Tuesday, March 9

What Do You Skim?

What type of blog posts do you skim through the most?

This has been a topic on my mind a lot recently. With everyone getting so busy, a lot of people have become lurkers-- myself included. That's not to say I never comment, but I have been cutting back a lot lately. I just don't have the time to comment-- or read-- everyone's blogs. But, that just makes me wonder, what prompts me to read certain blogs over others? Is there a specific topic I read more often than not?

I've compiled a small list of things I am more likely to skim through:

  • Book reviews. I know I'm a writer, but honestly, after reading the first review of the book (generally on Amazon etc...), I ALWAYS skip the other 100. I'd rather make my own opinion than go off of others. Unless it's my Mum's opinion-- I always trust hers ;)
  • Long winded essay posts. I know I've had a few myself, but these truly drive me insane. I just can't devote that much time to reading a blog. Now, that being said, I do read them if I'm close friends with the person. I know it's not very fair, but.... *shrugs*
  • Posts that don't seem to have a point. Rambling? I don't have time for most days.
  • Posts with large, glaring errors. Seriously, blogger has a spell-check-- USE IT! As well, blog posts that don't follow the grammar rules... *grinds teeth* You can be as relaxed and "chill" as you want, but COMMAS AND PERIODS ARE NECESSARY! AND PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF WRITING, CAPITALIZE THE FIRST WORD IN EVERY SENTENCE!!

*Takes a deep breath*

So, what do you skim through? Have you become a lurker recently? What sorts of blog posts do you dislike?


  1. Pretty much I skim everything you listed there, but I don't care what it is or how celebrated the blog is, if it's a long unbroken block of text, I skim it.

    Headers and bullets, peeps. They make the word and tired eyes go round.

  2. I skim through the long posts. (which is why I try to keep mine to one-three paragraphs). And sometimes the family posts if I don't know the person in real life.

  3. I agree with you on the long essay-like posts. Makes my eyes hurt just looking at it.

    I'll also skim long industry posts with too much technical information for my poor little entertainment-fueled brain.

    This post was perfect for NOT skimming, so well done, Natalie!

    - Liz

  4. I always skim book reviews. I usually only comment if that person has posted something original. Sometimes it seems like posts go in waves, and when someone posts on that topic, so do 100 others. So I only comment if I especially have something to say or if it's new info.

    I hate long blocks of text and will skim it it rambles.

    Usually I will skim without commenting if that blogger doesn't provide their own insight. So if they simply ask questions, "What do you guys do when you're in a writing rut?" etc., without providing their own suggestions, then I skim.

  5. I agree with you and Sierra's right on with the bullet points thing. Long excerpts of people's writing also gets a skim unless it's for some particular purpose like a blogfest or critiquing.

    I also am not a fan of posts where people complain they having nothing to blog about. If you don't have anything to blog about, just don't blog that day.

  6. I skim a lot of stuff, especially the ones you've mentioned in your post.

  7. You make great points! I skim quite a bit unless the title really is creative. For instance I visited yours because of the title. As far as puncuation and capitalizing the words at the beginning of each post I'm sure I'm guilty of that, on accident of course, however I do my best to spell check when I can! Sorry if I am an irritating blogger!!! *hides in the corner*

  8. Pretty much everything you said. I thought that covered it. Then I read everyone's comments. Funny, I often skim through the comments.

    Industry posts - not too interesting to me.

    Excerpts - keep 'em short people. Real short.

    Book reviews - Blech!

  9. Hi!
    I'm just came over to check out your blog....it's really nice! I came from Julie's website.

    I'm Hannah, turning 18 next Monday, and a senior in high school (in the U.S.). Those are pretty much the "important" first things you should probably know *grin*

    What do I skim? Hmmmmm...long posts (unless they're really interesting. I know how that sounds, but take Seekerville for example. Most of the Seeker's posts are very interesting and though they're long, you want to read them). I'm like you with the book reviews. It drives me crazy that everyone puts out their book reviews at the same time! Lol!

    Those are the biggies I think.
    Nice post! I look forward to reading your blog : )

  10. I don't generally read the book reviews either. I also don't read contest blog posts or anything related to contests.

    I do read excerpts because it gives me a feel for the writer's voice. I do read some informational stuff but only if it's a new and different approach. If the title doesn't catch my eye, or if it's just another post about the family, I don't read it.

  11. You said it well, Natalie. If I'm going to skim through something, that's pretty much what will get me to do it. I almost always skim the monster-long posts! :-)

  12. Often I completely skip the long posts, unless the title grabbed me. I actually do read the book reviews if it's something I've been thinking about reading. I want to know if it's worth my time to form my own opinion. lol.
    I like to post reviews too. Helping those few people that comment make up their mind about the book makes it worth it.

