Wednesday, April 14

WIP Wednesday

Here is what I've accomplished since last Wednesday.


  • Finished reading The Wars of Louis XIV: 1167—1714 by John A. Lynn
  • Wrote my book review on The Wars of Louis XIV
  • Edited the book review
  • Edited my American literature term paper
  • I've written 3587 words since last Wednesday (I worked on it Friday, Saturday, and Monday)!
  • I finished off Chapter Six and sent it to Mum for editing/critiquing.
  • I am now 1117 words into Chapter Seven.
  • I beta read two chapters for a friend
  • I packed up a lot of my room in residence
  • I registered for my Fall 2010 classes! They are: Children’s Literature from 1900 to the Present, Medieval Literature II: Literature in the Age of Chaucer, Ecology and Literature (HAVE to take this course... SNORE), First Nations in Canada: Co-operation, Coercion and Confrontation (have to take), Media History and Contemporary Issues (have to take).
What have you accomplished this week?


  1. Good for you on the word count. Keep it up!

    I really like the Children's Literature course, sounds like fun.

  2. Yeah, Children's Lit sounds great! There was a sci-fi/fantasy course the year after I graduated--I was sooo jealous.

    Let's see...I've written about 2k so far this week, with hopes of a bit more. I'm going on a mini-vacation this weekend to the beach, so that'll be nice.

    Oh, and I also applied for nursing school (yes, I'm going back. Again. For something completely different.)

    AND tonight is my first online crit group meeting!

  3. I am jealous of your coursework for the fall! :) I wish I'd grown some backbone and taken all the writing and lit classes I liked, instead of being bullied into something else! Oh well, I am making up for all that lost time reading and writing now :) Great job on the word count... I am going to try to beef mine up tonight!

  4. You go, girlie! You rock. I wish I had your energy.

  5. Wow, busy lady, great job on getting all that done! :)

  6. Nowhere near as much as you have, lady. The paper AND almost 3600 words AND beta reading. Wow. Good job. =o)

  7. *trudges away feeling completely loserly*

  8. Wow--when do you ever sleep, Natalie? Speaking as an old man in my thirties (and a college teacher), I'm amazed, looking back, at how much work students do and how much work I myself had in college. Reading 100 pages a day, for example. I couldn't do it now! There's too much to watch on Bravo, for one thing.

  9. I hereby dub thee "the energizer bunny."

    Great pace.

  10. Anne- Thank you!! Yeah, that's the course I picked just for moi =)

    Summer- I agree. I cant wait to see what Im going to have to read. Ooo the beach! Where do you live that it's nice enough to go in April? *jealous* Ahhh, Ive had a lot of nursing student roommates (4 of them, actually, LOL). Ohh! I hope the crit group went well! Who are you crittin with?

    Julie- Aww *hugs* You could always go back?

    Amber- LOL! You should see me as I sit here typing. I'm pretty sure a slug has more energy than moi right now.

    Roni-Thank you =)

    B.E.- Thanks darling =)

    Tina- =O!! No! You go to work and support your family and feed your family etc etc. That's a lot m'dear.

    Sam- Ugh, sleep? LOL! Sad thing is it wasn't even close to being one of my busy weeks. Yeah, students have so much work to do, it's unreal. Some profs aren't understanding in the slightest either. Oh well.

    Mayowa- Haha thanks!


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