Saturday, February 20

Castle in the Sky

"There is more pleasure to building castles in the air than on the ground."
- Edward Gibbon


  1. I don't know Edward. Look how fun and pretty that castle in the air looks! Love it!

  2. How lovely. *sigh* You think they're eating ketchup chips in that castle?

  3. I almost used this picture for a book cover! I love it. And what a nice quote to go with it.

  4. Love the image and the idea! I left you something on my blog, btw. :)

  5. Jonathon- I think the point is to be adventurous and take the difficult path.

    Anissa & Stephanie- Me too

    Karen- Yeah, I believe he was a historian in the 18th century. Don't quote me on that though, lol. I have his quote from something I got in school.

    Shannon- I agree

    Tina- LOL! Maybe.

    Aubrie- Yeah, it's very lovely.

    B.E.- You're quite welcome

    Jeniffer- I agree

    Guinevere- Aww thanks =)


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