it doesnt jolt the reader out, you're good.

  5. Great list! I'm jealous of all your books. You can never have enough of those. :) Fun to get to know you a little better.

  6. I'm a history major, too. (Well, I was about 10 years ago). I applaud your efforts for linguistic accuracy. I really struggled watching HBO's series Rome, because of the frequent use of the f-word. It wasn't around back then! But, then I came to view it as a modern addition that would help modern viewers understand the time period better. Kind of like the modern music in A Knight's Tale (which I completely adore).

    Good luck with your research!

    - Liz

  7. That's a great list!

    And btw, we Canadians will always stick together! :)

  8. I write fantasy! So corridor works really well. I'm glad you use it too!

  9. I love battle scenes too! The sound of steel scraping against steel sends a delightful shiver down my spine. And that's why I love to write/read Medievals.

    Eventually I'd like to write a Georgian and Victorian paranormal, but not sure yet if those time periods suit my voice.

    I see we like the same movies and soundtracks. :) I also love BRAVEHEART and GLADIATOR. And the soundtrack from LAST OF THE MOHICANS is the best!

  10. Sorry about the hockey thing. But Canada rocked the ice dancing! The gold medalists were so amazing I almost forgot to breathe during their performance.

    It's wonderful how you've found your niche and a way to mix your passions. Something on the history of the English language might be a helpful thing to pick up if you don't already have it. From the 18th c. on, new words have been coined by the thousand. That's a great point!

    My fave thing to research is British culture. Kate Fox's _Watching the English_ (a sociological study of British behavior) rocked my world. Research trips are nice too.

  11. I have *counts* 32 books in my dorm room that aren't school related. Only six of them are YA books, which I supposedly write. Yay for historical fiction!

  12. Natalie,
    You are so made of awesome. You learned all that in one weekend. I'm feeling kinda inferior.

  13. :hugs: Sorry about hockey. But hey, your gal rocked women's ski cross yesterday and another of your gals is sitting at 3rd in women's figure skating. I've been singing 'Go, Canada'. =o)

    It shows that you like writing Medieval more. Like you said, you just have to find your niche. I can't wait to read more. =o)

    I've done some extensive research for other novels. I know more now about comets, their makeup, history, etc. than I ever wanted. I also learned all about super-volcanoes like Krakatoa and Tambura. Scary stuff, especially since Yellowstone is right over there.

  14. What great things to learn about yourself. And I loved the picture.

  15. Abby- Thanks! Heh, yeah, I own a lot of books. My room at home is all bookshelves. I'm glad you enjoyed the post =)

    Liz- Yeah, well as writers we are taught to never jolt our readers out of the story. So if I start using more modern words, the hardcore historical reader will know I'm wrong. I am using the f-word, even though the first recording of it wasn't until 15th century. I'm giving the word about a 100 year span where no one dared use it in literature, so I figure it's close enough lol

    Erin- Thanks! Ooo a fellow Canadian? What part of Canada?

    Aubrie- Ooo exciting! I was raised on fantasy lol.

    Jennifer- YES! Me too! Over the weekend I watched several of my favourite movies with my parents so I could get all inspired... and that was when I realized what had been wrong with Regency. There's no big daring fight scenes or dramatic plot. *sighs* Problem corrected. I just hope the story is good! Oh yes, I remember you mentioning you wanted to write one, one day. And yes, I love those movies/soundtracks too. I actually put Gladiator on a valentines day list for Christopher to get me =)

  16. Laurel- Haha tis okay =) I'm okay that our guys lost. I'm not okay with rude people on Twitter saying we're pansies. That's just asking for retribution, LOL! Yeah, I'm feeling more than content here. I'm practically giddy every time I open up the document to write. *sighs* I wish I could go on research trips.

    Mariah- Haha that's quite a bit. I only have 3 or 4 non-school related books here. I go home every weekend, so I'd have to drag them all back with me. I try to do most of my research on the weekends.

    Tina- Heh thanks ;) Nah, we just need to get you to have an epiphany weekend. They're loads of fun.

    B.E.- *hugs* it's okay =) Like I said before, I actually dont mind that we lost all that much. USA was a worthy opponent. I just don't like rude people saying rude things about our guys and our country. Do you mean here or in my writing it shows? Ahh that sounds interesting though. I only know what I was taught in school (which, admittedly, wasn't much in the science department).

    Angie- I agree. I had a lot of fun last weekend. And thanks =)


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