Sunday, March 21

My Baby Daisy


  1. That is just made of "awwwww". :) And I'm totally jealous of your bookshelves and wondering if I could rearrange my room to add another one because my books are seriously out of control. :)

  2. How cute. :) You're puppys is so sweet.

  3. She even has her own bed, that's adorable!

  4. Awwww doesn't even cut it!!!! How super duper cute!!! I want to cuddle with Daisy, she's such a sweetheart! Love her!

  5. Awww...

    Uber-jealous of the bookshelves.

  6. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

    (sorry) What kind of dog is she?! Look at that sweet little face. Bet she's spoiled rotten :) :)

  7. Rhonda- LOL! Yeah, she's my cutie. Haha, I will be posting pictures of my entire room sometime this week for you to all "oooo" and "ahhh" over, because I promise you, you will ;)

    Sarah- Thank you! Yeah, she's no longer a puppy anymore, though she still acts like it. Actually, she's 15 years old, LOL!

    B.E.- Yep, and she knows it too, the little brat, LOL! You should see the looks she gives me when I leave to go back to school. As if that isnt hard enough already.

    Piedmont Writer- LOL! Sadly, that would be pillows from my bed and my comforter. I was trying to make the bed. But how can you disrupt an adorable dog like that? I couldnt. So I took pictures, LOL!

    Jen- I agree. I cuddle with her every chance I get. We've had so many people over the years asking if they could have a puppy of hers. (She cant though, we got the vet to prevent that, lol).

    Stephanie- LOL! Check back in a few days and you'll get to see my whole room... and my other bookshelves

    Catherine- Thanks!

    Julie- LOL! Yeah, she's adorable. She's a mut. We asked the vet when we first got her, but they didnt know what she was. Some sort of poodle and terrior mix. And yes, she really is. She had me wrapped around her flully little paw since I was 5 (6? I cant remember my exact age).

    Jennifer- Yep =) Your puppies are precious too. Not as hairy as my baby though ;)

    Jennifer S.- Haha thanks =) She has many different looks. This is her spring look. Over the winter, she is a huge fluff ball. In the summer, we cut her hair so it's short and not so hot.

  8. Amber- Me too. She's like a teddy bear.


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