Friday, February 12


Tonight, the 21st Winter Olympic Games begin in Vancouver. To celebrate, I decided to post some very Canadian commercials. I opted to go with the happier ones, even though some of my favourites are from the army (and far too serious for this). Now, yes, most of these commercials are ads, but they're good anyway. I also wanted to put up all of our athlete's commercials, but there are far too many to do in one post. Perhaps I will do one a day for a little while?

Who are you cheering for? Any sport you just have to watch?
I'm cheering for CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you hadn't already figured that out... And I have to watch hockey (DUH), figure skating, curling, snowboarding, skiing... Okay, so most of it.


  1. I love the Olympics!!! Way to cheer them on! I don't have a sport I must watch, I prefer to dabble a little!!! Woo-hoo!

  2. We watch hockey and cheer for the Calgary Flames. My son LOVES - and I mean LOVES - Canadian commercials. OMG! His favorites are the ones with the jumping goats (cell phone adds maybe). When we watch hockey, the hubby is not allowed to Tivo through the commercials. I love Canadian Deer Xing signs. Hilarious! :-)

  3. Jen- Yay! Yeah, I dabble a bit, but I need to watch certain sports(the finals, at least).

    Shannon- =O A girl after my own heart! Do you live near Calgary?!?! I was born there, but we moved to a town just outside the city when I was in grade 3. However, we go to Calgary all the time, and my university is also in the city.

  4. Yay for the Olympics! I love some of the new extreme spot additions like snowboard halfpipe.

    Could you pleeeeese explain how the heck curling works? Stone, ice, brooms? It's just puzzling to the uninitiated.

    And I cheer for whoever is talented--don't give a hoot about nationality. The games are about coming together and celebrating the best from any and everywhere.

  5. Whoops I meant extreme SPORT additions. Would you believe I've been proofreading for hours today?


    Okay, I'll stop. Hey, tell ya what... if the US can't win an event, I'll root for Canada to win instead. Ya eh, you betcha. You guys are gonna kick butt in curling this year. =o)

    I can't wait to see Apolo Ohno whipping around on the ice. Oh, and Shawn White doing his thing on the halfpipe. Woohoo.

  7. Laurel- LMAO! Yes, I'll explain curling in one of my next posts. I like that about the olympics too, but I also love to see some pride come out in people. You know, screaming for YOUR country, having pride in YOUR people =)

    B.E.- LOL! Keep going if you want to =) Like I said to Laurel, I love seeing national pride, especially for things like this. Heh, yay! I always cheer for the USA after Canada. Heh, yeah, curling is our thing, LOL!
    Yeah, those two athlete's are good-- I've heard of them up here sooo

  8. I live in Montana, but we are Flames fans all the way! Long ago we decided we wanted to fall in love with a team we could actually go and watch. We're hoping to take our 7th grader to a game next year. Of course, he's still trying to recover from the Phaneuf trade - big tears over that one! :-)

  9. Oh, you're Canadian. Wait, haven't I asked you that like ten times?

    I'm rooting for Luxembourg.

  10. The Olympics would take away from me catching up on sleep. So sadly I am abstaining this year.

  11. Shannon- LOL! Yeah, everyone is trying to recover from that.

    Jonathon- Yes, I'm Canadian, lol.

    Tina- Awww that sucks!

  12. This is totally off topic...but I usually am.

    Can you tell me why I pronounced hockey in my head as "hoe-key"?

    I was like... I never thought of Canada that way.

    =\ I fear my brain is withering away.

  13. Chloe- LMAO! Yeah, it is not pronounced "hoe-key". That's how you say Hokies for Virginia Tech though =P Oh, and it's not "Ha-key" either. It's hock-ey.


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