Sunday, March 7


1.In 2006 I travelled to Jamaica and camped in the jungle, where I was bitten by a spider. My leg swelled up to an alarming size and the wound got all blue and hard.

TRUE!!! I know this picture isn't the best, but it was taken 5 DAYS after the bite and it was still so swollen and icky. (Yes, I will do a Jamaica post eventually).

2.I was once on a plane that was struck by lightning... twice. By the time we landed, the plane was smoking, so we were rushed out into the rain. It took hours for our luggage to be removed. FALSE! Although this did not happen to me, this happened to the plane I was supposed to take from Chicago to Calgary over Christmas break. I was delayed for hours in the airport because they had to get us another plane (duh)!

3.My Mum and I were once stuck in the middle of a farmer's field in the middle of nowhere. It was winter, and my Mum had to walk 10 miles through blizzard-like conditions to reach the main road. Once she was there, no one would stop. By the time someone did stop and she called my Dad and got some help, it was 4.5 hours of me sitting in a truck by myself. Oh, and 4 coyotes decided to circle the vehicle, even though I practically laid on the horn.
TRUE!!! This actually happened only a few weeks ago. Some of you picked up on my blah mood that week, but I never told anyone what had happened. Perhaps I will make that a post for another day.

4.I had 2 of my poems published in poetry anthologies when I was 13.
TRUE! Perhaps I will post my old poems one day for you guys to see =)

5.When The Fellowship of the Ring was out, I saw it 12 times in the theatres.
FALSE! I only saw it in the theatres 4 or 5 times. My Mum however, saw it 12 times.

6.I had my gall bladder removed in grade 9 (age 14).
TRUE!! I had so many stones, they stopped counting at 50.

7.I have had 6 roommates in college over the past 3 years
FALSE!! Over the past 3 years I have had 12 roommates (one of them I've had twice). No, this isn't a reflection on me being a bad roommate, lol! I live in an apartment with 3 other girls, so having 9 roommates by this point is normal. However, a bunch of them dropped out, and I got new roommates to fill those rooms, so yeah. You get the picture.
If you made a guess, the award is yours to do with as you please.


  1. That coyote story is crazy! I would have freaked out.

    I am gallbladder-less too. Darn gallbladders-- why do they have to be so crappy at their jobs?

  2. I know I already said this, but you are a good liar.

  3. LOL, shows how much I know. Fun game, Nat. =o)

  4. Owwww that looks horrible!! I'm sorry you had to go through that! These were such good lies, Natalie... I never would have guessed right :)

  5. So, the plane was really struck twice? Even though you weren't on it, that is insanespice.

    I liked you lie-stories and your truth-stories. :)

  6. Thank goodness your friends are too kind to comment on what a dweeb your dear ol' mumsie is (regarding the 12 times I went to see LOTR in the theaters...)

  7. DL- Yeah, it really hurt.

    Natalie- Oh, I freaked out, lol. I was very scared for my Mum, who was walking in the blizzard with those coyotes out there. No kidding! gall bladders are dumb.

    Tina- LOL! Thanks??

    B.E.- Heh, I tried to come up with obscure facts about moi. Over the weekend, my Mum kept coming up with more-- darnit! Im going to have to have another day of this sometime, lol!

    Julie- Thanks hun =)

    Amber- Yes! I didn't even know a plane could be struck twice, but that's what the airport people kept telling us.

    Mum- lol that's because everyone loved the movies too. Julie said she's been lots =)


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