Wednesday, April 28

Holy Rain Batman!!

Okay, the title has nothing to do with today's post, but I thought I'd share the bad weather we're getting here right now. Honestly, I adore rain, so I'm not too upset about it. However, the dumb weatherlady is saying the rain is supposed to turn into a snowstorm. Yeah, gee, thanks for nothing. I thought the weathermen and weatherladies had an "in" with whoever controlled the weather (God, Mother Nature, Zeus... IDK)? Apparently I'm wrong. Either that or weatherpeople are evil. (I'm leaning towards the latter).

Okie pokie, now that I've rambled. Here is my update for the week:

  • As you know, I am now done for the semester! I don't go back to school until September 9th! Yay!
  • I finished with an (A-) in Romantic Literature (tied with 3 other students for the highest grade)
  • I finished with an (A-) in my history class (the highest grade in the class!)
  • I got an (A) in Anthropology!
  • Still waiting on my American Literature grade. My professor is slower than a snail, so it'll take a while.

  • Since last Wednesday, I've written 500 words. Yep, 500. And that was last night too, LOL. I've been so tired recently that I barely manage to get out of bed most days, never mind write. So I gave myself the weekend off. It cut my stress in half, which is a good thing for everyone involved. In any case, with all of my exams, I was still writing, just not working on my WIP.
  • However, I did start to work on my WIP again yesterday. The only problem was, I had no idea where I wanted the scene to go, so I didn't get much done-- clearly.
  • So after I put my laptop away and got all comfy in my bed, I did one of my favourite activities. I plotted. I now have the next 4 scenes on paper. They aren't the full scenes or anything, but they're my ideas and notes. Now that I have this part done, I should fly through the actual writing (I hope). I've been meaning to plot for several days, but I've simply been too tired to form a coherent thought. I think I might do a "Dumb Things Natalie Has Done During Exam Period" post for your enjoyment. I know my parents would get a kick out of it.
  • My mum booked my flights to Virginia! I leave May 9th and return May 23rd!
Soooo, how is your writing going?


  1. Congrats my dear, you've accomplished SO much!! Curling up in bed and plotting is one of my favorite "writing breaks" - when I need to get away from the actual writing, I love planning out the story. Have a great trip to Virginia :) And sorry about the rain - if it makes you feel any better, we gotten about 4 inches of slushy wet snow here in New England. Ugh.

  2. Well done with the plotting. Wish mine was going well, too busy with the university course I'm involved in, thank goodness on the last assignment, should have known better at me age!

  3. Hurrah! It sounds like you and me would have been serious competitors had we gone to school together. Yay! For the plotting. So far, this WIP has been full of awesome and I'm looking forward to reading more. Also, VA here you come! Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Which truthfully isn't much, but whatevs. It just goes to show just how much you SHOULDN'T do it. *huggles*

  4. Sorry about the nacky weather you're having. I'll shoot some positive thoughts your way for impending warmth. Way to go on those grades! I'd say poke your AmLit prof in the butt with a stick, but if I remember profs right, even that won't help.

    With everything you've had going on, I'd say 500 words plus major plotting is one hell of an accomplishment. Good job. =o) And YAY for VA.

    Right now, my writing has hit a stall. I tried some new words on a new story yesterday to maybe jumpstart my muse, but everything was coming out crap. Maybe I need a break or something. :shrug:

  5. What's up with the freaky weather?! Rain and gloomy gray skies are typical here in Seattle this time of year, but yesterday it actually hailed. I'm wondering if I'll get to see the sun before June. :sighs:

    Yay on all those A's! You rock school.

    Feel proud of those 500 words. It's progress, and that's what counts. Congrats on the plotting session! Your hard work is insipring.

    Have a fabulous time in VA with Christopher!!!

  6. Thanks for following my blog! And congrats on the A's. It's always nice to see those at the end of the semester. :)

  7. Congrats! Awesome grades. And progress is progress no matter how small.

  8. Julie- Thank you! Me too! Now that I know the trick to get my brain to focus on plotting, I use it all the time =) Ugh, yeah. We had a snowstorm. It was/is gross.

    Carole- Thank you! Haha yeah, university is time consuming for everyone, regardless of age.

    Tina- Haha =P Aww thanks darling! LOL! I'll be good... mostly. Promise.

    B.E.- Haha thanks. Its just really heavy, wet snow. Yeah, my prof is annoying. He was my least favourite of the semester. Oh well. Im sorry about the stall. Im sure it'll pick up again soon =)

    Jennifer- I know! It snowed big time here yesterday. The roads were so bad today that my dad couldnt go to work. Aww thank you =)

    KM- No problem =) Thank you!

    Stephanie- Thank you! And yep, you're right =)

  9. Those are fantastic grades. Holy Wow!

    The weatherpeople are never, ever, ever right about Seattle weather. So, I've known for a while they have no "in."

  10. Wendy- Hello *waves* Glad you made it to "T" ;) Thank youuu! It's nice to finally see all of my hardwork and late nights pay off =)

    Yeah, I was just hoping the weatherpeople had some sort of "in" with The Weather. *sighs*


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