Saturday, March 20

Update on St. Patty's Day Traditions

Hello guys! So after my Mum read my blog post, she reminded me of a few things about the traditions I told you guys about on Thursday!
First off, the "lure" I used to get the Leprechauns into my clever trap was loonies. No, I do not mean crazy people (LOL). I mean the Canadian 1 dollar coin pictured below. You see, the thought process was that the Leprechauns were greedy and wanted gold. Therefore, I would lure them in with 1 dollar coins. In return, they ended up taking them and leaving me chocolate gold coins to trick me, thinking I'd never notice. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Secondly, my Mum reminded me of one year where she went a little crazy with the trap (in a good way, I assure you). Rather than just have the box down with the chocolate coins inside for me to find, she had cut a shamrock into the side of the box, where the Leprechaun had escaped. Not only that, she had sprinkled the entire area with green glitter, like he'd used his magic shamrock powers to escape. LOL!

Now, I know some people would look at all of these traditions and think they are over the top...and maybe to a degree they are. But not in a bad way, in my opinion. I mean, how can you think something is stupid if it created the sense of magic that should be a part of childhood? My parents succeeded completely in making my childhood magical. No, I didn't believe in Leprechauns till a ridiculous age (of course not). However, I believed in the magic and the fun of pretending to believe in them. My parents encouraged magic. My parents encouraged imagination. And for that, I will be forever grateful.


  1. And so, your parents totally rocked.

    Magical childhoods are the best ones to have :D

  2. Great way to raise a writer :D

  3. I love that idea of green glitter and a shamrock. Your parents were the best for thinking that one up.

  4. Wow. Great parents and a great childhood. How cool for you. :)

  5. Your parents sound awesome, Natalie. =o)

  6. Chlo- Yep, they do.

    Ellen- I agree

    Piedmont Writer- Yeah, they're wonderful =)

    Sarah- =)

    B.E.- Yeah, they really are. They were really good parents through my teenage years too.


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