Wednesday, March 10

My Muse Wants Me Dead

That's the only explanation for her fickle behaviour. Seriously, the witch has it out for me. She wants blood. My blood. Not only is she uncooperative when I need her to work, she decides she wants to work when I can't!

Weekend One: 3500 words. Started the story, everything went smoothly. Yay!

Weekend Two: 500ish words. Struggled a lot with writing because of personal matters going on.

Weekend Three (last weekend): I managed to make it through the beginning of a scene that has been making me pull my hair in frustration. The problem was, I had a very specific image of how the scene was to begin, but I just couldn't get it on paper. But I finally got it down! WOO!

After that, I needed to have some information sprinkled in about how my hero William arrived in the Holy Land. I did not want to include him getting there or him searching for my heroine Adeena for weeks, because quite honestly, it wasn't important enough of a scene to put in. It would have slowed the whole thing down. However, I do need to include the information somehow, so that my readers aren't like, "HUH? How did he get there?!"

So I decided on some internal dialogue (ID). Normally ID isn't hard for me, but for this one I didn't want to make it seem like I was telling the reader everything. I wanted it to be completely natural.

So, how are your stories coming along? Do you have any advice for working with internal dialogue? Are there some things you just hate reading in ID? etc...


  1. I feel your pain! My muse is quite the fickle witch too. I don't know why she likes to wake me up at 2am on a work night, but she does. Then, when I have a free day to write, she vanishes.

    Glad to hear you got your scene worked out. I was sick all weekend and didn't write, but I've managed to get a few paragraphs down today.

    I don't care for pages and pages of ID. Try to stick with what's important. Include a balance of ID with exchanges between the characters. Avoid useless thoughts that don't propell the story forward.

  2. My muse isn't being the nicest this evening, but after having 8 days off with a friend in town I could only imagine as much! I'm going to push the ground running and hope for the best.

    I was able to get 30,000 words down on paper of good solid ideas and story, I'm hoping to finish out the week with another 2,000. Here's hoping!

    Congrats on getting your scene worked out! One step at a time!!

  3. My muse hated me yesterday but she made up for it today. I don't mind reading ID as long as its realistic.

  4. Sorry your muse has been torturing you! Hopefully she'll learn to buckle down and behave. Mine like to string me along sometimes but they usually stay on task. I LOVE your heroine's name by the way.

  5. Your muse and my self-doubt should get together and do lunch.

    I don't mind internal dialogue, as long as it doesn't turn into an info dump. In fact, I'm doing a bit of internal dialogue in this WIP, and I'm having fun trying to make it all seamless. We'll see how it works out. Right now, I feel like my bwain is melting.

    :sings: Weave baby, weave. Writing inferno.

    I know, I know... don't quit my day job. ;o)

  6. One piece of advice that I would offer is not to call your Muse a witch. *cups hands around mouth and whispers* I don't think they like that.

    Anyway, I'm feeling the same way and was thinking about issuing a challenge. I'm working on it right now.

  7. Jennifer- Ugh, yours does that too? I sleep with a pen and paper near my bed at all times.

    Oh no! I'm sorry you were sick =( Yeah, I don't like pages and pages of ID either. It drives me insane.

    Jen- Yeah, she might be a little peeved at you for ignoring her for over a week. Wait, 30 000 in a week? Or what?!

    Karen- Im glad you and your Muse are getting along again =) Yeah, I hate unrealistic ID. I always think, "Where the heck did that thought come from?!"

    Julie- We're having a cautious truce right now. Aww thanks! It took me FOREVER to find her name. Since she grew up in the Holy Land, but her father is English, it needed to be something exotic but easy to say, LOL!

    B.E.- LOL! Your Frenchie and my... Well, I dont quite know what she is (perhaps that is the issue? LOL). Yeah, it seems everyone is the same about ID. No info dumping, no pages upon pages of ID, and it has to make sense. *snorting* stole the words right out of my mouth.

    Tina- LMAO! Oh, she'll get used to it *glares at Muse* Besides, she says meaner stuff to me, so really, she starts it.

  8. i hopped on over from Julie D.'s blog. i don't have answers for your questions, but i do know what it's like to have the muse completely abandon you. i call mine the plot fairy and she's SO unreliable. she needs to be fired. best of luck finding your story again.

  9. Michelle- Hello! Nice to have you here =) Heh yes, Muses / Plot Fairies can be such drama queens. Thank you!

    Oh and what blog do you use as your writing etc... blog so that I can follow you back? =)

  10. my beautiful choas blog is where i rant-- er... i mean blog about writing.

  11. LOL, mine wakes me in the wee small hours, then sends me back to sleep. She drains my brain so I cannot remember a darn thing in the morning. Yes I have pen and paper, but am so sleepy I cannot reach out for it at times. Grrr, they are frustrating at times.
    With regard to ID, I use it only when required, it is my weak area but am learning to be a bit more confident with it.
    Have fun and I hope the W I T C H behaves soon!

  12. Michelle- There, following =)

    Glynis- Oh I know! Mine does that too. Except... I always make the mistake of trying to write it down. It's quite amusing in the morning trying to figure out what the heck I meant, LOL! I have a voice recorder now, but I often mess up with that too.

    Thanks for your input! I ended up changing that whole scene so there's more action and less ID. I'm much happier with it now =)


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