Tuesday, May 18

A Mishmash Post Worth Reading, Promise.

Okay, so like my title says, this post is going to be a mishmash of a lot of things. However, I promise it's worth reading =)
  • Roni over at Fiction Groupie had a wonderful post last week about what the romance genre is and what it is not. I highly recommend everyone read it. As a romance writer I am sick and tired of ignorant opinions regarding this genre. So please, go read it. Romance is not for old maids, nor is it "easy" to write, even if they may be easy to read. A good romance triggers all sorts of emotions that can sometimes be left untouched in other genres. In any case, if you aren't following Roni's blog already, you really should be. All of her posts are must-reads. Promise.

  • Now I know there have been a ton of blogfest's recently and that some people are getting sick and tired of them, but there is one you absolutely cannot miss out on: Tina Lynn's Bad Boy Blogfest. I know, right? How could you not take part? I can't wait to read about everyone's bad boys ;) So if you'd like to take part (which you do, you know you do), head over to Tina's blog here and sign up!! I will be taking part. I just need to find a scene... either that or I need to write one before June 20th, when it takes place =)

  • As promised, here are the pictures of my new hair and my manicure/pedicure:

I have nice short bangs now! It's also about 2 shades darker than my normal colour. I haven't had my hair coloured in over 2 years, so I thought I'd give it a try again =)

Here you can see my new layers! She took several inches off, believe it or not.
I love having my hair long, so this is probably as short as I'll go, at least for the next few years.

My pedicure! I'll have had it for 2 weeks on Thursday and it's still perfect!
I chose this colour cause it matches the dress I wore to Chris' grad.
(I will post pictures of that another day)

Sorry it's so dark. If you can't see what it is, it's a pale pink.
On my ring fingers the lady gave me pretty flowers!

  • Lastly, Chris and I went to the mall today after we went to see ROBIN HOOD (which was amazing, btw). While there, we stopped off at FYE so I could look for some soundtracks to write to (didn't find any I wanted). However, I did spot this sign, which Christopher kindly took a picture of for me:

Yep. Twighlight. Gotta love dumb people. The worst part is, it even says Twilight on the case, which is, btw, New Moon and NOT the actual Twilight CD. LOL!


  1. Lovely mani-pedi! And new hair. I need a little TLC too...
    Great post!

  2. Your toes look so pretty! I laughed at the used New Moon CDs.

  3. love those toes, lady.

    Twighlight... BAH! It's so HARD to spell that way. But still hilarious!

    I love your hair, too. AND your sassy-camera-face.

  4. I just saw Robin Hood. My last post was a review for it. I liked it as well.

    Very pretty hair, I love the highlights in it.

  5. Love your hair and nails!

    Dumb people make life SO amusing. :)

  6. You look marvelous, dahling.

    It always kills me when a printed sign is misspelled. Don't these businesses have people they pay to proofread stuff? If not, I'd be happy to take their money. LOL

  7. Love the hair and nails, darling! And LOL at spelling errors. I got a body butter tub at Bath and Body Works the other day, and underneath it was spelled: "Butteryfly Garden." How hard is it to spell butterfly!? Or to spell check?!

  8. Lydia- Thanks!! We all need some TLC every once and a while.

    Angie- Thank you! Im glad. I laughed hysterically when I spotted it.

    Amber- Thanks =) Haha, I was trying to not make a face, but I failed, lol.

    Aubrie- I read your review =) Thanks!

    Jennifer- Thanks hun! Yes, they really do.

    B.E.- Thanks =) LOL!

    Julie- Thank you hun! Lmfao! That's just sad...


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