Thursday, April 8

Good News!

First and foremost...


Woo hoo, huh? I know you guys are probably tired of me harping on this, but I absolutely cannot wait until summer. I mean, I'm excited for all the writing time I'm going to have... but I'm also just excited to relax. Unlike a lot of college students, I don't relax throughout the year by drinking myself silly. Unfortunately, from September until April, I'm busy nonstop. Which brings me to my next point...


Yay!! Out of the 3 sections taught at my school for this class, I got the highest grade by 4 points! That's right, the next highest mark in 3 classes was 20/25! My professor said my paper was very impressive, well-written, insightful, and a pleasure to read! Not only that, when he handed me the paper, he said that I could likely get it published in one of the anthropology journals! *squees* Those journals are difficult to publish in for people with PhD's, never mind a 3rd year student! Of course, he also thought I was an anthropology major by how good the paper was. I asked him how I'd get published in those journals, and he said my school would have to sponsor me since I have no credibility on my own. I don't know if I'm going to try this semester since it's almost over, but perhaps next year...

And last by most definitely not least...


Okay, so I was writing and everything was going fine and dandy... until I wrote a scene that completely changed how my story was supposed to go. This had me panicking because I didn't know what to do. So, I spent the morning pulling out my hair (mostly kidding) trying to come up with a way to solve this. Unfortunately, I hit a roadblock and couldn't think of a single thing. So I did what any normal writer would do... I panic-emailed B.E. Sanderson and Tina Lynn, outlining my problem. *Thank you goils for responding to my odd email!!!* However, by the time I checked my email later on to see if they, in their genius, had solved my problem, I had already talked to Mum and we'd talked our way through it. Yay! Sadly, it did mean I had to cut some of that rebel scene, but that's okay.

So here is my progress:
  • I cut about 1500 words off that scene-- ouch!
  • I rewrote the end of the scene, which ended up being almost exactly 1500 words
  • I wrote about 1000 additional words.
There you have it, I wrote about 2500 last weekend. Unfortunately, only about 1000 of that shows up on my progress meter. Oh well!
So what's new with you this week? Have any good/exciting news?


  1. Yay! yay! and super-yay! I'm thrilled for you on all three counts, especially the plot hole breakthrough. :-)

  2. Good news indeed! Congrats on excelling at school and for sorting out your scene successfully. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

  3. Your a machine!! Congrats in advance about the end of school. I still remember what that feels like, and its all good. :)

  4. You're very welcome, dahling. Any time.

    Woohoo for the end of semester! I'm dancing in my chair for you. And congratulations on your paper. You go girl.

    No news this week. I'm mostly chilling out and trying to edit when I can drag myself to the computer for more than an hour. Ugh. Spring Break hit and I turned into a slug. LOL

  5. Way to go Natalie! WooHoo!!!!!

    Lol, I remember how excited I used to get when summer vacation began. That goes for when I was still in school and when I was teaching. Nothing like having a few months off to recharge. And congrats on fixing that plot hole and possibly having your paper published - those are a HUGE accomplishments:)

  6. Yay! Congrats on all of it. Getting good grades is awesome and solving plot issues is always fun.

  7. So...what's the good news? Does it have anything to do with you being brilliant, because--no offense--but that news is old, honey. I already knew you were the bee's knees. #justsayin

  8. Wonderful news on all fronts! You must be a happy lady. You've certainly worked for it and earned every bit.

    Take care,

  9. Congrats on the A+!

    I'm happy to hear you dug your way out of a plot hole. Your hard work and dedication to the craft is inspiring.

    Enjoy your summer break!

  10. Shannon- Thanks =)

    EJ- Thank you!!

    DL- Haha yes, I can't wait for freedom!

    B.E.- Haha, Spring Break turns us all into slugs.

    Melissa- Thanks darling!!

    Stephanie- Thank you!

    Tina- LMAO! Aww thanks hun =)

    Jessica- Thank you!!

    Jennifer- Thank you!!

  11. Well done you! Brilliant result all round.
    The publication will be great for your writer portfolio.

    Working with edit 2 and my beta reader. Her help is moving me towards the goal a lot faster than I thought. :)

    Happy Scribbling.

  12. Glynis- Thank you!!! Yay! Aren't beta readers wonderful?


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