Monday, March 1

Golden Moments

Since the Olympics are done *sniff sniff* I thought I'd share some of my favourite moments with you. I tried to go somewhat in order, but a lot of this is just off the top of my head.

  1. The opening ceremonies. I don't care what some people say, I thought they were spectacular. The music was lovely, the light-show was amazing, and I love how they incorporated the aboriginal peoples-- about damn time, in my opinion.
  2. I love how everyone showed their respect for the Georgian Team. What a show of unity and respect by the world. Gave me hope for the future.
  3. Alexander Bilodeau winning the first gold on home soil and hugging his brother. I cried like a baby.
  4. Shaun White. I think that's enough said.
  5. The women's curling final. Though Canada didn't win gold, it was a golden moment to watch. It was a good game and they should be proud of their silver!
  6. The men's curling final. Brought home the gold, baby! Some spectacular shots were made by our boys-- and finally Kevin Martin got his gold!
  7. The women's hockey final. Man, what a game to watch! I think both teams played very well and deserved to be standing side by side on that podium.
  8. The awards ceremony for women's hockey. When the USA was getting their medals, they looked quite glum, so the entire arena--filled to the brim with red and white jerseys-- stood up and chanted "USA, USA, USA!" So proud of my country.
  9. Charles Hamelin winning gold in men's 500m speed skating.
  10. Joannie Rochette winning bronze. She skated beautifully, and just by watching it, you knew her mom was there with her.
  11. This isn't a specific time, but all of the times people broke out into O' Canada. Unlike the USA, our anthem isn't sung very often. At games, sure, but not randomly as a show of unity and pride. That all changed with these games. People sang our anthem across the country, from Vancouver to Calgary to Halifax.
  12. Along the same lines, the overall show of national pride. Wearing the colours, screaming and cheering, crying in joy and sadness-- it all happened with these games.
  13. I'm not sure if the American coverage showed this, but our Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended almost every major game. There he was, just sittin' in the crowd talking to people. Would that EVER happen in the USA? You'd need a bazillion security guards to protect Obama... but there sat our leader, talking to random people while watching curling.
  14. The men's hockey final. Jesus, Mary and Joseph WHAT A GAME! USA scoring in that last minute nearly gave me a heart attack! That was one of the best games I've ever seen. Regardless of what anyone says, we were well-matched and deserved to be standing side by side.

Yes, I know most of these are Canadian athletes and moments, but I AM Canadian, lol!

In the end, USA led the medal count with 37 total (9, 15, 13). Germany was second with 30 (10, 13, 7), and Canada was third with 26 (14!!!!!!!!, 7, 5).

I loved watching the games. My family and I don't tend to watch much TV, but it was on constantly for the past two weeks. We're die-hard Olympic fans.

What were your favourite moments?


  1. I didn't watch. If it weren't for this post, I'd have no idea what happened:D Hey, I tagged you in a meme, love. Don't hurt me.

  2. Wow! Looks like you really watched everything. All I saw was pair skating and cross country skiing (if that's what it was).

  3. I am a dual citizen but I am SOOOO proud to be a Canadian! I shared that near-heart attack near the end of the hockey game! Wow!!!

    I'm not a big Olympics person but last night's hockey game and closing ceremonies brought tears to my eyes!

  4. Tina- LOL! Yes, well your job kinda sucks up all of your time. Heh, why would I hurt you?!

    Aubrie- Haha yes. *sighs* I got nothing done, really.

    Erin- I'll be a dual citizen in a few years (I'm moving to Virginia). Yeah, that hockey game was something.

  5. Shaun! Nuff said.
    But there were SO many great moments. That game last night as nuts but I teared up (happy tears) for Canada. I thought that was an AWESOME way to end the games.

  6. I watched more than I usually do, such as cross-country skiing, biathlon, and snow boarding.

    Figure skating and short track are my favorite winter events. I was so happy when Evan won gold. But nothing was better than watching our hometown hero, Apolo, make history. He rocks!

    I didn't watch hockey, but saw the playback of Canada's win. How awesome! Congrats!

  7. I loved the Olympics this year. I watched the men's figure skating, the women's figure skating (I agree - Joannie did a fantastic job - her courage and her story made me cry multiple times), speed skating, downhill skiing, and bobsled were a few of the big ones I watched. I watched a little bit of the hockey game yesterday. All in all it was a pretty fun season! :) Those were some great moments you picked up there.

