Wednesday, April 21

WIP Wednesday

  • Got an A- on my history book review (YAY)
  • Got an A- on my Romantic literature term paper (YAY)
  • Studied for my Anthropology final exam (NOT SO YAY)
  • Studied for my Romantic literature final exam (MEH)
  • Took both above exams (UGH...hand hurts)
  • So far, I know I've received an A- in my Romantic literature class (YAY)
  • Succumbed to peer pressure and sent out ch. 3-5 to Tina, lol
  • Will be sending out ch. 3-5 to B. E. and Jen before Friday *waves*
  • Okay, I didn't get much writing done due to 1. burnout and 2. studying. However, I did manage to write 2751 new words!
  • I finished writing chapter 7 and started chapter 8
  • Went and saw How to Train Your Dragon-- OMGIT'SAMAZING! GO SEE IT!
  • With the help of my parents, I'm almost entirely moved out of residence. Unfortunately, I need to keep some things there, like my bedding etc... Because the 2 exams I have left are both at 8am, so I need to stay at school the night before.
  • Looked at flights to Virginia for around May 9th. Christopher graduates May 14th and 15th so of course I need to be there!! ;)
  • Contemplated going to Nashville for the RWA National Conference-- still not sure we can afford it.
So today I am going to be studying for my history final, which is at 8am tomorrow. Seriously, 3 of my 4 exams are at 8am. Who the hell did I piss off?
I will also be heading outside in between studying for some fresh air and hopefully some colour. I'm pale, guys. Real pale. It comes with being Canadian I think... and not willing to pay for time in a tanning booth. But man do I love those things. I know, I know. Skin cancer. But it's relaaaaaxing. And I get colour.*
Anywho... what are you up to today? How is the ol' WIP?
*See, this is what happens when my brain is fried. I go off on weird tangents.*


  1. Good job! I remember all too well this time of year. My birthday is May 7, and I had a final more than once on that day. Actually, when I turned 21, which of course is legal drinking age here, I headed straight from my final exam, which was the last of the semester, to dinner and drinks!

    I'm super pale too, though I did get some sun at the beach this weekend.

    Great week you've had! I have a new story idea percolating that I'm really excited to start on, but haven't let myself yet. Maybe today will be the day!

  2. Great job acing all of your classes! Woo-hoo! I haven't seen How to Train Your Dragon yet, but I soooo want to. Have a great day in the fresh air - breathe in...breathe out... :-)

  3. Wow, I can't imagine how you write and study at the same time! I'm done with school, thank goodness, because it would drain all of my creative energy. Good job. :)

  4. Somebody's been busy! I ran out of breath just reading all that. :)

  5. Way to go on the words and on the grades. You rock. And a special Woohoo for Christopher. =o)

    The WIP is patiently waiting for my betas :waves:. Meanwhile, I got about a third of the sequel plotted, so it's ready to go when I am. I've also been throwing some stuff down for the query letter. Today, though, I'm going to go back to an old manuscript and see if I can make a silk purse or two. ;o)

  6. Dude, you ROCK! You super accomplished, hyper-busy, amazing-writerly rockstar! Congrats on everything and hope the last of your exams went well :) (The Dragon movie was SOOOOOO good)

  7. Congrats on your studying and exams! Oh, and your writing! Hope you can make it Nashville. It should be a lot of fun!

  8. Carole- Thanks =)

    Summer- Thank you hun! Ahhh yes, I know how that feels. My birthday is December 21st, so I have finals on my birthday too. I actually had one last december from 6:30pm-8:30pm on my 20th birthday. It sucked! Heh, 18 is the drinking age here.

    Shannon- Thank you!! You HAVE to see it! It's wonderful.

    Aubrie- Haha, I get that reaction a lot. I cant wait to be done (1 year left)! Yeah, I live in residence for some of the week and I cant write there. It sucks all of my creativity out of me. However, at home I can write just fine-- except for this week. I'm just too tired, LOL.

    DL- Haha =P

    B.E.- Thanks hun! Neato keano! What MS??

    Julie- Haha thanks dahling =) Yes, that movie was amazing. The moment it was done I wanted to watch it again! I WANT MY OWN TOOTHLESS!

    Lexi- Hello! Thanks! Yeah, I dont see it happening this year. Money is just too tight. Oh well! =) I went to Washington last summer though, and I adored every minute of it. And I plan on going to NY 2011 for sure!

  9. Sounds like some good grades - hooray! I remember those 8am finals - yuck!

  10. I'm back on RTL, which I officially finished in '08. But these things are never really finished are they? ;o)

  11. Susan- Thank you!! 8am finals are awful.

    B. E.- Lol, nope they arent.


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