Thursday, March 18

St. Patty's Day

I know this post probably should have been yesterday's, but I didn't think about it until today. In any case, I was so exhausted that the best I could do was repost something. Yay for school. *note the sarcasm*

Anyway, this post is all about traditions. I don't know about you guys, but I was raised on them, whether my parents realize it or not. Every holiday there are certain things that are set in stone. For example, on Christmas Eve I get a present-- always PJ's. When I was younger, we left carrots, celery, and water out for the reindeer, as well as the customary cookies and milk for Santa.

Now, I'm sure many of you guys are now sitting there scratching your heads thinking, "What sort of St. Patty's Day traditions are appropriate for a kid?" The answer is, not many. However, my parents managed to find them (bless their creative little hearts):

  1. Those mischievous Leprechauns always turned things in our fridge green. Milk, juice, water. You name it, it turned green-- from food dye, not from going bad ;)
  2. They flipped over tables and chairs, and even stacked them some years. Like I said, pesky little men.
  3. The night before, I would set up a Leprechaun "trap". Generally, it was a box held up by a pencil. I can't exactly recall what I put in there to supposedly "lure" them there. However, every morning when I woke up, the box was dropped and inside was a stack of chocolate gold coins.
  4. A few years I also got some other cute little things like a 4 leaf clover made from beads and twisted wire (thanks Mum!)
  5. My Mum also always made cookies shaped in a 4 leaf clover. I was the envy of the school ;)
  6. And of course, I always wore green. Except for this year-- I had taken all my green clothing home already! DARN IT!
So there you have it. Those are some of my traditions for St. Patty's Day. When I'm a parent, I hope to continue the traditions with my own kids!
What are some of your traditions for this Irish holiday?
*Yes, if you're wondering, I'm Irish. What gave me away?*


  1. What cute traditions!! You were so lucky to have imaginative parents :)

  2. That's terrific that you had such great traditions. My family has a lot of them as well (though not for St. Patrick's Day). For instance, Good Friday before Easter was always a crawfish boil (I'm originally from Louisiana).

    And me and my sister (animal lovers that we are) would always "save" one or two crawfish before they were thrown in the pot so that we could release them in canal that ran by the house. *rolls eyes* Don't ask me how that one got started.

  3. I absolutely LOVE #3! I wish I had heard of that tradition before I had kids! :-)

  4. Very cool traditions. Alas, I have none of my own to share. :)

  5. Wow, you have awesome parents. I'm only a smidgen Irish, so it's never been a big deal in my family. I've done things like that for other holidays, though. Easter's always been the fun holiday. One year I hid plastic eggs all over the house with clues - ultimately leading to her basket and a big present. Christmas, our house always looks like Santa went crazy - garlands strung everywhere and decorations galore.

    I love the idea of turning things in the fridge green. I wish I'd thought of that. Daughter's too old for that now, but she would've had a blast.

  6. *big smooch* I had to kiss you. You're Irish. I'm also a smidge. You'd never know by looking at me. My great-grandmother was Irish.

  7. I was born and grew up in Ireland, so our St. Patrick's Day tradition was like this:

    Firstly, it's a day off school and work over here. So tradition number one was 'rejoice in not going to school'.

    Then we'd avoid the parade, except when I was really young.

    Then I would read books and watch TV all day and break my Lenten vow (we're Catholics, so I would have given something up for Lent, but it's an unwritten rule here that kids can break their Lenten vow on Patrick's Day - adults who still give things up usually do too!).

    Then I'd start dreading school the next day :)

    Yours sounds more fun - and your parents were so imaginative!

  8. It's Friday, and I have a very cool award for you at my blog today! :-)

  9. It sounds like it was fun to grow up a Murphy. :)

  10. Julie- I really am very lucky. My parents are wonderful =)

    Roni- LOL! That sounds like so much fun. A great memory to pass on to your kids =)

    Shannon- Haha aww! Maybe one day when you have grandkids??

    Sarah- Thanks!!

    B.E.- Yerrrp, I do ;) Aww that sounds like fun for Easter =) I think Im going to do a traditions post each holiday to share my traditions with you guys. LOL! Who says she's too old? Just do it next year to see what she says, LMAO!

    Tina- LOL! Thanks darling.

    Ellen- LOL! My friend Niamh is from Ireland (she's just here for school) and she doesnt have any traditions either. Perhaps it's more of a North American thing??

    Shannon- Thanks darling! I'll go check it out soon =)

    Jennifer- YES, they really are =)

    Amber- Yep ;)


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