Tuesday, April 13

Where the Magic Happens...

Not that kind of magic, you perverts. Well, technically it is in my room, but we wont go there...

So I thought today I would post pictures of my fan-tab-u-lous room where I spend most of my time sleeping, reading, and of course, writing. Since my room is not big enough for me to have my own office space I tend to write while sitting/lying on my bed.

The bookcases right beside my bed...

The thin bookcase holds most of my DVDs and CDs
I had several at school still when I took this picture

Yep, Christmas lights.
I liked them so they stayed up.

lol Yes, that picture frame is empty.
Well, was. I put a picture in just the other day.

There you have it, my beautiful room.

I would love it if you guys could post pictures of your writing space on your own blogs so that I can see!! If you do, let me know so I can make sure to check it out =)


  1. I love your room!! It looks so cozy and comfortable and neat - perfect writing space. Is this your room at home? Your bookcases are to die for. I need to invest in some really big ones to store all of the books I have. I will post my own writing space soon! :) Thanks for sharing, Nat.

  2. I want your bookcases! I wish I had that much room for all my books, movies, and all that other jumbo. Lucky girl... Cute room! Love the christmas lights ;)

  3. Your room looks like a great place to write. I love your bookcases!

  4. Where did you get those fantastic bookcases?

    What a wonderful room. It looks like such a cozy haven! I want to go there and sit on your bed and laze away the day. And then I would browse through your books and borrow some. :)

    My writing space is not as wonderful. I'm almost always just on the couch, with my laptop on a small barstool, and I have to sit up to write, so I'm always having lower back pain during.

  5. Nice room!

    I noticed the Harry Potter book, heehee! I LOVE HP, by the way! Do you have American or British version?

    Anyway, I like your bookshelves, too. I have 4 bookshelves, but they're not all that big. One is purple with white polka dots. Another is brown wood. Another white. And the last is sky blue with clouds and suns on it. The painted ones, I painted at some point or another when I needed some more shelving (and had space in my room!).

    I like the pink walls : ) My sis' walls are pink, so it brings me back to her room. Mine are purple and I love it!

    Anyway, got to go address some envelopes - sending out some more scholarships tomorrow!

  6. I feel like I've been given a glimpse of the inner-sanctum...or Supermans Fortress of Solitude. :)

    Those bookshelves ROCK and I am so jealous of them. My own writing space is so boring. A little desk tucked away in the corner of a room.

  7. Nice. I love writer's spaces. I'll have to do this too.. eventually, once I have a place in my new house.

    Your room looks very cozy and comfy. I could totally see someone relaxing and writing in a pad like that!

  8. Your room really is beautiful. It's just how I would've pictured it. I love your artwork and that old desk is to die for. And I'd kill for your bookshelves. Most of my books are on plastic shelves.

    I posted pics of my desk a while back. Pretty boring, but it works for me. I'd share pics of the rest of the place, but since this rental came furnished and decorated, almost none of the stuff represents my taste. (I'm not that into Old West decor.)

  9. I swear I didn't know you posted this. lol. Great minds really DO think alike.


  10. FYI: the bookcases are Ikea's "Billy" units. They are easy to assemble, come in a myriad of sizes and finishes and also accessories such as glass or solid doors. Pretty affordable also :) (Natalie's mom & dad-aka. purchaser & assembler/lugger-arounder)

  11. Julie- Aww thanks =) Yeah, my room is always tidy. It would drive me insane otherwise. Yes, this is my room at home. Yay! I cant wait to see where you write!

    Mshort- Haha thanks =) The lights are really nice to have on at night. Very soothing.

    Jennifer- It is, I adore my room =)

    Amber- Ikea. Most of my room is from Ikea, actually =) Yeah, my room has to be somewhere I love, because in the house it's the only place that's really mine, ya know? You should get a husband pillow for your back. I have one, but I dont think it's visible in the pictures. It's brown and comfy and wonderful.

    Hannah- Thank you! LOL! Yes, my HP books are there, alongside LOTR. I was in grade 4 when the first book came out and have been addicted ever since. I have all of them in Canadian (I suppose it's British), but I also have the last one in American. LOL! My walls arent pink. They're a mocha brown. My room used to be purple too, but it wasnt soothing for me *shrugs*

    DL- Haha! Yeah, my parents call it my cave. But really, other than the fact that theres no fridge or bathroom in here, why else would I want to leave?!

    Kristopher and Crew- Thanks!!

    Lisa- Thank you =)

    B.E.- Aww thanks =) Yeah, Ive had them for a while now and i dont know what I ever did without them. I remember your desk =) I wish I had a real desk to use for writing. One day!

    Karen- LOL! Thanks =)

    Mum- lol thanks


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