Wednesday, February 10

Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Okay, so I haven't done much this past week. Thursday and Friday's writing sessions didn't go so well for me. I got really frustrated and had to set it down and do something else. I just couldn't seem to decide on anything. I'd write a sentence and then eye it uncertainly. It was awful.

Anyway, Saturday my darling Mum sat down with me and helped me out with some of the sections I was having problems with (THANK YOU MUM!!!!!!!!). After that, my family and I ended up watching the extended versions of The Two Towers and The Return of the King. Fabulous movies! Then Sunday I was out.

Sooo as you can see, not much was done. However, since Spring Break starts (for me) Thursday at 3:21 PM, I will be partying Natalie style-- A WHOLE WEEK OF WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only have one paper to write during break, but I'm hoping that will only take one day-- and it shouldn't take the full day. So yay!

So how is your story coming along??



  1. (*sigh*) Slowly, but surely. I'd love to have a whole week for writing -- you lucky duck! I crossed a few items off my to-do list today, so hopefully tomorrow will be a good writing day!

  2. Happy writing to ya, then. We're probably getting a snow day on Friday (which is freaking weird all the way down here), and we're off on Monday, so I'm hoping I can get in a couple writing days, too. :)

  3. I'm wrapping up an online workshop with author Kris Kennedy on Powerful Openings. The class made me realize my WIP starts too early, so I'm rewriting my first chapter to put my hero center stage.

    I could use a mini vacation or a snow day. Writing while working full-time is NOT easy. But for some reason the pressure and stress fuels my inner fire.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice weekend break. Maybe it was just the thing you needed to recharge your writing batteries?

    Personally, my writing has been going very slowly and I've had more moments of frustration than not (I actually attempted to strangle my laptop at one point) but forward I go. :)

  5. Hee hee! You already know how mine is coming. Reanimated piecemeal corpse:D

    Good luck with that! I am sooooooo jealous!

  6. My story. Oh. You would ask about that. It's...coming.

    Maybe when all my kids are well again I'll get more accomplished. ;) Good luck on your week of writing!
    Winged Writer

  7. Nat, I'm glad you have expectations about your spring break (they have those in Canadia?), but don't be too hard on yourself when you stare at the screen and nothing happens. Sometimes, strange things are going on that'll become relevant later, but are just totally frustrating at the time.

    hang in there and enjoy your break. I hope this means you'll have more time for blogging too!

  8. Yay! Spring Break!

    Sorry I've been a bad little blog commenter lately. I swear I meant to comment and then the day just got away from me.

    Anyway, I'm sorry you had a rough writing week, but at least you cleared most of your schedule so you can do what you want on spring break. A whole week of writing sounds awesome. Have fun with it.

    The story is rolling right along now. I'm over the middle hump. About seven more chapters to go and I can put this draft to bed (at least for a couple days). Here's to a productive week for you. Go Nat! =o)

  9. Happy Writing!!!! I would love a week of just being with my writing! One day I am sure! Today should be an excellent writing day when I get off work!

    My story is really starting to come along, the bits and pieces are finally falling into place!

  10. I love watching the LOTR movies, They never fail to inspire me to write!

  11. Nicole- How did writing go??

    Jenna- Thanks! That is weird. You're way down south arent you? Good luck on writing =)

    Jennifer- Ahh okay. I hope that's going well for you =) Yeah, that must be stressful.

    Rhonda- Not really actually, lol. My weekend was awful. LOL! I'm not sure you can strangle your laptop...

    Tina Lynn- lol. Thanks!

    Catherine- Aww everyone is sick??

    Jonathon- I wont be if that happens, but for some reason I doubt it's going to happen this time. The only reason I was stuck before was because I was editing and couldn't decide how exactly to change things.

    B.E.- It's alright =) I've been very busy too. Woohoo! Go B.E! And thanks, I'm very excited =)

    Jen- Thanks!!! That's great =)

    Aubrie- Yeah, they are amazing. Peter Jackson is brilliant.

  12. ! You already know how mine is coming. Reanimated piecemeal corps

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