Friday, April 16


Since yesterday's post was more serious than normal, I thought I'd post something happier today.

Inspiration can be found in the smallest of things...
It can be found in the chipped white table covered in small, sticky fingerprints and bread crumbs.
It can be found in the early morning chirp of birds, welcoming the day.
It can be found in the dance and shiver of silk in the summer breeze, a hint of rain teasing the air.
Or, it can be found in the gentle sway of grain in an endless field of gold, when the sun gives its last burst of light before it fades away.
As writers it is our job to find inspiration, for ourselves and for our readers.
Have you found it yet?


  1. I need some that's for sure. Nice post, Natalie, thanks.

  2. Art and especially fantasy art gives me inspiration. That picture of nature is really pretty. :) Nature gives a lot of people inspiration.

  3. I now have the overwhelming urge to hear Sting's "Fields of Gold." And for sure images can inspire. I also find the pics I've cut from magazines that remind me of my characters help me hear their voices.

  4. Very nice post. It is so comforting to me to find inspiration in the everyday things all around me. Life really is amazing.

  5. I am going to add your post to that list of inspiring things :) This was lovely, Natalie. I love the picture and the beautiful words to go with it!

  6. Thanks for the inspiring words and beautiful picture. A gorgeous landscape can be very inspiring. I also get inspired when I read a great book or when I hear certain music.

  7. What a lovely picture. Thanks, Nat.

    It's hard for me to say where my inspiration comes from. My story ideas usually just pop into my head. I'm guessing my overactive imagination has been filing stuff up in there for longer than even I realize. LOL

  8. Yay. What a beautiful photo. (Everything is so pretty today.)

    I am inspired by LOVE. Sometimes, by love lost... but mostly by great loves.

  9. Hey, Natalie! Thanks for coming by Write in the Way! It's great to meet you! I look forward to getting to know you. Have a great weekend!

  10. I get lots of character quirk inspirations working retail. It's fantastic.

  11. Anne- Aww, are you running low this week?

    Aubrie- Me too. I love pictures/paintings.

    laurel- LOL! Ahh yes, that's always a good one.

    Angie- Thanks =) It's comforting to me too.

    Julie- Aww thank you hun =)

    Jennifer- You're very welcome darling =) Me too. When I read Monica's book I went on a writing spree, LOL!

    B.E.- Yeeeeer welcome =) LOL! Yeah, Im the same way for the most part. I dont know where my story ideas come from, but I find I'm inspired to write by things around me (like the picture).

    Amber- LOL! I'm inspired by love too (good thing since I'm a romance writer ;)

    Kristen- Hello =) You're very welcome.

    Stephanie- Haha yes, I imagine that would help a lot. People watching is so much fun.


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