Thursday, May 20

The "Real" World

*A wee bit of a rant coming your way*

This past week I attended 2 ceremonies--one on Friday and one on Saturday--for Christopher's graduation from Virginia Tech. While there, I got had to listen to a bazillion speeches from alumni, professors, students, and even the Governor of Virginia. Some were short (my personal favs) and some were long, drawn out, and annoying. Why were they annoying? Well, besides the fact that they were boring and it was hot out, I found them annoying because the person giving the speech acted as if they had some great wisdom their listeners somehow lacked. Sure the speech was directed at a young audience of graduating students, but that does not mean they're stupid. Quite the opposite, in fact.

However, there were 4 speeches in particular that made me want to shoot laser beams out of my eyes. In all 4, the speakers used the phrase, "in the real world." Not only did they claim that university students don't live in the "real world" but that the "real world" is not sugar-coated.

Uh, excuse my language, but WHAT THE FUCK? I'm sorry, my university experience is not all about rainbows, teddy bears, and lollipops. Nor is it about parties, hangovers, and skipped classes. My university experience is all about late nights staying up to study, sore fingers from typing so many essays, and eyes that hurt because I have to read so much. Oh yeah, that sounds sugar-coated alright. Tons o' fun, I say.


In any case, what exactly denotes the "real world?" Where have I been living for the last twenty years of my life if not in the real world? Even if I lived in a bubble for those years, that bubble must exist somewhere known to basic human knowledge. Unless, of course, they’ve made gargantuan leaps in physics that I have not been aware of and have found a way to ensconce “adolescents” into a new dimension. If so, I’d really like to know about it.

It sounds like a cool place.


  1. Yet another reason why I skipped my graduation ceremony. :-)

  2. If life after college is the "real" world, I sort of prefer it. No more cramming, writing a bajillion papers, worrying about my GPA or getting into the classes I need next semester. No more essay questions. No more gen. ed courses I have no interest in taking. No more foreign language. No more midterms! No more finals!

    (Sadly, no more fall break, no more spring break, no more LONG summer and winter breaks... but, you know -- I still get three weeks of paid vacation!!)

    I love that you said fuck in this post. That's my ballsy Murphy!! ;)

  3. I agree with Amber. I'll take the "real" world over college any day! :-)

  4. *applauds loudly* That's the worst part about graduation ceremonies, is that these so-called important people feel like they need to talk down to us "young folks" who don't know anything and haven't experienced "life." And then they pontificate for half an hour and crack weak jokes. Ah, such is the end of a college career. Glad you made it through without killing anyone with your laser beam eyes!

  5. :eyeroll: Like most politicians live in the real world themselves. Please. Don't let 'em get to you, Nat.

    And remember... You're not the stereotypical college student here in the US. You're busting your butt so you can graduate and get a job to support yourself. You don't cut classes, drink yourself stupid, take basketweaving to up your GPA, schedule your classes around Days of Our Lives, have other people write your papers... You get the drift. (I did 1, 2 & 4 of the above, btw. Which is why I'm sans degree today.)

    Now before I get the online equivalent of rotten tomatoes thrown at me - I said stereotypical. Remind me sometime to tell you about the walking stereotype I met in Tallahassee. Those speeches were written for him.

    Not that anyone like that would listen to those speeches anyway.

  6. Weren't the speeches given by new graduates? Have they also learned time travel - 'cause they've been living the college/university world, not the "real world" - so how can they impart their "imaginary" wisdom? I know that phrase has been a huge peeve of yours for years - every phase & experience in our lives = our world = the real world.

  7. Oh ya, and that "new dimension" thing - it is real - I think they call it "High School Musical-land".

  8. I hate that phrase too!

    I adored college, and I have disliked most of the jobs I've held since it. But I found when I was in college, I was never off-duty. If I was in a bar at midnight a part of me was still thinking 'Maybe I should have stayed in tongiht and read that paper. . .' Whereas when you work for a living, you leave your work at the door, simply because they won't let you back in to solve them, even if you want to.

    And of course, money is nice. It means you can do cool stuff. And you get paid holidays. I get four and half weeks a year (about standard in Ireland), and because I get paid, I can afford to actually do things on my holidays.

    There's a lot of responsibilities in college, and there's a lot of responsibilities afterwards. This 'real world' stuff is crap.

  9. Happy Friday, Natalie! I have an award for you at my blog today! :-)

  10. Condescending, isn't it?

    I was like you, worked my way through college, didn't party, always busy busy busy. When I graduated, I remember thinking "I'll take the 'real world' over that crazy life any day - I actually have time to watch TV now!" LOL

    The world is what you make it - as long as you're real, it will be too, no matter how old you are or where you're at in life. :-)

  11. Any environment in which you rub shoulders with real people is the real world, right?

    Love your post, Roland

  12. Anne- Thank you!

    Summer- Lol!

    Amber- *drools* I cannot wait until I dont have any more papers to write! Chris and I plan on having me as a stay at home mum, so I wont need vacation time ;) LOL Yeah, I do curse, a lot. It's a Canadian thing. I just dont tend to put it on the internet.

    Shannon- I dont blame ya ;)

    Julie- You got it down perfectly. That's exactly what it was.

    B.E.- I like a good vent every now and then. They dont truly upset me tons, but I like to rant =) And I know Im not the stereotypical, but I do wish some people would realize that not everyone falls into the same category, ya know?

    Mum- A few of them, yes. That was the worst part. Ugh! LMFAO! Yes, high school musical.

    Ellen- Im glad you understand and agree with me!

    Shannon- Thank you!

    Jamie- LOL! Yes, I just know that's how Im going to feel.

    Roland- Hello! Exactly.

    Jennifer- Thanks hun!

  13. I love college and all the friends I've made there, so, yea, I'm not in any way looking forward to graduating in a year. My parents keep telling me that I will have much less free time when I have a "real" job but I definitely have a hard time believing them. Do they not remember how much studying and writing it took to do well in college or was it just easier thirty years ago?

  14. Irissel- Yeah, I've noticed that my fiance's parents dont seem to remember how hard college is. *shrugs* Oh well, I suppose =)


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