Thursday, June 24

Father's Day Camping Trip @ Lake Louise

As promised, here are some pictures from the camping trip.
*If you click on them, you should be able to see them better.*

Daisy in her super cute, super stylin' pink hoodie as she patrols the perimeter of our campground. She is ever vigilant against the evils that threaten her people. Hard to believe she had a stroke a month ago, isn't it?

On Saturday, my dad went on a hike up an insane trail of doom. Mum and I didn't go because...well, we don't like hiking. Especially up insane trails of doom. But I digress. So me, being the gracious daughter I am, let him take my cheap-o camera to take pictures. (He wasn't allowed to take either of the other two fancy shmancy cameras in case he dropped them whilst climbing boulders). Here are some of the pics he snapped:

You can just see the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.
If you can find a room for under $350, you've slept with the manager.

Lake Louise.
Gorgeous, isn't it?
No, none of these photos have been altered in any way.

Picture of dad near a nearly frozen lake.
In JUNE, I might add.

2200 meters, if I'm not mistaken (is that right, dad?). That's 7218 ft.
Clearly, this is not my wrist, but my dad's.

Beautiful waterfall

This is what Daisy, Mum, and I did the whole time while Dad was out being active ;)

Have you ever been to Lake Louise? Or Banff?


  1. Lake Louise is beautiful! And Daisy looks super cute in her hoodie.

  2. I was up to 2270 Meters at one point, but I did not stop for the photo opp. as it was raining/sleet/hail on top of the point.

  3. Jennifer- It really is. Haha yay! She never used to wear sweaters or hoodies, but in the last couple of years she gets colder easier so we've been putting her in stuff, lol.

    Dad- Sounds like a lovely hike, lmao

  4. I love both as well as Kananaskis. Great photos.

  5. I've never been there, but the photos your dad took are beautiful!!

    I would have been chillin' in the comfy chairs with you and Daisy. :)

  6. Where is that crazy man's jacket? It looks freezing there!

    Very pretty too. That picture of the lake took my breath away. That's like, beyond blue. Someday I will visit Canada just to see that!

    (Totally kidding about the 'crazy' part. I generally wouldn't bother saying this part, but I've had a few people get mad over this kinda comment these past few days...)

  7. Beautiful pics! I've only ever been to Canada once and that was Stratford, Ontario - which looked a lot like Michigan, if I remember right. Those pictures make me want to visit up there someday. Thanks. =o)

    I'm so glad you had a great Fathers' Day. =o)

  8. Patti- I adore K-Country!! We just didn't go there this time because it's even colder there then Banff right now. We'll go in a few weeks, I imagine.

    Amber- Yep! And he took them with a relatively crappy camera =) Haha yay! I like chill-camping. "You want me to run up a mountain? Uhm, why?"

    Chlo- Haha it wasn't. Plus, he was hiking, so he was pretty warm. Yeah, Lake Louise is so gorgeous it looks fake most of the time lol. And I understand, don't worry about it =P

    B.E.- Yuck! ;) The east has some gorgeous spots to be sure, but you have to get far, far away from the cities to find them. Alberta and BC have gorgeous sights right outside the city. It's great =)


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