Wednesday, March 24

WIP Wednesday

Alright, so even taking into account the fact that I took up two days writing my anthropology term paper last weekend, I still managed to write 4327 new words (17 pages)! WOOHOO! I haven't written that much in one weekend since last summer! Believe it or not, I used to be able to write 2000-3000 words a day. Unfortunately, school sucks my creativity and time from me. Have I mentioned I'm ecstatic for school to end on April 15th?

Anywho... here's what I managed to do:
  • I wrote and finished a whole scene! Wow, huh? With my recent track record, that is most impressive! And to top it off, I already got the approval of my Mum! I'm so glad I have her to help me out. She doesn't let me embarrass myself by sending out crap, LOL!
  • I also got a good chunk of a new scene done. I'm not done polishing it up yet, but I hope to finish that by Thursday night. After that, I'll send it to Mum for a critique =)
If my beta readers are still interested, I think I'll send out the manuscript again once I reach 50 or so pages. Right now, I'm at 39 pages. However, I fully intend on being to 50 by the end of this weekend (March 28th-ish). Which, yes, means I'll be on Twitter and the computer all weekend! Yay! I know I've been absent a lot. I blame school.
As well, I probably wont branch out to new beta readers (unless I've told you I will send it to you), so I'm sorry for those who have shown an interest. I have to feel 100% comfortable with my readers. However, I might post a snippet/teaser on my blog later for you guys to get a taste of what this story is like. How does that sound?
So how are your stories coming along?


  1. You are a WRITING machine!!! You go, girl, keep it up! Okay I have no such excuse as a very important anthropology paper, but the lazy monster has been biting me this week and I'm dragging myself through revisions verryyyy slowlyyyy. I'm hoping to make up for lost time tonight!

  2. Congratulations Natalie!!! 17K is totally impressive. Yay for April 15th.

  3. Woohoo way to go with your writing! Knocking it out of the park for sure!!!

    Yay for your end date for school! Almost done!!!

  4. Very impressive word count! I need to take lessons from you:)

    And yes, send those pages my way when you're finished. I can't wait to see how the story is taking shape:) And I really want to read the nose punching scene!

  5. You really ARE a writing machine, just like Julie said! I'm amazed and impressed! Feel free to share some pointers in a future post (hint, hint).

    Send over your pages soon. I'm ready! :)

    I managed to write 3,000 words this past week, a true miracle seeing as how I'm busy with homework assignments from 2 writing workshops and dealing with work drama. I'm hoping to get through my scene soon. Wish me luck 'cuz I need it!

  6. Way to go! Woohoo! =o)

    :salutes: Beta at the ready, Miss.

    over here, I'm about 7 chapters from the end of my edit here. I'll probably be ready to send it out for beta reading by mid-April. (If I don't totally freak out and rewrite the middle. :shrug: It's been known to happen.)

    Keep up the good words. =o)

  7. Congrats. Very impressive. You are an inspiration. :)

  8. That's great progress!! I think I can honestly say I've never written 3,000 words in a day. I usually average about 1000 (give or take) :)
    But I have a really good week, too.

  9. Cha-ching!! Impressive numbers. Good for you. Keep that forward momentum rolling!!

  10. Julie- Haha thanks, LOL! Woo hoo, get on that writing! Im still so excited about all of your stuff right now! Ahhh! ABNA and an agent interested? *squeals*

    Piedmont Writer- Oh, I wish it was 17K, LOL! It was 17 pages, just about 4000 words.

    Jen- Thanks!! Oh I know, I cant wait.

    Mel- Thank you!! Ahh yay, okay =) Haha, shh! I didnt tell my Mum about that and she loved the surprise when she read it, LOL!

    Jennifer- Haha thanks =) LOL! I shall. I will work on a post tonight and perhaps post it tomorrow. Yay, okay =) Wow! 3000 words is very impressive Jen! You didnt write all that much more than me, if you think about it ;) What workshops are they? And Im sorry about the work drama *hugs*

    B.E.- Thanks! Haha okay =) Ahh, rewrite the whole middle? Really?!

    Sarah- Thank you!!

    Jennifer S.- 1000 words a day is still really good. It's consistent. Im not consistent when Im in school. Over the summer however, I always get 1000 out. But then again, I dont have to deal with kids ;)

    DL- Thanks! I plan to!

  11. One of these days, when you're really bored, I'll show what the middle of Blink used to look like. I rewrote about 18K words. =o\

  12. Me again, dahling! I have an award for you at my blog!! :)

  13. 4300 - wow! Way to go, girl! I have something for you at my blog :)

  14. Thanks for the cyber hug, Nat. It's been a rough week.

    I'm taking a class on POV and another on how to write a synopsis. Even though I don't need to write a snyopsis yet, I'm learning a lot. Like how writing a mini synopsis for a WIP can help with outlining and recognizing potential plot problems.

  15. B.E.- LOL! Wow.

    Julie- Thank you sweetie =)

    Tara- Thanks hun!!

    Jennifer- You know, I think I ask you what classes you're taking ALL THE TIME. It just doesnt stay in my mind for very long. Either that, or so many people take classes that I cant remember who is taking what. Anyway, that sounds interesting =) I'm nervous about writing a synopsis. Doesn't seem like an easy task to me at all.


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