Saturday, April 10

What Are You Up To?

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today I will be lazing around in bed while I write. Yay! I'm trying to prepare myself for when school gets out and I suddenly have tons of time on my hands. I don't want to stress myself out and ruin the first couple weeks of summer by not being used to writing so much.

However, since Wednesday I've already gotten quite a lot out. My dream would be to write about 2700 more this weekend and then send it off to my Mum for the first edit. After that's done, I'll probably end up sending it out to betas so that some people, *cough* TINA *cough* can stop poking me on Twitter.

Who knows if all that will happen or not since my hands are hurting and I will eventually have to write my last term paper (I'm thinking Sunday & Monday will be my torture days). Either way, today is a day for writing so I'm happy =)

What are you up to this weekend? Have any exciting plans?


  1. Yay for being happy!! Have a great weekend...whatever you decide to do. :)

  2. Get those hands into shape! :-)

    I finished revising all the viable previously-written stuff in my MS, so it's all new writing from here on out.

    Also mulched my flower beds and planted some watermelon and squashes! Exciting!

    Now I'm gonna make dinner for me and the hungry hubby.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Woohoo. Way to get a jump on summer writing! =o)

    I'm ready when you are. And when you're ready for more of my story, let me know.

    And your hurting hands? One word: Aspercreme. LOL, they ought to start sending me money - I pitch them enough.

    Hang in there.

  4. Anne- Thank you!

    DL- Haha yep. Being happy and positive is good. Thanks! I hope you have a good one too =)

    Summer- Haha I wish. Alas, my hands are bad. I have mild carpal tunnel and my ulnar nerve is shot to hell (pardon my language). There's not much I can do for them that works well.... Wow, you go girl! Sounds like you're getting lots done! =)

    B.E.- I thought so too =) Im worried I'm putting too much emphasis on the "I'll be able to write tons once summer hits" so I'm trying to prepare myself. You can send me chapters any time you'd like. Like I said, I just have the one paper left and I'll be doing that Sunday/Monday. I will have to study at times for my finals (duh), but I will have time on my hands. Yeah, I use A535 but it doesnt always do a lot since my issue is basically from my elbow down.

  5. Me? I am brushing up on my US English...LOL, thanks for commenting on that particular post.

  6. I am SO busy right now. Being a senior isn't!

    However, this weekend has brought 2 huge great things for me!

    1) I decided on my college: Colby-Sawyer!! I'm super excited and it really is a relief to have the decision behind me, you know?

    2) I got my car yesterday morning!! It sucks because it doesn't have plates. We have to wait for the proof of insurance before I register it, so it's sitting in my driveway just waiting to be driven : (

    So, that's my news! Off to work on scholarships....

  7. I hope you had a lovely weekend, my dear! Hope you got a lot of writing done :)

  8. Hello hun! Hope your weekend was fantastic!

    I have an award for you at my blog;)

  9. Somehow google messed up and dropped me off your follow list. Here I am again!


  10. Glynis- LOL! No problem.

    Hannah- lol Wait till college before you start talking about stress. Yay for picking. That seems to be a huge thing in the US. Idk, I didn't have that big worry of "where will we go?" I dont remember my HS friends having that worry either... *shrugs*

    Julie- Thank you! I did have a lovely weekend. I got lots of writing done =)

    Mel- Thank you dahling =)

    Aubrie- lol It's okay. Google has done that to me a few times now. Glad to have you back =)

  11. Well, I had my choice of 4 schools. So, it kind of is a big deal. I don't know, we treat it as a stepping stone, I guess. I mean through senior year, that's the #1 question on everyon'e lips: Are you going to college? Where are you going? What are you going to do?
    So deciding kind of represents I'm on my way to the next step.....

    I don't know!

  12. Hannah- Yeah, college isnt as important up here. But if you think about it, it makes sense. Up here, you can work at a fast food place for 12 dollars an hour starting wage. Or if you're a guy you could just go up to the oil fields for 6 months and be a millionaire. Then again, our cost of living is REALLY expensive.

    Im not saying I agree with that mind set, lol. Clearly not since I'm in college ;). I was just saying it's interesting how different the mind set is for our countries, since we're so close to each other.


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