Wednesday, February 3

Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Okay, so since last week I've done lots! Woo! I haven't written a brand new scene per se, but I have been editing and working on stuff my beta's pointed out.

One beta, in particular, pointed out that my one scene just had too much happening in it near the end. It wasn't badly written or anything, it just had too much junk in it's trunk (hah! I amuse myself sometimes). After dwelling on it for a few days, I agreed with her. The problem was, I didn't so much mind changing stuff around, I just wasn't sure how. However, I managed to figure it out and have been working on that. So here's a more complete list of what I've done:
  • Went through and highlighted (and eventually changed) overused words like sigh, smile, frown, and snort. I also highlighted variations of eye rolling. Yes, apparently my characters are smart asses. I'm not sure where they get it from...
  • I deleted unnecessary dialogue tags and tidied up a bit-- this was easy to do
  • I deleted a bunch of adverbs. This was really easy since most of them didn't need to be there at all
  • I went through and fixed some paragraphs with an overabundance of passive voice-- not as easy, but I had fun once I got the hang of it
  • And lastly, I cut my "Ballroom" scene in half. So far I've added two dinky transition scenes (they aren't even a full page long each). I've also started the next scene, which will be where my heroine learns something very important. My beta said it was rather unbelievable that my heroine would learn this important thing in the middle of a ballroom, so I'm making it more private. Most of the dialogue from the original scene will fit quite nicely in this new one, so it should fly by once I have time to work on it!
So there you have it. My writing week in a nutshell.
How is your story coming along?


  1. My story is coming along just fine, slowly but surely!

    It sounds like you got a ton accomplished!! :) Glad to hear it.

  2. Wow! You've been a busy girl. I have not been nearly that productive. :-)

  3. Sounds like you did awesome!!! Congrats!!!

    My story is coming along... thankfully, I will definitely start revising soon but for now I'm good!

  4. Amber- Yay! Yep, I did. It's great =)

    Shannon- Yep! Aww, why not??

    Jen- Thanks! Yay =)

  5. Great job applying the beta feedback. I love getting my betas comments. I know the story will be that much stronger.

    I'm so curious about this ballroom scene though. I've heard you mention it a few times and I'm intrigued.

  6. I'm glad everyone's comments were helpful. Sounds like you're getting a ton accomplished from the feedback. Yay. =o)

    The WIP here is going well. I've been a slacker the last two nights, but I wrote enough over the weekend that I don't feel too bad.

  7. Karen- Thanks! I had a blast with it =) That's how I feel about it too. LOL! Maybe I will post some snippet of it soon with a small summary of my story.

    B.E.- Yay! LOL! Well as long as you don't feel bad about it =)


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