Sunday, April 4

Easter Traditions

Alright, I’m sorry this post is coming late. This morning I was not a very happy writer, so it wasn’t the best idea to have me writing up a post.* After that, my family and I went to see Clash of the Titans... and just as a warning, DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! It was awful. Well, unless you like seeing Liam Neeson wear a sparkly Disco Stu outfit. If you do, then be my guest. I normally love a good action movie, but this was just bad. The plot was laughable, the music was terrible, and the special effects looked like they just put it in fast-forward in the hopes that we wouldn’t notice it was bad.

Anyway, enough of that. Here are the Easter Traditions from my family =)
  • The night before I would leave out carrots and celery, as well as a glass of water, for Mr. Bunny. You know, in case he got hungry or thirsty while he pooped his chocolates all over the house. Yum.

  • In the morning, I’d wake up to find chocolate eggs hidden ALL OVER THE HOUSE! They’d be on top of picture frames, in the stairwell banister, in teacups, on tables, inside the keyhole of doors, on the legs of chairs, and in bottles. Basically, anywhere you can think of, there were eggs there. For weeks afterwards my family and I would randomly find an egg when we went to make some tea or when we pulled out a movie to watch.
  • As well, I always got a pretty Easter basket with tons of eggs inside already. I also got teddy bears and little bunny figurines etc...

Although I know it took my parents a lot of time to hide all these eggs around the house, I really appreciate it. It was so much fun to wake up to eggs hidden all over the place, their shiny casings sparkling in the morning sunlight. My parents created some great memories for me—memories I hope to create for my own kids one day.

So what are some of Easter traditions?
*I was having major plot troubles this morning. Nothing seemed to be working in my mind. However, it is all solved now. I had a long talk with my Mum and worked the kinks out.*
**Guess what guys, my Mum is blogging! Yay! She tends to posts funny pictures and book reviews, so it's worth checking out =)**


  1. Happy Easter - Kalo Pascha from Cyprus.

    The fireworks started at midnight mass here in my village, they are still going off every now and then. It is 13.30pm Sunday and the feasting starts for the villagers now.
    Me? I am writing while chomping on chocolate, I cannot break my Brit habits. LOL

  2. Cute traditions! When I was really little, my mom would put tufts of "rabbit fur" around the house so we'd know the bunny had come. (It was really from the cats.)

    PS: I have something for you at my blog!

  3. How cute!!! I love traditions they are so awesome!!!

    Summer that is hilarious!!

  4. Happy Easter! I like how you put out celery and carrots for Mr. Bunny. That's so cute!

  5. Hello! I have an award for you on my blog. :-)

  6. What an awesome tradition that is!! :)

    When I was little the Easter Bunny would hide the eggs that I'd colored the night before. Eggs could be anywhere but there was always one hidden in my shoe. Why? I have no idea.

    Also, my Easter basket was always filled with candy and topped with a book!! :)

  7. Happy Bunny Day. =o) Your traditions sound fun. It must be a riot to keep finding eggs for days afterwards. The biggest tradition we have for today (other than chocolate bunnies) is ham. Easter's not Easter without ham.

    I hope you all had a great day. I know we did. =oD

  8. Was Clash of the Titans really that bad? I've been wondering about that movie, because I really loved the original. It had some of my favorite actors in it--Maggie Smith, Ursula Andress, Laurence Olivier, even a young Harry Hamlin. It's one of those movies that make you think about childhood. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. Good to know your thoughts on it.

  9. Glynis- Thanks!! Huh, that's an interesting tradition

    Summer- Thanks! LMAO! That's hilarious.

    Jen- Me too =)

    Jennifer- Thank you! Happy belated Easter! Haha yeah, it was fun.

    Alicia- Thank you!

    Rhonda- lmfao! In your shoe? Ahh a book. I never got that for Easter, but I will do it for my kids I think.

    B.E.- Thank you! You too! Yeah, we didn't have ham this year *sobs* I was craving it too. My day was... well, to be frank, bad. Family sucks. But I'm glad you had fun =)

    Samuel- Yeah, it was. I love movies like that and I wanted to leave. But I mean, if you loved the original (I havent seen it), than I say still go for it and try it out =)


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