Tuesday, April 27

Good News!!

Chris and I at Virginia Tech last Christmas

Okay, so this good news is about my boyfriend, Christopher. As some of you may know, Chris is graduating from Virginia Tech in May! Woohoo! It only took him 3 years (lucky bastard... LOL).

Christopher is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a double major of Management, and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Uhh... yeah... I had to ask him to type that sentence out for me because I sat there scratching my head saying, "Huh?" Basically, he's a Management major, and a Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) major. Yep, could our majors be in any different? Well, maybe if he'd gone into physics or something obscure, LOL.
Anyway, with summer fast approaching, Chris has been running around these past few months trying to find an internship. Thankfully, last Thursday he got the news we've all been waiting for. After going through the extensive-- and stressful--interview process, Chris got a call from Mariners Landing offering him an internship/job! Mariners Landing is a gorgeous resort located on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. WOOHOO! Way to go darling!

Do you have any good news this week?


  1. Sounds a wonderful opportunity! Congratulations!

  2. After a full year on the market, our house finally sold on Sunday! Wa-hoo!! :-)

  3. Yay for Christopher! That's awesome news!

  4. I haven't any good news personally, but my uncle just won $10,000 dollars on Sat.

    Congrats on your news, you guys put the LONG in LDR, don't you?!?!

  5. Carole- Yep, it really is. I'm quite happy for him =)

    Shannon- WOOHOO!

    Jennifer- Yep, it is =) I'm very happy for him.

    Jonathon- Wow! That's a nice chunk of money, isn't it? LOL. Haha thanks. Yes, we do have a LDR. We met in Jamaica 4 years ago-- long story. I plan on doing some blog posts about that trip sometime. But yeah, we see each other all the time. Our parents are generous with the plane tickets, LOL.

  6. YAY!! Congrats to him, it sounds like a fantastic opportunity!!

  7. Congrats to Chris and congrats to you on the news in the previous post! YAY!

    My good news (I think you already know) is that I'm knocked up!)

    (Murphy's taking over the world.)

    I have my first OBGYN appt. today! Squee!

  8. Julie- Yep, it is =)

    Amber- Lol, yay!

    B.E.- =)

  9. Awww... congrats to Chris and you look so cute together. I don't think I've ever seen pictures of him.

  10. Wendy- Haha thanks =) You haven't? I know I've posted some on here in the past. You don't have Facebook, do you? Since it's my personal/writing Facebook, I have TONS of pictures of Chris and I on there. This picture is not our best, lol. However, it was the best one I could find from the numerous times we've been to Virginia Tech together.


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