Monday, May 3

What Do YOU Write?

Now that I am on summer break, I've had a lot more time to read blogs. One thing I've noticed is the huge variation in the genres we all work with. I mean, I knew I followed fantasy writers and YA writers and Sci-Fi writers, but I guess I never really thought about it all that much. No time to, I suppose.

However, I am realizing that though I know what many of you write, I don't know what everyone writes. And I confess, sometimes I even stumble on the ones I thought I knew.
So rather than sneak around trying to ferret out what genre each person writes in, I thought I'd just ask you guys! I mean, who else knows YOU better, right? LOL

What genre of literature are you currently writing? What have you written in the past? Which genre is your favourite to read?

Since I started taking my writing more seriously, I've started 2 regency romances but abandoned them for various reasons. I am currently working on a medieval romance and loving it!


  1. I'm in the stage of genre-seeking. My short stories that are either done or in-progress are romances. Contemporaries. My first novel was an adult contemporary romance. The second was YA fantasy. My current WiP is adult urban fantasy.

    So, yeah, still looking for that right fit.

    As for what I love to read, high fantasy. Love it, live it, breathe it. And classics, of course. But that's just me being nerdy.

  2. I'll write anything, but my favourite is literary/women's fiction.

    Practically speaking, I know that for a career as a writer, I'll have to specialise. But that's what pen-names are for!

  3. I write YA. Most have had a paranormal element but I've also done full fantasy and I plan to do straight contemporary at some point. I also have a historical YA story I'd love to write one day.

  4. Good question, Natalie. Too bad for me, I stink at defining genre for my own stuff - especially the early works. Suspense probably works best for those. I've also written a few that fall in the category of speculative fiction (SF? Futuristic?). And there was that one mystery I wrote all the way through but never finished editing. Right now, Im rewriting an urban fantasy (paranormal suspense?) What can I say, I write what I read - which is just about everything.

  5. I used to write historical romance, but found my 'voice' in contemporary women's romantic fiction -- yeah, made up my own genre there.

    I love to read historical romance though - especially Regency. I think that's why I joined your blog in the first place. You were one of the only people I found who was writing historical romance.

  6. I'm pretty exclusive to Mystery/Suspense in my novels. Kind of a rare breed out here in the blogospehere. :)

  7. YA, YA, and YA. I sprinkle in some MG and a dash of Adult Lit for good measure.

  8. Oh, I forgot, mostly realistic fiction.

  9. I'm currently working on what I guess you'd consider commercial fiction, but I have a brewing idea for an urban fantasy. Urban fantasy is my favorite genre to read. :-)

  10. Right now I write contemporary MG. I've written YA in the past, but I think my voice works better in MG.

  11. Hi Natalie,

    In my case, as an independent publisher, I have to write for my niche market in order to sell - it's children's historical fiction - but I'd love to write medieval historical fiction for grown-ups, but know I must stick to one genre...

  12. I've been a genre hopper in the past. Everything from Sci-Fi to YA.

    But these days I write strictly contemporary Christian fiction--usually with romance.

  13. I write Medieval romances. I'm also plotting a Georgian era paranormal and thiking about writing Steampunk.

    I love to read historical romances, especially books set in the Middle Ages. It's my favorite time period, no question! However, I do like some Regency, Georgian, and Victorian romances. I also read paranormal (mostly vamps stories) and YA.

  14. I write YA fantasy/romance and women's fiction :) I sort of dabble, but those are the main genres I work with and feel most comfortable writing. I would love to give historical romance a try - I've written it in the past!

  15. I have written one YA novel and am writing a second. I love to write humor though and that is what my blog is totally dedicated to.

  16. When not seeking juicy material to post on the blog I'm working on an epic fantasy manuscript. But I never write fantasy shorts, go figure.

  17. Stephanie- Haha you genre-hopper you! When I was younger I wrote some fantasy stuff, but I havent tried to write it as an adult. Dunno why. LOL! I'm nerdy and like classics too. It's okay, I understand =P

    Ellen- Very true. Pen-names can help out a writer who likes to try differnet genres. I tend to be boring and stick to my romance.

    Jade- Ooo a historical YA? That sounds interesting!

    B.E.- LOL! Yeah, the two Ive read of yours are difficult to place, I agree. How do you query them without a specific genre in mind? Or do you just pick one of the ones and go with it?

    Anne- Lol, you might want to narrow that down when you query it =P Yep, I think that is how we met-- someone introduced us but I cant recall who... Nicole maybe? I know, there are so few romance writers blogging. It's a little odd, actually.

    DL- Yes you are! Historical romance writers are too, actually. The blog-o-sphere is almost entirely full of YA.

    Jonathon- Haha, you were one of the people I knew for sure wrote YA =P

    Summer- Really? Commerical fiction? I so thought you wrote fantasy. Huh, weird. Maybe I thought that because you love to read it?

    Natalie- Ooo I knew you wrote MG! Yay, I got another one right! MG writers are a rare breed on the blog-o-sphere too, arent they?

    Carole- If you self-publish, don't you have more freedom to write what you want because you're not being held accountable to a Big Publishing House?

    Cindy- Ooo intoresting. What made you pick that genre to write in?

    Jennifer- Knew that one! Yay, another one right =D A steampunk, huh? I think that genre is so interesting.

    Julie- You have? Thats cool! I didnt know that =)

    Laraine- I think humor is a must in every novel, regardless of genre. I refuse to write a book without it-- Im not sure I could write one without it!

    Myliteraryquest- Hello =) I think fantasy shorts is an oxymoron, LOL. Fantasy is supposed to be long and epic, IMO.

  18. I'm writing romantic suspense. This has been my favorite type of story to read and write forever.

    However, I also write short contemporaries set in Scotland (and plan to set some in England and Ireland too eventually).

    I tried an historical once after I saw Man in the Iron Mask. I think I got to page 20 or 30 before I realized how much research would go into it. I still love reading them though.

  19. Lexi- Ahh very cool =) Yeah, a lot of people tell me that about historical romance. I am minoring in history so I already have all the textbooks I could possibly need. As well, each history class I take helps me with my novel, LOL! I haven't had any problems with historical accuracy so far =)


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