Monday, March 8

The Ground Beneath Me-- Grade 8 Poem

Hello guys, I tried to come up with a blog post for today but came up blank. So here's one of the poems that I got published in grade 9 (wrote it in grade 8). Please keep that in mind when reading it, lol!

The Ground Beneath Me
Friendship is like walking,
you have a rhythm,
you have a beat.
You trust the ground,
to keep you on your feet.

I trust you like I trust,
the wind to blow.
I trust you like I do
the grass to grow.
I trust you like I trust
the sun to rise…
and to set.

You are my rhythm,
you are my beat,
you are the one that keeps me,
on my feet.

Natalie Murphy


  1. Cute. Isn't it great reading our "earlier" works? ;)

  2. Fun! Makes we want to go dig up my old writing...

  3. This is cute! You should make a Hallmark card out of it because I would totally give it to my friends. It describes best-friendship perfectly.

  4. This is so cute, Natalie! I loved it!

  5. Hey, that's awesome. I'm so impressed you wrote something like that so young.

  6. How fun! And cute!! I love going back and seeing where we were at years ago... what steps we've taken to become better! How fun!

  7. Very nice! When I was that age I couldn't write poetry at all. Aw, what am I saying...I STILL can't write poetry;)

  8. That was so precious and very telling of your relationship. *hugs*

  9. =o) That's a lovely poem. I don't even want to see what my 8th grade writing looks like, let alone show it to the world. :shudder: You're a brave brave woman.

  10. I LOVED it! That is amazing for 8th grade! :)

  11. Wow, so many people were uninspired with posts on Monday! Including me. :)

    I like that poem. It's fun to visit older writings. :)

  12. I came to give you the liar award, but I see that you just did that - and I missed it! Bummer. I caught up, though, and enjoyed your lies/truth. :-)

  13. Karen- Thanks! Yeah, it was a lot of fun looking at this. I don't write poetry anymore though.

    EJ- You should! It's a lot of fun =)

    Kirsten- Haha thanks!

    Amber- =)

    Julie- Thanks hun =)

    Jennifer- Haha thanks! Me too! I hadn't read it in ages.

    Jen- No kidding! We've all changed so much from back then.

    Melissa- LOL! I dont write poetry anymore. That was my thing from about grade 7-10. After that I started writing stories.

    Tina- Thanks!

    B.E.- Thank you =) Haha, *shrugs* I thought it would be fun!

    Tiffany- Aww thanks =)

    Lady Glam- Yeah, I think it's reached that blah stage for most people. I know for me, term papers and finals are coming up, so it sort of occupies my mind (and time).

    Shannon- Teehee =P


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