Saturday, May 15

Engagement & Ring Pictures

Sorry for the delay on posting the pictures, darlings! I've been crazy busy for the past few days. Now, before I get to the pics I thought I'd tell you how he asked me....

First, he brought me to Barnes & Noble and told me I could pick out anything I wanted and he'd buy it for me. Yeah, I know, isn't he wonderful? He knows me so well! Unfortunately, I'd bought several books about a week ago, so there weren't any I really wanted. However, there are about 6 that come out May 25th! Anyway, so instead I nabbed 3 soundtracks I can now write to: "How To Train Your Dragon," "Shakespeare in Love," and "Gladiator." They're all wonderful. I can't wait to really blast it and write =)

After that he took me to Abuelo's, a delicious Mexican restaurant, for dinner. Yum, yum! Then he brought me to the Roanoke Star:
It was there at the star that he asked me. No, for those of you wondering, he did not get on his knee. And before you all get fired up, I didn't want him to. I don't like that much attention centered on me, lol. It makes me feel awkward.

Jamaica 2006
The first ever picture of Christopher & I
See how "cool" we're both being? We were in that flirty, pre-dating stage ;)
My ring! He picked it all out himself!

It's huge!
It's so tall! I keep scratching my face with it, especially when I wake up.
It also likes to get caught in my hair, LOL!

Engaged May 11th, 2010!

*There are more pictures on Facebook for you curious people*


  1. Aww! Love those pictures of you guys! And that ring--gorgeous! Congrats! :D

  2. So very lovely! I can't wait to see it in person - I know what GIANT hands you have, so that baby's got some size to it :)
    Love you, and miss you terribly - Hi Chris! You did good by my baby!

  3. Congrats! He's so cute. You guys are going to be great together, I can tell. :)

  4. So, exciting for both of you. Congratulations!

  5. Aww... you just look so cute together. You look so happy. I'm so excited for you. Congratulations.

  6. I'm very very happy for you. A very pretty ring. May you have a wonderful life together. Hugs..

  7. Aww...that's so sweet! You look so cute together too!

    Your ring is lovely!! I love high settings like that!

  8. Oh, that's so awesome for you both. What a cute couple you make. Congratulations. =o)

  9. Awww congrats on your engagement! I play flute at people's weddings and it's a wonderful experience to get to go to so many. You can listen to wedding songs on my website for free if you're interested in thinking about what you want to walk down the asile to!

  10. Wait, wait. He took you to Barnes and Noble and said you could pick out ANYTHING you wanted?! Definitely the perfect man for you! :) Terrific story Natalie, and beautiful ring. So happy for you two! When is the big day?

  11. Aw, I'm SO happy for you! And that is one gorgeous ring!

  12. That's so sweet! It took a while for me to used to the engagement ring, too...Got caught in my hair, in my clothes...but it's a good problem to have, huh?

    Congratulations again! :-)

  13. Seriously Nattie, I'm sooo happy for you!! You and Chris seem perfect together and I can remember talking to you for hours when you got back from Jamaica and you showed me the picture of you guys!! Haha oh and the picture of him in his pirate outfit lol. But anyways! Congratulations and the ring is beautiful!!

  14. What a gorgeous ring and lovely proposal. Congrats! You two are so adorable together!

  15. Jenna- Thank you =)

    Mum- I cant wait to show it to you in person =) And yes, my hands are giant, so the rock is pretty big ;)

    Lady G- Aww thank you =)

    Elle- Thanks!

    Jesse- Thanks!

    Wendy- Thank you hun =)

    Carole- Thanks

    Jennifer- Thank you!! I do too =)

    B.E.- Aww thank you hun =)

    Aubrie- Thanks for the suggestion =)

    Julie- I know, right? He's wonderful. Thank you darling! And about 2 years from now. I have to finish school first.

    Mel- Thank you =)

    Summer- Lol I've had a promise ring for a couple of years now so I am used to wearing a ring. I'm just not used to one with a large rock on it, lol.

    Court- Haha thank you. That seems so long ago now.

    Jennifer- Thank you hun =)

  16. You too are FREAKIN' adorable together. Since I'm a Murphy, I should totes be invited to the wedding!!

    What did he say when he popped the question? What did you say back? You write -- so give us more details! And SHOW don't tell!! ;)

    LOL. Congrats again!

  17. Amber- Haha thanks. LOL, Im not saying what he said, but it was romantic and perfect for us. Maybe one day Ill share what he said, but right now I want to keep it all to myself (except for telling my parents, because my Mum would never let me get away with not telling her, LOL).

  18. Huge congrats, Natalie! What a great story and beautiful ring--you guys are adorable! Here's to a long and happy life together!


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