Monday, April 5

Animals, I Don't Know What I'd Do Without Them

I love the content look on the dog's face.
He's with his person. He's happy.
Me and Daisy-doo (with our old cat Ninja in the corner)
By the baby fuzz on my Daisy, she was still a puppy here.
And clearly, I wasn't much older ;)

Are you an animal person? What types of animals have you had throughout your life?
I've had many types of animals, from bunnies to lizards. My favourite though, has always been my Daisy, who turns 15 May 1st.


  1. I have a puppy and a kitty. I'm very much an animal person. I just wish they weren't so messy.

  2. Aww, you were both so cute. =o)

    Right now, I just have a cat. She's a large cat, though, so maybe she counts as more than one animal. LOL I used to have dogs, but as renters, we can't have any now.

    Oh, and I've also named several outdoor critters. Simon, Max, Murray, Jay and Tom are neighborhood cats. Percival is a 'possum. There's also Bob Robin and Oliver Nuthatch. And Pup-pup is the new neighbor's dog - who I only ever see through a fence.

    Heh. I love animals. Can ya tell?

  3. Animals vie for the #1 spot against writing for my greatest passion.

    I work at an animal shelter and have seen some real horrors, but also some real love stories.

    I've had animals as long as I can remember. When I was 2, my parents took me and big bro to pick out kittens. We got brother and sister kittens; his was "Spooky" and mine "Dracula." Unfortunately, Dracula had a rare type of encephalitis and died when he was only a few months old. Spooky, however, lived a long life and died my senior year of high school. Yes, I had her from ages 2-18.

    Also had another cat, Baggy...
    My super-awesome baby cat Chester...

    The gruffest Golden Retriever in the world, Cheerio, who lived a decent 10 years. Also got a puppy for my 11th birthday, Mandie, who ended up having a congenital knee degeneration problem and had to be euthanized when she was 2.

    Blah! Sorry, not trying to make this a dead pet rolecall, but it's hard!

    Right now, my mom has a sweet little terrier mix, PJ, who she got my freshman year of high school. Our first small dog, and she's just the best. :-)

    I haven't had a pet myself since I went to college. Brief stint with a hamster, but my apartment complex caught me with it (no pets allowed) and I had to give it to my cousins, who loved him and treated him like royalty. :-)

    I'm dying to have a cat, but for now I'll just make do with my wild birds and whatever neighborhood cats I can entice to let me pet. :-)

  4. I am such an animal person! I love them. After my doggie, I have not had another one but I'm dying to get one. I just have to find an apartment that accepts puppies.

  5. I am a TOTAL animal person. Right now we have two cats, but my daughter desperately wants a dog. I'm still working on getting my hubby to cave - he never had a dog growing up, so he's not a fan. When I was a kid we had anything and everything, including two piranha! :-)

  6. Dogs and horses are the constants in my memory. We did have a cat at one time years ago but my mom's allergic so no more.

  7. I do love animals. I had a cat I loved when I was little. Our cat now is pretty evil, but I still like her.

  8. I grew up having pets. My parents always had dogs b/c my mom is allergic to cat fur, but now we have two dogs and two cats. Would't trade them for anything;)

  9. I'm not much of an animal person, but I used to really like my buddy David's cats. They were really fun to play with--especially scratching their bellies and their heads. Although I remember them sitting on me with their sharp fingernails--ouch! Very cute photos.

  10. Ack. Blogger ate my comment. I was sure it was there yesterday. I don't remember exactly what I said, but here goes...

    I just have the one cat right now, but I've had cats and dogs in the past (and chickens and frogs and rescued bunnies). I've also named several of the neighbor critters - pets and wild alike. So, yeah, I'm an animal lover. =o)

  11. Oh - now I miss my dog. Love how dogs never judge and are always happy to see you. I miss that.

  12. Tina- LOL! Yeah, my puppy isnt very messy, but our cat likes to kick her little all over the floor *rolls eyes*

    B.E.- Haha, I know, what happened to me? ;) Ahh, I couldnt go without a dog! I do not envy you, LOL! I like Percival the 'possum. Creative.

    Summer- Aww, I could never work at a place like that. I would cry everyday and bring home all the animals.

    Julie- What type of puppy do you want?

    Shannon- Haha, good luck! I love dogs, so I understand.

    Stephanie- Ahh, I never had horses, but I love them =)

    Stephanie T- LOL! Cat's are evil. I love them, but I have almost a sibling relationship with our cat. We bicker, I swear.

    Mel- Aww =) What type of dogs?

    Samuel- Nice to have you here =) Ooo yeah, cat's claws are evil. Luckily, we got our cat when she was a small kitten, so my Mum got her used to us clipping her nails. Thanks!

    B.E.- No it didnt... *points up*

    Mary- Aww, I'm sorry. But yes, that's part of the reasons why dogs are amazing. I love them.


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