  8. I caught the figure skating highlights, does that count? I love watching, but I didn't find myself remembering except when I COULDN'T watch because of the kids and life!! Thanks for the recap, and I think it's soooo adorable how excited you are, and how proud to be Canadian :) :)

  9. The best bit for me was watching my son and daughter in law's video of the flame. It stopped outside their home. They have made Vancouver their home, and loved that they were part of its history as newlyweds!

    I did see a little ice-skating too :)

  10. I was an aboslute Olympic junkie and this Olympics was filled with all kinds of "golden moments". Shaun White? Amazing, really! And that hockey game? Okay, I don't watch hockey...I just don't get it or find it interesting but even I tuned in for the sudden death overtime. Olympic drama at its finest!! :)

  11. It was a heck of a Games throughout. That hockey final was a squeaker. I felt so bad for Ryan Miller (the US goalie and a Michigander to boot) afterwards. He looked so bummed. Poor guy.

    Other than the medal winners, one thing that sticks out in my head was Rachel Flatt's final program in Figure Skating. She nailed it - even if she needs more experience to reach the podium. Look for her to win gold in 2014.

    Hey, and congrats on Canada owning the top of the podium. Way to go. =o)

  12. That was a fabulous Olympics from start to finish. I know I enjoyed it. Great list, Natalie.

    Although, for the record, we (USA-ers) rarely break into the National Anthem spontaneously. An embarrassing number of us don't even know all the words. Also for the record, I do know the words.

    - Liz

  13. Hi Natalie! I left you something on my blog!

  14. I found your blog through Anne Riley! My hubby is really big into Curling of all things! I thought it would be much more reviting to watch if they had "Contact Curling" LOL Oh! Might have to make a post about it! Haha - anyway, I'm glad I stopped by here and I'll keep coming back!

  15. Karen- I agree! It was wonderful

    Jennifer- Yeah, I didnt watch much figure skating... Well, I guess I did, it just doesnt feel like all that much!

    Julie- Yeah, what a brave girl. Thanks!

    Diana- Haha yeah, I tend to get a little patriotic at times.

    Glynis- Awww thats so cool! I had a high school friend carry the torch =)

    Rhonda- *gasps* don't get hockey? heh, I'm just kidding. A lot of americans dont seem to get it. Idk why... maybe you had to be raised on it. *shrugs*

    B.E.- Yeah, the way he slumped after Crosby scored.... *sighs* poor guy. But he still got silver, and didn't get get MVP?

    Liz- lol I didn't mean that Americans break into their anthem randomly. Sorry it came across that way. What I meant was that there is more of a patriotic showing, both with the anthem and other things, than there is here.

    Anne- Thanks!

    Harley- *snorting* yeah, contact curling happens in the high school games... though it's not supposed to be on purpose, LOL! Thanks for stoppin' by =)

  16. Hockey is one of the only sports that I actually do like. I was on the edge of my seat that entire game. I also screamed at the tv...a lot! And I never do that haha. Poor Ryan Miller. After Crosby scored that goal in overtime, he just hit the ice. And then when that guy was interviewing Miller after the game, you could just tell he didn't want to be talking about it. I wanted to jump through the screen and just tell him to shut up and let Miller go. haha.

    But that game was incredible! I can't watch hockey all that much, I get too worked up haha but there was no way I was missing that game. I'm still sad we didn't get gold but hey we got silver. Silver is the new gold anyways! haha jk.

    I like your list but my favorite moment, other than the hockey game of course, was when Steve Holcomb and his bobsled team won gold. A first for Americans in 62 years. I jumped up and screamed and cried haha. It was just amazing.

    I love the Olympics!!!

    Oh and on a side note, I do actually break into the National Anthem at random moments. haha. It's sad but it's true!

  17. Hi Natalie!

    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to thank you for following!! I really enjoyed this post. I didn't get to watch as much as I would have liked, but I did (thank goodness) see the Men's Hockey final. Oh my goes that was amazing! I was cheering for the US *sheepish grin* BUT I'm glad Canada won on home turf. Had they been playing anyone else for the gold, I would have been singing "O Canada" along side you :)

    Nice to meet you and I look forward to visiting often!


  18. Jamie- lol you amuse me.

    Jen- It's fine, lol. You're allowed to cheer for the USA =P If it had been USA against anyone else, I would have been cheering for America, lol.


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