Tuesday, March 23

What Do You Do To Relax?

As the end of the semester approaches—thank God—I’ve become increasingly busy. Although my workload has actually decreased in size since I am almost finished reading all of my assignments for the year, I now have essays to combat.

They are far worse a foe than a boring essay on the Sublime.

Over the weekend, I worked on my anthropology essay. Now yes, I said I was going to work on it Wednesday, but stuff came up. Then Thursday I was so not in the mood to work on it, and I’ve come to learn after three years of school that if you don’t feel like doing it at that moment, you’ll do nothing but stress yourself out sitting there staring at the computer screen.* Because I’m so far ahead in my work (yes, I’m a nerd *waves*) I can get away with putting it off for a few days. It’s part of the benefits to being said nerd. If you’re not one, then I say “neener, neener” to you. But I digress.

So I began working on my anthropology paper on the collapse of the Maya on Friday. Once I got started, it went pretty smoothly. I finished it on Saturday (there was no way I was going to write a 10 page research paper in one day. Talk about a brain explosion). And I actually had a lot of fun writing it—who knew? I liked my sources, so that made the paper that much easier to write.

However, that doesn’t deter from the fact that it took me two days to write. Two days in which I could have been writing my story instead. Talk about a bummer. And as I face yet another week with a new essay—meet my foe, Romantic Literature— I wonder, is there a way to deal with all of the stress that comes with being so busy?

I try as much as I can to relax, but sometimes it doesn’t ever seem to work. My most common “relaxers” are:

  • Watch a movie/ brainless TV

  • Hangout and talk with my parents and boyfriend
  • Sleep—my personal favourite (kidding... maybe)
  • Reading—this has become increasingly hard to do/enjoy. Recently, it seems that all the books I pick up have been crap. They are the types of books I wouldn’t have read even before I took writing seriously. Now that I am taking it seriously, I really can’t read these books because my brain just works on all the things wrong with the writing and the book. It sucks. I have a few beta stories waiting in the wings to be read, but I just don’t have the energy to read them right now. I have to actually beta them, regardless of what the writer says, so that means investing more time than I would a Kresley Cole book or a Monica McCarty book (is anyone else excited for her book?! It came out today! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! I think I have to wait till Thursday though, drat!)

So my question for you is: what do you do to relax?

*Same goes with writing.*


  1. I remember this time of year quite well, being an English major. About half the time, finals fell on my birthday, which always sucked. :-)

    Your relaxation list sounds pretty good to me! I also play video games, though, and it's a way for me and my husband to bond, so that's always high on my list. Sometimes it's nice to go on a drive, too, maybe to somewhere beautiful. Once it's warm, I'd totally go up to the river my grandparents used to live on and go swimming.

    Best wishes for finals season!

  2. I drink a hot beverage, eat chocolate and read a great book. Works every time. :-)

  3. I post up on my couch and watch tv. I comment on blogs. I read.

    Um, I spend about five hours a night relaxing.

    Life. is. good. :)

  4. Movies and my favorite music played louder than it needs to be. A simple outlet is all I need.

    Oh yeah...I'm with Summer. Video games also. Nothing like blowing something up to calm the nerves. :)

  5. Lol, what relaxing? When I do get to find some me time, I usually read, surf the net, or watch a movie. That's about all I have time for these days. Good luck with that next paper:)

  6. Ack. I hate when my internal editor interferes with my reading. I must've started 4 books last night and put them all down. Maybe when I get through with this round of edits, I'll be able to read for pleasure again.

    And that, my dear, is pretty much what I do to relax. Well, that and watch TV. Once the weather warms up, I'm going to try to walk more. Oh, and sometimes I crochet. When I was in college, I'd grab a kid's coloring book and color until my fingers ached. Nothing like a big fresh box of Crayolas to chill me out. =o)

  7. I watch TV to relax or take a bubble bath.

    I have the same problem as you when I read romance books. Unless it's a page-turning story, I find myself analyzing the plot, character development, hooks, etc. It can drive a girl mad, as you know.

    I'm very, very, VERY excited to read Monica McCarty's new book. She writes such yummy Alphas!

  8. Summer- That does suck! I had a history final at 6:30pm on my birthday last semester. I wanted to bang my head against a wall. Ahh yes, the video games, lol. My boyfriend and dad play them, but I was never into them. I tried, but a lot of the time I get nauseaous watching the screen. Im weird, I know.

    Shannon- Lucky! My relaxers dont always work for me. Though... I think chocolate would...

    Amber- LOL! Enjoy it for the rest of us, will you?

    DL- Ah yes, I play the music really loud too. It always helps. Haha, that's my boyfriend's motto, I think.

    Mel- LOL! Exactly. Relaxing? Whats that? Thank you!!! (Im going to need all the luck I can get with that paper).

    B.E.- Mine does that too. It really sucks... I LOVE COLOURING!!!! I will print out pages sometimes just to colour the, LOL! It has been a while since Ive done it though, because of my hands. Perhaps I will do that this weekend. I, unfortunately, already took my markers and crayons home for the summer.

    Jennifer- Ooo bubble bath sounds nice! My bathtub isn't a good bubble bath type of tub though. I wish we had a clawfoot tub *sighs* Im glad Im not the only one who has reading problems (that sounds odd...) It has gotten really bad recently, where if Im not interested in the writer's voice within the first 5 or so pages, I wont read the book.

    I adore Monica's books. I cant wait to pick mine up tomorrow! I think there might be a cat fight between my Mum and I on who gets to read it first... dundundun


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