  13. I usually skim posts in which there are bold headings with text underneath. (For instance, those q&a's with authors or agents, etc.) If I see something particularly interesting in one section, I'll read it.

    I definitely skim (or skip!) posts which are blocks of text.

    There are certain blogs (like yours) which I read daily, regardless. :)

  14. If the topic interests me or I'm close to the blogger, I'll probably read all the way through. Otherwise, I skim.

    And I know I'm a long poster. Skim away and comment on what makes you want to comment. Some days, I just like to read myself talk. ;o)

  15. I am a chronic skimmer! ;) I never read book reviews before reading a book, so that would take those out and huge chunks of texts I skim or skip.

  16. Yeah, what you said. And I, too, am guilty of reading certain blogs without fail. If I see a long, rambling post. I usually just skip it altogether. I try to keep mine really short. The long ones all tend to be my awards posts.

  17. *guilty* I tend to have pretty long posts. Skim away, my dear!

    I don't do huge blocks of text or rambling. I also skim the blog posts of people who don't really read/comment on my blog or whose blogs aren't in the top 3 lists on my page. I tend to spend more time on bloggy friends and on people who frequently read and comment.

  18. LOL!

    Yep you got the main culprit for me. The long blocks of text are too much for me. Posts that are too long - even without being blocks of text are some too. (I'm guilty of that myself, but I really try)

    Great post!

  19. Sierra- Me too. Unbroken block's of text drive me insane. Roni's blog is really good for headers and bullets--very helpful!

    Aubrie- Yeah, I do that too.

    Liz- Me too! It's like, work to read them, LOL! I skim industry posts too. I follow a lot of agent blogs, but most of their posts are the same. It gets boring. Haha thanks!

    Tiana- Yes! Posts do go in waves. That's the one downside of being a big group of writers-- we all have our opinions, and we all want to share them! Yeah, I don't like it when the blogger doesn't provide their opinion but asks others.

    Roni- Yep! I try to read the excerpts, but a lot of the time I get bored *blushes* Just have to say, your blog is probably the best when it comes to readability. I always read it, even if I dont comment.

    Lady G- Yeah, I just dont have time to read every blog post, especially if they aren't creative or important.

    Jen- lol I cant recall if you are or not.

    Matt- I skim through comments too, unless I feel there might be some controversy in the blog post-- then I read them because it entertains me, LOL! I agree about the excerpts completely. Posting a whole chapter on your blog? It's not smart and it's boring.

    Project Journal- Hi! Thanks for stopping by!! Ooo! A youngun! (Don't worry, I'm only 20). Yeah, the book review posts really get me.

  20. Piedmont Writer- Ooo! Good one. I dont read contest posts either. They bug me.

    Shannon- Thanks! Yeah, me too.

    Kristin- Yeah, I've posted a few book reviews in the beginning, but I dont make them long. A paragraph, that's it.

    Amber- I actually dislike when people have authors on their blogs. Unless it's someone famous, I wont read it, LOL! Bad me, I know. Aww thanks sweets ;) I read yours everyday too.

    B.E.- Im the same way. I find when I know the person (like you) it's not a chore to read all the way through, because I'm interested in what they have to say. I've actually never skimmed a blog post of yours. They are a big longer, but they aren't solid blocks of text and they're interesting.

    Tiffany- Haha, at least you admit to it ;D

    Tina- YES! Awards posts are so long! I always just skim them to see who won, LOL! And I read your blog without fail ;D

    Julie- Your posts are longer, but they are well written and soooo interesting. I never skim your posts. Im the same way. I tend to only visit those who visit me. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a lurker and dont comment as much as I should.

    Erica- Thanks!!!

  21. Hi Natalie. :-)

    Would you be surprised to know that I skim all posts to start with?

    I go through in Google reader and skim all the titles. If a title catches me (as yours did here), I'll start skimming the post. If the post catches me, I tag it and then go over my tagged posts later for follow up.

    I'll read any topic post if it catches my eye and interest. If it doesn't, then I won't, no matter how short or well-formatted it is. :-)

  22. Jamie- Hello =) Thank you for all your comments on Twitter btw, they helped me feel better.

    Hmm, that makes sense. Perhaps I will start doing that too. Great idea!

  23. I skim book reviews too. And I lurk on a few of my favorite author blogs, but not as much as I did last year.

  24. Lol! Yeah, I suppose I kind of am a "youngun" ; )

  25. Jennifer- Yeah, book reviews seem to be something almost everyone skims... which I think is just hilarious since we're all writers, LOL!

    Hannah- lol yep.


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