Friday, May 28

Just goes to show...

...editing is important. Or at least spell check is.

I took this picture last year and it still cracks me up.

Regardless what stage your manuscript is at right now, all writers edit. Whether it's a quick skim or, like I said above, spellcheck, all writers try to improve their story with editing. Which just makes me curious... What part of editing do you hate the most?
So far, the part I hate is when I know something is off in a sentence or a paragraph, but I can't pinpoint what it is. Honestly, I don't mind the rest of it so much. I adore anything that makes my story better.


  1. As my writing has improved, my editing has become less painful. I don't miss the days of pouring over every line to find a better way of saying something. Now it's just every other :)

  2. Oh, I agree with you; I'm frustrated when I know something isn't working but I can't figure out how to fix it.

  3. I kind of like editing. It's the proofreading that I'm really bad at. Luckily I have some great proofreaders in my life.

  4. Proofing is so booorrrring. But editing this time around is easier than my first novel, for sure.

  5. Jennifer- LOL! Yeah, I understand. I've been told I write a very clean first draft, so it's not so tough for me. I tend to edit as I go--I'm a perfectionist!

    Andria- I'm glad you understand. When that happens I often have to ask my mum or fiance to help me out. I don't tend to bother my beta readers for something so small =)

    Angie- That's good! I like editing too, actually. A lot of the time I don't have all that much to change in the writing. If I do change things, it generally has to do with plot/events.

    Lydia- LOL! Yes, I agree. My eyes tend to cross and everything looks the same. That's why I use beta readers-- they get to suffer instead of me! MUAH HAH HAH!

  6. LOL messed up signs crack me up.

    The worst part of editing for me is deleting whole scenes or passages or even paragraphs. I mean, it took me time to write that and now I have to erase it? Harumph. Maybe that's why a large portion of my writing folder is stuff I'll never use again. I just hate to throw that stuff away.

  7. I love editing and revising even more than writing the first draft. It feels like I'm actually working with something instead of pulling words out of thin air. I enjoy that too... sometimes. The only part of editing that I don't like is proofing. It's just so boring and doesn't feel like art like the rest of it does.

  8. B.E.- Ahh yeah, I can understand that. I don't tend to mind so much, unless I adore the sentence/paragraph and think I can use it somewhere else, or tweak it for another story. Generally, at the time I'm writing it, I think it's the best thing ever, but when I am editing, I can snip things pretty heartlessly, lol.

    Irissel- Hmm, interesting. I love doing both--first draft and editing. But I CAN understand why working with something tangible would appeal to you =)


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