Thursday, June 10

Daisy Update

Picture taken 3 days ago.
Daisy's head is always tilted to the side now.

First, I just want to say thank you to everyone who left comments on here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or who sent me emails. It meant a lot to me. I'd say it meant a lot to Daisy as well, but she truly doesn't care ;)

Okay, so for the past two weeks, Daisy has thrown us for quite a few loops.  When she had her stroke on the 29th, we were pretty sure she wasn't going to make it a week. Well, she just had to prove us wrong. Not that I'm complaining, of course, lol. My cousin has a theory that she'll live for the next 5 years simply due to Murphy's Law. She'll leave us stressed and waiting for it to happen, only to drag it out, LOL.

So after the stroke, the biggest issue was getting her to eat. She had to be a finicky toddler/old person and not eat her food. She was hungry, but she didn't trust us to not put pills in her food. *sighs* So my parents went out and bought a Doggy Recipe book. Yep, a recipe book. Now, before you laugh, it's working. My parents make little recipes for Daisy from human food and she eats it. I mean, who wouldn't?  I swear some nights she's eating better than we are. But if it gets her to eat and keeps her alive, why not? Right?

Now the biggest issue is keeping her from tumbling down the stairs.  We're borrowing a baby-gate from my aunt so she won't keep attempting the Stairs of Doom on her own. She can go up them just fine, but going down stairs seems to confuse her little legs and she falls down. Unfortunately, we have a lot of stairs in our house, so if she fell down them, she could easily break something.

Picture taken 2 days ago.
Sorry for the poor quality of the pic.
Here you can see how she's tilting her head.
Not going to lie, it's pretty cute most of the time, lol.


  1. I'm glad she's finally eating and defying the odds. Btw - the head tilt is pretty adorable. :->

  2. She's so cute! I'm really glad to hear that she is doing ok, and kudos on the recipe book! My aunty used to bake her own peanut butter dog treats for her doggie and she LOVED them. I'm glad she's eating, and make sure she doesn't brave the stairs!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad to hear that Daisy is much better now! And I'm super happy that YOU are doing better, m'dear:) Glad you're blogging again!

  4. Poor little thing! Sounds like you are taking stellar care of her. Take care of yourself too!

  5. Awww, hugs, sweetie. So glad she's doing better.

  6. Yay for Daisy! She does look cute with her head cocked to one side like that. I'm sorry she had to go through that to get to the added cuteness, though. :hugs:

  7. Daisy is SO adorable! I'm glad she's doing well after her stroke.

  8. Jerzygirl- Me too! And yes it is, lol.

    Ashley- LOL Yep, she is. She knows it too, which makes life difficult at times ;)

    Melissa- Thank you! =)

    Lydia- I'm trying =) I think it's getting easier now that we don't have to worry about her 24/7

    Stephanie- Thank you =)

    B.E.- Lol yeah. And we thought she couldn't get any cuter *rolls eyes*

    Jennifer- Thank you =)

  9. Thanks for the Daisy update! I was really wondering about her. Glad to read that she is pulling through. We Murphy's are tough like that. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Amber- We Murphy's tend to defy all logic ;) I hope you have a wonderful weekend too =)

  11. I m glad she's eating, and make sure she doesn't brave the stairs!
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  12. Prashant- We borrowed a babygate from my aunt so now she can't go down the stairs =)


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